• Published 24th Sep 2012
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The Recluse - Live Light

Lone Light, a pegasus hermit, is about to be brought back into the world of socializing.

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Chapter 33: Property of Live Light

The Recluse

Chapter 33

My Diary

Property of Live Light

December 18

Welp, this 'Journal' is almost finished soon. I still wish I actually found a journal, instead of using a diary I had when I was young, but never used simply because it said 'Diary.' I guess I'm less concerned about my manliness than I have ever been. I only started using it this year in case I went crazy from loneliness or depression. At least I won't have that problem, with Fluttershy around.

Anyway... it's been three days since the Doc came over to take Deathelocke back, since he'd found a way to put him in the book again, but not before the blue weirdo found a guitar and played some sort of song for Pinkie. I don't listen to rock much, despite being a party-goer (Hurts my ears when played at full volume) but the best I heard out of all that was stuff about sugar being poured over him. ...In the name of love. ...Yeah... creepy.

Which reminds me... Pinkie's probably been lonely for a while. She certainly understands that me and Fluttershy are in a relationship, but I get the feeling that she doesn't like it when she gets disappointed. I might have to start some sort of... community... service thing? ...Hrm... In order to get her a coltfriend. Maybe I shouldn't get involved in the personal lives of other ponies...

I feel I am finished with trying to get the book to work. I might as well get rid of it. Besides, if the Doctor has his own copy inside his... Tar-diss... time machine, he'll be expecting it to disappear sometime, right?

As with that, I've tried to write new stories. I had some sort of idea where there's this... non-decomposing corpse, and I try to make up some mystery around it... wasn't feeling much about it. Then I had an idea. where there was this house, and somepony went into it. It would turn out to be a demonic version of the house from his foalhood... then my ideas started getting weirder and weirder... and gruesomer... and stupider. ...Are those two even actual words? ...Anyway... I called it The Deceased House. Then, I quickly burned it.

I'm thinking... maybe me and Fluttershy should go on some sort of date.

...Yes. A date would be nice.

...Almost used up this page... well, goodbye.


Author's Note:

Whoop. New Author's Note system implementation palaver. ...I don't remember what palaver means. Oh well.

I apologize for the shortness of it all. As I said in my previous (And now rendered inferior) Author's Notes, I didn't like where this was going. Too random. Too... ... off-putting. So the direction this will go in now is hopefully gonna be a bit better and will cause me less ennui.

This is basically telling you, "I'm ready to continue. This is the beginning."

Either that, or it's telling you, "Don't fall into a bucket of cream."

I know it's strange advice, but seriously... Don't.