• Published 24th Sep 2012
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The Recluse - Live Light

Lone Light, a pegasus hermit, is about to be brought back into the world of socializing.

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Chapter 5: Unexpected Guest

Tonight's dream schedule:

1. Dancing Draconequus... Maybe later.

2. Rollercoaster-into-water... perhaps...

3. Chased by a herd of roid-raged pegasi... nope, done that...

4. Cliché dream of sudden crush... don't mind if I do.

As the dream began to materialize, Light found himself walking on a beautiful green field. He looked around the place. It was like some sort of botanical garden planet. The surface was all grass, the trees were large and had plants growing out of them, some of them appearing around the grass itself, and not to mention, there were a lot of fireflies about the place. Fireflies are Light's favourite creatures. As everybody knows, they are winged beetles that fly around while glowing like an organic LED to attract mates or prey. They made a good atmosphere, especially for a night like this. He looked around some more, and found what he was looking for. Fluttershy, the most beautiful mare he'd ever met. He took a moment to check if her animals were around. Nope. They won't mind if they aren't here. He started to walk to where Fluttershy was.







Then suddenly, Pinkie Pie.



Light woke up rather suddenly, and fell off the couch. Again. He got up, and looked around frantically. What just happened!?

He sat on the couch, and began the recap of The Recluse, and the Pink Menace's Invasion of Neurological Space.

Okay then... a rather nice garden... the prettiest mare ever... Pinkie Pie. ...Nope, no connection. How'd she get in, though?

Then, there was a knocking on the window. Light looked to the window, and to his surprise, the party pony herself was standing outside. She gave an energetic wave, then happily bounced over to the door. He walked over to the door and opened it.

Nopony there...

He rubbed his eyes to see if he was just seeing things.

Suddenly, Pinkie Pie.


At this point, Light released the only thing his brain was thinking at the time, after falling on his back.


Pinkie bounced into the cottage, next to Light. "Hi, Light, how ya doin?" She properly greeted.

"Err... do I need to answer that now, or can it wait until I've recovered from shock?" He replied.

"Good to see you're doing good! In fact, it's great!"

"Uh-huh. Err... so... any specific reason you're here?"

"Well, you had that really long chat with Fluttershy yesterday, so I thought of it as her part of getting you better was done, and since I'm helping next, Pinkie Pie's here to make ya feel better!"

"...Uhh... how do you know about that?"

"Know about what?"

"The long talk I had with Fl-

"HEY! I know what'll make ya feel better! A reminder of the good ol' times we used to have!" She brightly suggested.

Don't see how it makes me feel better, but... couldn't hurt.

"Okay then." He agreed. And now he was confused when Pinkie giggled at that. "What?"

"Tee-hee, sorry, it's just that's not how you used to say 'Okay.' You said it as, 'Akay,' remember?"

Well, he'd been to more than a few parties with Pinkie, but he wouldn't really admit to that, and would just say 'one.' He was NEARLY as energetic as Pinkie at the time, he just didn't bounce about, or do physically impossible things. He had his quirks, like saying Okay as Akay, zpeaking a bit like he vas from somevhere else, and had a few catchphrases, the one most remembered by Pinkie being, "Are you suuuuuuuuuuuuuuure?" which he usually asked if somepony wasn't up to doing something fun... he later started using it if he was suspicious of anypony who seemed suspicious in their decisions/statements/etc.

"...Yes. Yes I did. Any more reminders?" He somewhat boredly said.

"I brought party films with me!" She happily replied.

"We don't have a film player. Or a television for that matter..."

"What about the ones there?" She pointed a hoof somewhere inside the cottage. He looked there and... there was indeed a television and a film player there...


Pinkie giggled, "A guy came over to deliver those! I decided to pretend I was part of the house and put them in myself!"

Now Light was just confused. "..Then... why were you outside when I woke up?"

"It's better to be welcomed in than me suddenly appearing in your face and waking you up, that would be awkward!"

"...Yes. Yes it would... where are the films?"

Pinkie then reached into her frizzy hair, and pulled out a few boxsets with the films inside. She took the time to make boxsets for them like official movies? ...She must've loved those days. Then she bounced over to the television, and went to plug everything in. After 30 seconds, however...

"Hey, Lighty! Does Fluttershy have any electrical sockets installed in her house?"

He hadn't thought to ask that... can't plug it in without an electrical socket. Oh well. No happy memories and no Psycho. This might be a slightly duller stay than he th-

"Found it!"

Oh. Okay.

After it was plugged in, Pinkie appeared next to Light, practically picked him up, and placed him (gently) on the sofa that was facing the TV. As the film started up, Pinkie appeared on the screen.

"Is this on? *Tapping on the camera* Yep! Hey, everypony! Welcome to my tribute to the best party pony I've met! Besides Vinyl Scratch. And me. But he was really memorable! I haven't seen him in a while, he likes to stay in that house of his nowadays!" The video Pinkie leaned closer to the camera, and whispered, "I personally think his house needs a bit of tuning up." She went back to speaking normally. "But he's probably not feeling too well! And if he wants to be alone, I'm gonna respect that, and just wait for the day he wants to have another PARTY!"

Light's eyes moved right in thought. He'd noticed Pinkie didn't jump over to his house and try to get him back into life again, like he'd expect her to. I know it's my fault for being hollow inside... but I still admire her understanding...

"Anyhoof!" The video Pinkie began, "This collection of videos with him in it is my tribute to a pony who's not afraid to be spontaneous! Ladies and gentlecolts, I present to you, the Party Life of LIVE LIGHT!"

Fluttershy walked down from the stairs, and saw the two of them on the sofa watching something... she investigated what was happening.

"Um... hello, Pinkie... and hi, Light..."

Light and Pinkie looked over to Fluttershy.

"Hey, Flutters." Light greeted.

"Hey, Fluttersh-" Pinkie awkwardly paused, her eyes looked from Light to Fluttershy. Light looked confused for a moment.

"Hey, Flutters!" Pinkie said, apparently liking the name Light thought up.

Fluttershy looked like she was thinking about something, maybe about whether or not she liked the name. Then, she remembered the video.

"Um... what are you watching?"

"It's my tribute video to Lighty-Wighty so he's happy enough to spend time with others!" Pinkie replied.

"O-oh. That's a good idea," Fluttershy said. "U-um... mind if I watch it with you?"

"Not at all! Sit here!"

Fluttershy nodded, and sat next to Light. He was now the middle pony on the couch, between Pinkie And Flutters.
The tribute began. Light remembered the moment that appeared here. He and Pinkie were pretending to be police officers, inspecting a party Pinkie had thrown. All the ponies that were partying there knew was that they'd both left the party at the same time. Looking back, you could tell it was a disguise, but to the ponies at that time, the disguise was so convincing.

The two had gone up to the stage, and the camera was pointed over there. Light put on a stereotypical bossy voice/accent, and said this.

"Alright, LISTEN UP, you young punks, the law have had it with your loud noise, your loud clothes, and your loud music! Now, WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY FOR YOURSELF!?" It was here, that Pinkie ran off screen, and hopped on-screen, looking relatively like Pinkie again. The crowd started cheering. And so she began the next song in the party with the following words.

"Sorry for Pony Rockin'."

And so the music began, the Light in the video, ran off-screen to look like himself again. It took about 10 seconds longer than Pinkie did, but it worked anyway. This was all Light's idea. After the song ended, the next clip started up. Some ponies were playing with a mane-dryer. Light ran into the screen, and saw what was happening. He was looking more eccentric than ever... and slightly twitchy. There wasn't really anything wrong with him, it's just how he is when he's having a really good time.

"STOP!" He proclaimed. "YOU'RE DOING IT ALL WRONG! YOU SHOULDN'T BE DOING THAT! Mane-dryers are precious items, and they shouldn't be used for evil! GIVE ME THAT." The ponies blinked. They reluctantly hoofed him the mane-dryer. "Thank you. You will now be forgiven. Anyway... where were we... oh, right." He then ran off, laughing maniacally with the mane-dryer. The other ponies looked somewhat disturbed, and ran off in the opposite direction. In the cottage, Light had a sheepish smile on his face.

"Err... good times?" Pinkie giggled, and Fluttershy placed a hoof over her muzzle, trying to hide laughter.

In the next clip, Light was leading a session of dancing to Thriller, because, why not?

Another clip went on. Light and Pinkie were singing Karaoke to Fireflies, a song by Light's favourite artist, Owl Pony. This was a moment Light enjoyed, as made evident by the fact he was grinning a bit in the cottage.

In the next clip, he was trying to sing something from an sort of opera. The last time he heard this, he could have sworn it was a duck who sang it. It was called the Barber of Seville. As soon as he was almost finished, the source of the music apparently failed, and ended with an error sign. This prompted him to scream,


"Didn't a duck sing that once?" Pinkie asked in the cottage.

"Please... let's not talk about ducks for now..." I still think I have Anatidaephobia...

The next one, he was dressed as Spider-Colt, and was climbing all over the place with suction cups.

"EEK! SPIDER!" Yelled a grey pegasus mare wearing a paper bag costume. She immediately charged at the part of the wall he was on. Light yelped as he was tackled, and fell down to the ground. Thankfully, he wasn't too high, or he might've broken a bone or two. The mare said something about getting muffins, and flew elsewhere.

In the next, and final clip of the first party, Light was fiddling with his Mane-dryer, then he accidentally made it blow hot air into a ponies' neck. The reason this was Light's favourite clip was because the pony was from his high-school, and was one of the bothersome types who attempted to bully him at every turn. It's only because Light could stay positive at those times that he was okay nowadays, although there were parts that almost depressed him. The pony's name was Misideli Mussolinear. However, since that name was too long for most ponies in the school to say, they just referred to him as Big M. Light was now prepared against M, as he wasn't that much of an easy target as he was before.

"Well, well, if it isn't Live Light." M said.

"Yes, dear?" Replied Light.

"...Still as weird as ever."

"Nope! Weirder than before. Weirder also means braver, that means I don't act like a blank slate for you to write your poorly thought out insults on, because, really, that time where you place a winged beetle in my locker, you placed a firefly in there, and I like fireflies. Either you care so much about my health and well-being, or you're terrible at making people feel bad."

"And why would I care about your health and well-being? And that one was funny, for the record."

"That's another thing, you're still happy I'm happy. That wasn't the intention at all, was it? If you don't care about how my health and well-being is, you wouldn't be trying to make it lower. Where's the logic in that? If you don't care, don't do anything. There something that makes you take your anger out on other people? Because really, that's not necessary. Also, how'd you get in here again? I don't think you were on the invitation list at all. But no matter. Now we have a new person to play a tree! And another thing, you should lay off the 'roids, seriously, otherwise I have to make fun of you. I mean, do we have to think up a new name for you? Roid Rage, now that's a good name. You'd be on so many steroids, that all you'd be able to say is something like, 'YEEEAAAAAH!' I think we have a winner for involuntary back-ground character! Seriously, you should be in a cartoon, and that'd be your catchphrase, you'd jump in the middle of the screen and say, 'YYEEEAAAAH!" Except, not in serious scenes, just in scenes like people cheering. If you do that in a serious scene, it's out of place, and might even be scary. Also, have you seen my Starfish Collection!?"

M is obviously unsure of what's really going on... his overly perfect physical appearance just got exaggerated some more... that was what he was supposed to do with flawed physical appearances... and out-smarted by logic... and he was offered to be shown a collection of starfishes... he didn't really want to know what his mortal enemy could do next... so he ran off screen, and away from the party. By the end of the clip, Light had a grin on his face that would make Pinkie Pie proud... and did.

"WHOO! It worked!" Exclaimed Pinkie. She walked up to the film player, pressed the eject button, placed the disc back in the boxset, pressed the eject button again to close the disc player. Light wished to comment on this.

"No more?"

"Next time, Lighty-Wighty! I was gonna show you as much as I needed to until you had a big grin on your face, and since ya do, then we have to wait till next time! Well, that's my work done! See ya!"

"See ya, Pinks!" Light said rather happily.

"Bye, Pinkie." Fluttershy said.

After Pinkie Pie bounced back to Sugarcube Corner, Fluttershy looked to Light. "You alright?"

"Yup. I feel happy already! Now, I need to wait till tomorrow until the next of your friends can help. Who'm I seeing next?"

"Um, Rarity is next."

"Ah, right. Hope that goes well."

"I'm sure it will."

Light remembered something. "Anyway, I think I'll just watch a film I got from that film shop I went to."

"Oh, okay," Fluttershy said. She looked around, and spoke some more. "Um... can I watch it with you?"

"Err..." He began. "It's the film that got Anthony Percolts typecast repeatedly."

Fluttershy's eyes widened a bit. "O-oh... you mean..."

"Yeah... Psycho... been avoiding it for a while, then decided to get it to see if it'll help me have emotion again. So... if thrillers aren't your thing... don't watch it."

Fluttershy stood there, thinking intensely. Light patiently waited.

"U-um... ... ... I don't mind watching it still..."

Light was slightly surprised. "You sure?"

Fluttershy nodded. Light, thought for 5 seconds, then nodded back, got the boxset for Psycho, and placed it in the film player. They stood on the sofa. And as the film started up, Light, for the sense of drama, said,




AUTHOR'S NOTE: Yes. The next chapter is mostly going to be them watching an adaption of the movie that caused too many parodies of the shower scene, but somehow made it funny. I only recently gotten interested in it myself, but so far, I think it's my favourite black-and-white film. Even though I don't actually own it, and also remember another Black-and-white film being one of my favourites... unless I'm just thinking about Laurel and Hardy. Those were the good old days we never lived to see for ourselves. Well, maybe some of us, depending on the reader's age. To prevent rambling, I'm going to part ways with you now. But before I do, I'd just like to say two words. Two, very irrelevant words that you might not like, but must witness anyway...