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The Recluse - Live Light

Lone Light, a pegasus hermit, is about to be brought back into the world of socializing.

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Chapter 18: A friendly visit

It's a new day in Ponyville. Rainbow Dash is flying in that cloud race course progressively. She probably wants to challenge Light one more time. It was a draw after all. Pinkie Pie is now baking the cakes to be used in the party tonight. When she told Light her costume was a surprise, she really hadn't figured it out yet. Whichever one he'd like best, most likely. Rarity, already informed about the upcoming party, was wondering, whether she should work first and organize her dress later, or vice versa. Applejack, usually an early bird, has already been apple-bucking for a while now. Twilight is studying, 'nuff said.

As for Light and Fluttershy, they were laying in the bed, cuddled up to each other. Light was enjoying the smell of Fluttershy's mane. It smelt like nature, which certainly helped his imagination, leading to a nice dream featuring the two of them in a forest. Fluttershy's dreams through the night started off a bit rough... there was a terrifying moment concerning Kane and Able, the debt thugs chasing her, but Light, dressed as the Unavenged Stallion, diverted them from Fluttershy. The two would watch as they ran out of Ponyville, and share a rather romantic kiss.

Light woke up first, and could feel Fluttershy's quiet, rhythimic breathing to the side of his chest. Something he'd never get tired of. He looked around. So... great day outside, no signs of the thugs, and the most beautiful mare snuggled up to me in the bed. PERFECT START TO THE DAY. Fluttershy stirred, and looked up at him with half opened eyes.

"Good morning, Light." She said.

"Morning, Flutters." He replied. "You alright?"

"Mm hm. You?"

"With you next to me, why wouldn't I be feeling good?"

Fluttershy giggled. "Ditto. Wanna get some breakfast?"

He nodded. "Surely." They both got out of bed, and walked downstairs to eat breakfast.

-----Point of View: Twilight Sparkle-----

In the library, Twilight was studying, as usual. Well... by studying, I mean, reading a comic book. She'd been trying to understand something about Pinkie, and her hobby of dressing as a raving lunatic mercenary from a comic book. Yes, she was reading Deadpony, to see what was so entertaining. At the time, she didn't understand how

was appealing to others. It was like someone had opened her brain with a really sharp katana, and let all the air and knowledge get sucked into it... Although, the fact she chose that metaphor over a less violent one says a lot about the comic. Unnecessarily violent, has really creepy mood-swings, and utterly hilarious. Deadpony in a nutshell. She decided to stop reading, before she obtained an addiction to this. She's become aware of how creepy she can be when stressed out. They still haven't found her doll.

*Knock Knock*

Twilight thought about calling Spike to get the door, but remembered he was still sleeping. Besides, she'd already finished 'studying,' so what's the point in getting somepony else to get the door, and then just walk downstairs to greet them? She teleported downstairs so the guest wouldn't have to wait too long. She turned the doorknob, and was unpleasantly surprised to see Kane and Able appear at the door after she opened it.

"Oh. Hello. Did you come here for some books?" She asked.

"Actually, we were wondering a few things," Kane said. "First off, do you have a telescope we could borrow?"

Twilight did have a telescope, but she didn't quite trust these two ponies with that, mostly because all they'd have a use for it would be to spy on Light. Which would mean spying on Fluttershy as well.

"Somepony else is borrowing it right now, sorry. Anything else I can do for you?" She asked.

"Oh. Okay. Anyway, do you know what time the party's going to be?"

Grr... they still want to know the best way to watch them... at least I can honestly reply to this one.

"I don't know the answer to that, sorry. Ask Pinkie." She honestly replied.

"Right then... bye." He said, before the two thugs nodded politely, and walked off. Ponies today...

A moment after that, a pale yellow Earth-Pony mare with a pink and cobalt mane peeked in through the door.

"Oh, hi, Bon Bon, did you come here for any books?" Twilight asked.

"Hi, Twilight, and err... any psychology books? It's getting hard to put up with my room-mate." Bon Bon replied.

"You sound as if you've only just met Lyra. You've been living with her for a few years now."

"I know, but there's a bit of a problem... you know how she's been sitting weird?"

"Err... yes, why?" Twilight could only guess Lyra Heartstrings had been doing that because she felt it was a bit comfortable... She must be in bed, asking a lot of Bon Bon... why else would she be here? Although, she did ask for a psychology book...

"Yeah... it's nothing too serious at the moment, though I'm afraid of what will happen... she things there're creatures known as... hyuumanes?"

Twilight knew what she meant, but was quite puzzled herself. "You mean humans?"

"Yeah... that."

Humans were creatures from fairytales. Basically, they were thought up as ways to make monkeys more appealing, as they were typically based off of them. They stood on hind-legs, and could speak Equestrian quite well. They even became popular with cartoons that were based on toys. My Little Primate. The first three versions, known as generations, were designed for foals. Except, Twilight never found it entertaining. She was also a bit confused, because the latest iteration has become strangely popular, even with stallions around their late teens to 30's, in short, spawned 'Bromans.' She's not against any of this, but she's staying away from it, as getting hooked on a show can be dangerous for her studies.

"So she's trying to prove a theory about a fictional animal?"

"Well, yes... that's the gist of it."

Twilight thought for a moment... Well, let's see... I don't know that much about humans... and there's something I don't like about Lyra... it's like I've seen her everywhere I've gone... in fact, I remember when me and my friends went to cheer Rainbow Dash on in the Best Young Flyer's competition... I thought I saw her there, but she's a Unicorn... unless she really really really really really wanted to watch it, and did the same thing I did, I would almost think she was stalking me... And this theory is a bit crazy for my taste... Pinkie Pie is busy with the party so... I guess I need to get her partner-in-crime to come out of hiding momentarily, and talk to her about it...

"You know, Bon Bon... I might have somepony more useful than a psychology book."

-----Point of View: Live Light-----

Light was trying on his old party pony suit. Just like old times... I can't wait for the party. What should I go as... Hm, maybe my character, it's pretty obvious it's badflank. Which means, I must convince Flutters to wear her Mare-Do-Well suit. Like a couple going on a date! Except... there are other people invited... why the hay did you ruin my happiness, common sense?

*Knock Knock*

Light walked over to the door and went to open it. Fluttershy appeared behind him to see who it was. When Light opened it, he saw Twilight Sparkle, this time, without a notepad.

"Hey, Twilight. How ya doin'?"

"I'm good. By the way, I think I know what I can do for your test. Now, I'm aware my friends have helped you with understanding friendship. However, my element is magic and... well... you don't have a horn. So, I've decided... is it okay if you help with a problem somepony has?" Twilight said almost immediately... without stopping to breathe until the very end of it.

Light blinked. "Er. Cool. Yeah. ...What sort of help?"

"Well, you're gonna find out what it's like to be a therapist. And this is going to be an interesting moment, as the unicorn in question believes in humans."



In case you're wondering, this is how I got the idea for the Lyra/Human moment.

I made a promise to a fan of this that I would try not to go overboard with this overdone thing... and I'm gonna try not to fail... I might, though... But I'll try not to. If I fail, I have to find you another funny picture. Speaking of, here's a funny picture I had planned from last time I said I'd bring one, because we love to see funny pictures anyway.

Why n- oh, that's why.

I'm sorry.

Might as well go now... bye.