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A seemingly great day for Pinkie Pie! The Sun is shinning, Birds are tweeting--you get the point people, it was a good day. She receives a letter inviting her and her friends to a 'party' hosted by...Her parents? Casting aside her curiosities, she and her loyal friends head over to the rock farm. And thus, The unexpected is reviled.

My First Fan-fic, so...Yup :D
And I have no idea where this fic is going, so its only logic I chose a ridiculous cover image--Right? Aw well screw logic! It's Pinkie time! ^.^

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Welcome...To my first ever fan-fic!
This was actually a spur-of-the-moment thing. I put this together in under an hour. I'm really bad with consistency. So today, I put mu flank down and promised myself that I would compete this, and...I did it :pinkiehappy:

Personally, I'm not satisfied with this piece of writing. But I will try to improve it if I got some feed back.

Nadia Out! Peace and :heart:

The sun was shinning, huh?

So was the party a trap? :trixieshiftright:

Wow.......I wonder where this is going

This is strange... I am conflicted... I shall track and like... Have a spike... :moustache:

Do you remember the Simpsons special
"The Shinning"

No TV and no Beer make Homer go crazy

It's Princess Molestia, she's back! Run to the clouds in Pinkie Pie fashion! :pinkiegasp:


Actually, no TV and no beer make Homer something something.

1425795 So that error was on purpose?

No idea, I just liked The Simpsons Halloween specials.

Damn, was that what he said.
Either way, Give me the bat marge, give me the bat.


Yeah, then Marge says "...Go crazy?" :trixieshiftright:

And Homer's response is "DON'T MIND IF I DO." :pinkiecrazy:

first ever rock ranch party?

Well, here we go.
Now, where did I put my hat?

I do like that surprise at the end, but this has a lot of small grammatical mistakes that need fixing.

I,(insert comma) Blinkie Pie,

honored if you were(incorrect word) to attend

as father puts it;(comma instead of semicolon) you may bring

presuming it's a Stallion(remove extra space), as/since(missing word) you know how

ecstatic to be in(incorrect word) your presence

Note: Using 'at' for the quote 'at your presence' would imply that the Pie family would be traveling to meet Pinkie instead of having her travel there.

was the 56(remove capitalization)th time(missed word) she had read

the paper constantly(remove comma) brought ease

fact that Pinkie was present(remove comma) and has barely spoken in 3 whole hours(remove comma) was unsettling,(semicolon instead of comma) no matter

obnoxious pink earth pony. (start new sentence)The wide

wearing a silky,(insert comma) light yellow

dress was of course em-brained with

Did you mean embroidered, or was that a pun?

defeated the impossible;(comma instead of semicolon) she changed

isn't good for anypony, or think, (don't start a sentence with 'and') and

What did you mean by 'or think' in the previous quote?

Yeah, these were gotten from just the first three chapters. You ought to grab yourself a proofreader and editor.

I do like where the story's heading, but these grammatical errors are going to pester me(and a few other readers).

/HyperRandomness, Official TWE Nitpicker and general... well, nitpicker.

I just remembered the face he makes when he looks at his reflection

1425956 Well, yeah. Everything the Simpson's touch turns to gold.

1426010 Thanks for this. I couldn't read it; the errors alone made my brain cry.

1425795 Well done on spotting that. At first I was actually afraid of adding the reference due to the likelihood of it being mistaken as a spelling mistake. So thanks for pointing it out :pinkiehappy: and yes, it does reflect on the story.
Thank you! The truth of the matter is, I did the whole story in under an hour, and I didn't even take the time to re-read nor analyse and correct my mistakes. So once again...Thanks dude :yay:

I will look into this and correct my grammar errors soon after school today. I Pinkie promise :pinkiesmile:

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