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The Recluse - Live Light

Lone Light, a pegasus hermit, is about to be brought back into the world of socializing.

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Chapter 7: Wrong Place, Wrong Time

It was a dark night in Manehattan. Nearly all the ponies who inhabited it were fast asleep, dreaming pleasant dreams. This was usually around the time in which most criminals decided to make their mark. They would go around wreaking havoc, stealing from stores, and from sleeping citizens. But there were none. No criminal dared to leave their house/hole/lair/whatever, from fear of the Unavenged Stallion.


"No... too convenient..."

Back at the cottage, Light was working on the part of the novel he'd left off at, which was where he was having problems.

"Err... all the criminals? ...Nope. Now I'm just not thinking professionally... Hrm..."


However, only nearly a quarter of them dared to try, apparently. Most of the criminals were still affected by the Deterrence. As the Unavenged Stallion watched the city from a rooftop, he found a mob of apparent criminals raiding the town. He immediately spread his mechanical wings, and glided to the scene. As he got closer, he saw that it would be difficult to fight them all at once. His horn glowed momentarily, before his cloaking spell activated. He landed in the middle of the crime scene. As he looked around, however, it seemed as if time had stopped - The law-breaking ponies were completely suspended. He was going to take this as an opportunity to quickly get rid of them, but then, he noticed them de-materialise into small, visible particles, almost like fireflies, and all join together to form a tall, black/red Alicorn. He had black bat-wings, demonic looking horns, and was wearing an attire one might see a gentlecolt wear.

The Unavenged Stallion narrowed his eyes. "Who are you?" He spoke in his dark, monotonous voice.

"We- ...Hold on, wait what, hold off, what wait, where am I?" The mysterious (and already annoying) pony looked around rather quickly.

"AGH! I wasn't meant to be here! NOW I'M UGLY! I'M SOME SORT OF-oh, I'm some sort of pony, that's just weird, and you're a pony who reminds me of someone I know, my name is Leeroy Leonard, A.K.A a demonic Lord of Madness, although that's a title, and I hate titles, and that doesn't mean to say I'm the entire lord of all things insane, because if I was, you wouldn't exist, no, that's just a title made to make me sound powerful, WHO ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO BE!?"

"... ... ... Thank you for your display of both stupidity and hostility. But now, I must end you." The Stallion replied.

"No you don't." 'Leeroy' insisted.

"Yes, I do." Unavenged replied.

"No you don't..."

"Yes I do."

"No you don't...!"

"Yes I do."

"No you don't!"

"Yes I do."

"Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope."


...This is really hard to do without making it ridiculous now...

Light had created Leonard, a mad demon, for the sake of a nemesis who contrasted with John/Unavenged Stallion. That, unfortunately, is making him worry that Leeroy will be considered annoying. Also, he got the idea for the name when the name 'Jenkins' rang up in his mind... how does that work?

Light sighed, and continued on with his work. Or at least, would have, had the notepad not been snatched by Angel Bunny. ...Waitwh-

"...What do you want?"

Angel hopped over to a cookbook, where he pointed at a carrot related... thingy in a picture. Mental Facehoof.

"If I was good at making food, I'd help. Can't you get Fluttershy to help?"

Angel just shot him an unimpressed glare, which made Light think for a moment.

"Well, she IS just outside, you know. ...Whaddya mean 'No?'"

The stubborn bunny was just shaking his head as if he'd said something that was stupid.

"She said it herself, you know, that she was going to take care of the other animals."

Stubborn Stan facehoofed (Or palmed, as he doesn't have hooves), and hopped off with Light's notepad.

"Angel, give that back, if you wouldn't mind."

The Inconvenience looked at him for a moment, looked as if he was considering, then just shakes his head and hops around. See, now I think he just doesn't like me. Light stretched his wings, and hovered in the air, ready to pursue Angel. He flew at Angel to grab him. Angel hopped out of the way, and Light was barely able to stop himself from flying through the wall. Okay... no flying for now...

Light resorted to an attempt at stealth. He hid behind the couch for a while, peeking from the sides. He saw Angel, and tried to sneak behind him, but he slipped, and fell, with Angel moving away before he got squashed. Light got up, and cracked his neck. He looked to where Angel was now. Standing in front of the bathroom door. He looked there for a moment, and was now looking nervous just by looking at it. Light charged at him while flying, Angel dropped the notepad, and ran out of the way. Light flew into the bathroom, effectively knocking it open, while managing to pick up the notepad mid-air. He manages to land on his back, clinging onto his notepad. And then he notices something. ...There's steam all over the room...

He slowly turns around, and is now aware of the reason why Angel didn't want to get Fluttershy to help with the food, and why he was nervous about the bathroom door. There were a few things going about in Light's mind.

1. I thought Fluttershy said she was taking care of the animals.


3. ...That's... kinda hot...

4. Wh- I- She- Th- It- ... AEONFAERMACKANDA

5. That's... kinda hot...

6. Err... get out now.

Fluttershy was in the shower, staring at him with shocked, widened eyes. Light was staring at her, mostly with an unresponsively shocked expression himself. Partly because he's not exactly sure if this is happening or not, and mostly because he couldn't look away from her wet mane, glistening coat, and attractive figure.

Awkward silences occur. Just as Light was going to say something to break the tension...


At the immediate moment this happened, he ran out of the door, closing it behind him, to avoid Fluttershy's reaction. He was blinking rapidly after what just happened. He looked around frantically for a place to hide in. He ran outside momentarily, then ran back in as soon as an angry mob of animals gathered outside came into view, which made Light mutter something like, "Faust help me." As he ran back in, Fluttershy was just opening the door, so he ran outside again, and flew over the angry mob again, now hiding inside what he thought of as the cottage's hairdo. Then he flew out, mostly because nopony can be too sure of what hides in there. He looked for other places to hide when...

"Light?" Fluttershy was calling to Light as loud as she was willing, which was loud enough for him to hear, despite not being that loud. As Light heard her, he yelped.


Fluttershy blinked, not quite catching what he said, besides words related to apologies, and Angel's name coming up.

"Look, Light... it's okay. I know you didn't mean it... it was just a bit shocking, that's all..." Light was now in a floating foetal position, trying to hide his face. "It's okay, Light. You can come down now. I'm not mad." Light looked down at Fluttershy, who was still a bit wet, but was more dry than before. Light slowly descended before landing on his hooves.

"I'm sorry, Fluttershy..." Light said.

"No, it's my fault..." Fluttershy began. "I managed to take care of the animals a bit earlier than expected so... while you were busy with your novel, I took the time to have a shower before I went to sleep."

"Ah. Right... still, I shouldn't have burst in like that."

"No, it's honestly fine, Angel was probably hungry."

"He was. He wanted me to make him another carrot thing because you weren't there to do so."

"O-oh. Well... I'll get to that."

"Alright th-" He paused, as he just noticed the angry mob of animals were back, staring daggers at him.

Frowning, Fluttershy tried to assure the mob. "It's okay, everyone... it was all a misunderstanding, that's all."

None of them budged. "... U-um... he didn't mean to..."

They were still staring daggers at Light.

Fluttershy gave them a terrifying glare. Light looked from Fluttershy, to the animals, who looked absolutely mortified for a moment, then went to their homes rather quickly. Even though he didn't get stared at, he was afraid just watching what happened. After they all left, Fluttershy turned to look at Light. "Are you okay?"

"Y-yeah... I just feel really... ashamed right now." Light replied.

"Don't be. Um... well, if it's okay with you, anyway..."


"Okay then."

Fluttershy smiled, and gave him a hug. "Should we get some sleep now?"

"Yeah. Meeting your friend Rarity tomorrow, so I wish to be prepared for any criticism on my cloak."

Fluttershy giggled. "Well, she likes fashion, I guess."

"Alrighty then." He yawned. "Well, good night..."

"Good night."

They both walked back into the cottage. Light walked to his couch, and lied down on it. Fluttershy walked up to him for a moment.

"Are you sure you're comfortable there? You can have the bed if you want."

"I'll be okay, Flutters."

Fluttershy nods, then walks upstairs to her bedroom.

Light went to sleep.


After waking up, he tried to assess what happened in his dream.

A swirling miasma of thoughts... Okay.

Fluttershy came downstairs. They both greeted each other, had breakfast, and then headed out to go to the Carousel Boutique. Along the way, Light took the time to ask her if she's helped her with any of her fashion designs. Fluttershy talked about the time Rarity asked Fluttershy to be a model for her works, which led to Fluttershy becoming the primary model for Photo Finish's work, which brought about attention Fluttershy hated, but couldn't bring herself to stop, seeing how she thought it was what Rarity wanted, but in reality, she was getting jealous of the attention, but wanted Fluttershy to have a good life, so let her continue, and how it eventually all worked out. Light blinked at the weirdness of the situation, but thought it was good they weren't torn apart. He didn't really mention that he could see why Fluttershy was asked to be a model, given how beautiful she is.

Come to think about it, now that I notice, Rarity seems like she's trying too hard to be beautiful. Fluttershy pulls it off without even trying. And she's SOOOO CUTE all the time!

They soon made it to Rarity's. Fluttershy knocked on the door gingerly. Rarity appeared after about 10 seconds.

"Ah, hello, Fluttershy. I see you've brought Light with you. Is my session of teaching him how to socialize at hand, then?"

"Yes, it is, Rarity... um... you don't mind, do you?" Fluttershy asked.

"Darling, I agreed to it, remember?" She looked to Light. "Still wearing that awful cloak, I see?"

"Yes. That awful, awful cloak. What method of friendship am I re-learning now then?" It was at that moment he realized he was being magically levitated inside the Boutique.

"You're going to learn patience, Mr. Light."

I'm getting used as a model stand-in for a mannequin, aren't I... it'll last hours. Ah, that's why it's patience I'm learning. ...And that's why I'm scared right now.

Light held on to the sides of the door opening, giving his best to have a bored look to hide his fear, but inevitably gave in, and let go, to have his appearance inspected on by the mad scientist of fashion, with Fluttershy walking in to see how he gets on, closing the door behind her.


Insert the following moment:

Or for the one we'll probably prefer, this one.

It's been a pleasure doing business with you. Goodbye.

...Okay, maybe not that extreme, maybe like this.

Much better. Bye.

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