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The Recluse - Live Light

Lone Light, a pegasus hermit, is about to be brought back into the world of socializing.

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Chapter 11: The Race

Author's Note

I got bored, and wanted to get the RD Test over and done with. I'm relying on my own observations of RD, which means I may or may not make the decision she makes for what the test includes as accurately as the character. Finger- err... Hooves crossed... ...No, it doesn't work that well... Blarg.


Okey Dokey Lokey.


Light and Fluttershy were both on their way home. Light's opinion of today's ponies has certainly changed more than slightly. He certainly feels that he's learnt how to hold a conversation, how to be spontaneous and fun, how to be patient... sorta, and the perks of honesty. Hopefully, tomorrow was when he'd learn something about loyalty. Although, he wasn't too sure about who he was learning it from. There's something that puts him off about her. Is it the tomboy-ism? Or the fact that her mane and tail are both rainbow coloured? Either she's too unique for my taste, or she's an extreme mane-dyer. If she's had it since being a filly, I'm gonna be really surprised.

"Flutters, how long has Rainbow Dash's mane and tail been coloured the way it is?" Light asked curiously.

"Um... probably since birth," Fluttershy replied, "At least, it's been that way the first time I saw her, when we were fillies."

Well, I'll be damned. She may have a degree of awesomeness after all.

Celestia save us all.

That's another issue I haven't thought about... how the Princess doing? I haven't heard about her in a while. Wonder if Luna's alright. And I hear Princess Mi Amore Cadenza got married too... Many things I've missed. Has Royalty gone to Tartarus at all? ...Well, obviously not, otherwise, we'd probably have bears riding motorcycles. ...Now that, I want to see.

And the Mayor, I wonder how she's doing. In fact, how long has she been Mare for? ...Agh, brain-slip. Mayor, I meant. ...Wait, why is her surname Mare? She's a Mare, and she gets called Mare? And it sounds like Mayor... Mayor Mayor... Mare Mare... Mare Mayor... ...Agh, this sounds more like a cruel joke foisted on us the more I think about it...

I have yet to see a bear riding a motorcycle...

Fluttershy looked at him for a moment, wondering what he was thinking, before almost bumping into somepony.

"Oh... Hi, Rainbow Dash."

Wait what

"Huh?" Light said. He looked in front of him, and saw Rainbow Dash in front of them.

"Hey, Fluttershy," Rainbow said. She looked to Light. "And you, have you had your test with Applejack yet?"

"...Yes. Yes I have." Light replied.

"Great, then. You're gonna have your next test with me now."

Light blinked. "This soon?" He asked.

"Hey, I wanna get this over and done with, okay? Now, let's get you up to the clouds."

"Let's not." Light said.

"Why, you scared of heights or somethin'?" Rainbow said, challengingly. Fluttershy bowed her head in embarrassment on the subject, which Rainbow noticed. "No offence, Fluttershy."

"Um... none taken, Rainbow." She replied.

"I'm not afraid of heights, I'm skeptical over why I have to go up to the sky for a test." Light explained.

"Well, I need -some-pony to race."

"What." Light said in disbelief. Was he honestly challenged to a race?

"I said I need somepony to race. That's your test."

"Yeah, No." Light refused.

"What are ya, chicken?"

Why is the animal known as a chicken used for cowardice? ...Well, I guess they run off over disturbances, but that's because they can't defend themselves.

"Actually, I am a pegasus, a winged pony, as is Fluttershy, as are you. I am blue, not white or brown, and my mane isn't red, I do not had a beak, and not some weird skin-beard that chickens seem to have. I do not look like a chicken at all. Therefore, I am no chicken."

Rainbow Dash glared at Light. "Don't get technical with me, Lamp."

"His name is Light, Rainbow." Fluttershy spoke up rather confidently.

"Whatever," Rainbow replied. "Are we gonna race or what?"

"I think our test is over, actually," Light said. "Y'know why? Because first, I had a chat with Fluttershy, then I got reminded of the good times of being a spontaneous balloon of spontaneity by Pinkie Pie, then I got a rather terrible but effective demonstration of patience by Rarity, and then a lesson of honesty by Applejack. All these accomplish something, but what you wish for is a race, therefore, neither of us learn anything, and as I've apparently learnt how loyal you can be about this sort of thing, the lesson is over before it began. Good day, Miss."

Light went to walk past Rainbow, but she extended a foreleg to stop him from getting through.

"A race is the best I can give you, because the best example of Loyalty you can give is being good to Fluttershy here. But you already do that, as made obvious because Fluttershy is okay with you. The second best example would put you in danger, and being the loyal soul that I am, I promised I wouldn't do anything to put you in danger. So, the best way to pay off the test is by having a race."

There probably is another way, she just hasn't figured it out yet. Oh well.

"Fine..." Light accepts defeat.

"Oh... are you sure about this, Light?" Asked Fluttershy.

"Nope. I'm gonna have to gear up for it first. Then I'll be sure."

"What gear?" Fluttershy asked.

"You'll see. You'll all see." Light said mysteriously.

*10 minutes later*

Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy were waiting on a cloud racing course, which was perfect for Pegasus racing. The flapping of wings could be heard descending upon them. Rainbow Dash looked confused when the figure landed, while Fluttershy looked thoughtful.

Live Light had arrived, dressed as the Unavenged Stallion from his novel. It looked almost identical to the character, except the bare muzzle was blue, seeing how that's the colour of Light's coat, as were the wings, which were natural, not mechanical. Additionally, he had no unicorn horn. Because he's a pegasus, not a unicorn, or an alicorn. He also wore his watch over his costume. It's a nice watch.

"...What... are you wearing?" Rainbow reluctantly asked.

"It is called a costume, Rainbow Dash." Replied Light... in a creepy, dark monotonous tone that he thought up for the character.

"Why are you wearing it?" Fluttershy asked? "I mean... of course, there's no problem with it..." Fluttershy, while confused with why he chose to dress as that, thought he looked cool. Rainbow probably thought he looked cool as well, just not as cool as her.

"Because I could be anypony behind the suit. It helps with confidence." The Unavenged Stallion replied, as a meaningful reference to why Fluttershy kept her Mare-Do-Well costume, which made her smile a little.

"Sure. If you say so. Anyway, let's race." Said Rainbow.

"It is on."

"Stop that."

"Stop what?"

"Stop doing that creepy voice."

"If it is beneficial for my unlikely victory, then no, I will not."

"Fine... we start in five seconds..."


-----Point of View: Fluttershy-----

Rainbow Dash and the Unavenged Stallion took off at lightning speed. Fluttershy watched them as they raced against each other. Part of her had a feeling Rainbow would win. However, she also wished for Light to win, whether to keep his dignity or because he seemed like he prepared for this, and it would be a shame for him to lose as his own protagonist... and he listened to her about how she could be concerned with her bravery. If his crime-fighting antics were real, I'd love to be a part of it somehow... oh, if only I could be as brave as that... but... maybe I can... he's writing his novel about the character, isn't he? I should ask him to include Mare-Do-Well... ...Oh, maybe I shouldn't, he'll ask why... I don't want to bother him about it if he doesn't feel the way I feel of him... but maybe he does... ...Oh, maybe he won't mind it... just... say it would be interesting... ...Yes, exactly! It even sounds like a likely pairing, too!

As she was caught up in her thoughts, she heard something rather strange, like a lot of small blades chopping at the air. She turned to the right.

Suddenly, Pinkie Pie, on one of her weird and wonderful contraptions that was like a mini-helicopter.

"Hey, Flutters! What'cha doin'?" Pinkie energetically asked.

"Oh... I'm watching Light race Rainbow Dash..." She replied.

"Huh? That's who that badflank-costumed guy was? Wow, that gives me an idea for a party! COSTUME PARTY!




So why's he racing Dashie?"

"Well, Rainbow challenged him, since, the test apparently couldn't work either way..."

"Y'know, if this was some sort of story or novel, I'd suggest the writer just ran out of ideas."

... <.< >.>

"I was only explaining it in a 'What-If' perspective, of course!" Pinkie re-assured either Fluttershy or an imaginary friend.

Fluttershy wasn't really listening to Pinkie that much. All she got was 'badflank' and 'party.' Although she wouldn't use that word, she did think Light looked pretty badflank in that suit. She was more concerned with what was going on in the race, thought. Pinkie just shrugged, hovered closer to the course, to get a better view of what was happening.

-----Point of View: Live Lig- The Unavenged Stallion-----

Analysis of Rainbow Dash: Superior flier... hard-headed... probably not trying... must go faster. Stretches at the cottage had better pay off here.

Unavenged attempted to gain momentum by nosediving downwards for about 10 seconds, then darting forwards. He'd managed to get a little bit closer to Rainbow, but was losing her, due to her speed. He tried reaching out one of his hooves to throw a tenebral tentacle to throw Rainbow back... unsuccessfully... I'm not my character... No, it's a power suppressed race... He had himself convinced if he reminds himself of his mortality, his itsy-bitsy chance will be gone.

He pushed himself further to try to catch up with Rainbow. He'd only managed to get beside her. He couldn't go any further than that. He suddenly felt that using his awesome voice will unnerve her and make her lose her concentration.

"Good afternoon, mutual acquaintance." For some reason, he never got tired of calling people that... it made him feel trollerific. Lulz.

Rainbow shuddered, but continued on with her path.

"Lovely weather today, is it not? I could most definitely go for a good walk. Although, that is hardly necessary, as I am in a race. A rather unnecessary race. But it is a race, nonetheless... "

"Shut up and fly, Light." Rainbow said through gritted teeth.

"I happen to be doing both rather well. I was never the best multi-tasker, but look at me now... this feels very empowering."

"Good for you."

"Yes... very... good."

Rainbow rubbed her face with her hooves, not noticing she was slowing down. Unavenged smiled grimly, unsettlingly, and took the advantage to push himself a little, and get ahead of her, and getting near the mark. Rainbow notices this, looking genuinely surprised, and practically throws herself at Unavenged. He see's her, and, while momentarily wearing an expression of shock, manages to pass the mark at the end of the course, then duck down, and she practically flies past him like a bullet. She manages to stop herself, but finds he's already on his way back to the beginning. They've both passed the mark. Whoever arrives at the beginning first is the winner. She was not going to let him win that easy.

She flies after him with all her might, and starts catching up to him. Unavenged took a look back, and seeing this, tries to push himself further. Then he feels a yanking at his back right hoof. I'm being grabbed... hrm... Rainbow tries to throw him back, but he manages to grab on to her, and so the two of them are now darting towards the finish line. They try to get off each other, but they don't notice they're about to crash into Pinkie's flying contraption. Buck.

"ABANDON SHIP!" Pinkie says, pressing the eject button on her mini-chopper. Her seats disengages from the chopper, and she falls down from it, while the racers crash into it. As Pinkie falls, she attempts to activate the parachutes. But as sad cartoons go, which is as far as she's willing to look at it, she'd apparently forgotten to pack a parachute into this model of her chopper. She swallows hard. "Uh oh."

Rainbow and Unavenged are also falling, although they're both unconscious. That soon changes, however, when Unavenged wakes up, and slaps Rainbow awake. They're about to continue the race, when Rainbow notices Pinkie.

"Pinkie! We gotta go help her!" Rainbow exclaimed.

Without a word, Unavenged flew after Pinkie, with Rainbow not far behind. Seems it's falling a bit faster than they're flying, however.

"Throw me." Unavenged suggested. Rainbow complied without question, picked him up, went as fast as she could, to the point of being able to be only near Pinkie, still seated on the useless ejection seat. Rainbow then throws him, allowing him to use the momentum to his advantage. He manages to reach Pinkie, and picks her up.

"Got you." He said. He then used his wings to try and carry himself back up, as the momentum was still dragging him downwards. He was starting to get near the ground now... Pinkie pulled a pink umbrella out of... ... ...Not sure, it's Pinkie. The umbrella seems to slow them down, enough for him to stop descending... he is now hovering. Rainbow catches up to them.

"You did it! Nice going, Light!" Rainbow said.

"Err...I guess I did..." Light said, speaking normally. "Why don't you go get Fluttershy and bring her down here? Safer than carrying Pinkie up to a ground that isn't tangible to Earth Ponies. Rainbow nodded, and flew back up. Light descended safely to the ground, let Pinkie go, now that they were near enough to the ground to safely do that... and then collapsed from exhaustion. Pinkie helped him up, and gave him a really big hug.

"Thanks for saving me, Light." She said, gratefully.

"No problem... you're a great friend," Light replied. "Besides, we can't get by without your parties."

She breaks the hug, to talk about an idea. "That reminds me! I had an idea for a PARTY! I suggest we do... A COSTUME PARTY!"

No doubt because I look like a badflank. ...Well, I think I look awesome anyway. No matter. PARTY.

"I'm up for it!" Light said, reverting into his Superfundiferous mood.

"WHOOO! I'll get to organizing! I'll see ya soon!" Pinkie said, giving him one more big hug, and then bouncing off merrily. Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy descended to them. Fluttershy immediately ran over to him.

"Oh, are you okay? That looked dangerous, you and Pinkie could have been hurt! I hope you're okay..." She asked. Aaaand now she's really concerned... I like this.

"I'm okay, Fluttershy, and so's Pinkie. As for you..." He looks to Rainbow. "We'll call it a draw."

"Fine. I guess that means you passed the test. You're an okay flier, but you wouldn't have come close to beating me if you hadn't been creeping me out with that voice of yours." She complained.

"Eh-he-heh... Yeah, um... sorry about that, I've not done something competitive in a long time." He admitted.

"No problem. You're okay, Light. Anyway, if anypony needs me, I'll be having a nap." She flew off to a cloud to rest on it.

"So then..." Light began, looking to Fluttershy. "Shall we head home?"

She nodded. The two continued their path home, happy the tiring day is over.


So yes. I was bored. If this wasn't to you're liking, I'm very sorry. But I wanted to get this over and done with. I got to use Unavenged Stallion in the actual story, which is weird. And Pinkie broke the forth wall, almost exposing my presence. This scares me. Anyway, again... I'M RUNNING OUT OF IDEAS. Any suggestions would be nice. Akay, to the fans of FIM reading this, sorry this probably didn't turn out the way you like it. Bye to you people, and to the ones who happen to actually be anthropomorphic ponies looking at this, I give this message...

Awesome song. Bye.