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I like military aircrafts, as well as jet ponies!

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Now with the pilot himself not wanting to do anything with any forces of this Griffon-Equestrian War, he'd have to face intense pressures from both sides...

Wait, so he also have to fight the ponies as well?

You gonna be kidding me! :facehoof:

Ah yes, cuz I read some other fics with humans siding with the ponies and other creatures, so I decided to do something a little different hehe.:pinkiecrazy:

Is Raven a human here or a pony?

I'm loving the story so far


of fain ?? :twilightoops: [*Princess Booky wants to know*]


So who's side is he then? Nobody, but himself and his "Raven" Anthro Jet?

It’s a dead-man and a anthro female Raven, Id recommend watching a DCS short video Ghost, then you’ll know what a dead-man’s capable of.

And no, Raven is NOT a pony, she’s takes the form of a human, by the way check out Girly Air Force and you’ll know what I mean.

Check out Girly Air Force and you’ll see


It’s a dead-man and a anthro female Raven, Id recommend watching a DCS short video Ghost, then you’ll know what a dead-man’s capable of.

I watch it, and wow! It reminds me of a Paranormal WW2 German Tank; "White Tiger".

So, he is basically "immortal"!? Since he is already "dead" in a sense. Kinda OP!

Then again, I like OP characters. Plus, this is a equivalent of having a respawn superpower like in video games.

Although, I didn't like he will become the protagonist, AND the "antagonist" at the same time. Considering he will fighting the "good guys" ( Ponies and their allies. ). :applejackunsure:

Since the Griffons are obviously the bad guys/aggressors here.

And no, Raven is NOT a pony, she’s takes the form of a human, by the way check out Girly Air Force and you’ll know what I mean.

One; I never said she was a pony. Starlight Nova said that.

At first, I thought she is a living anthro Jet like a certain artist named renthedragon. :twilightblush:

But, you told me otherwise. And after seeing the wiki of Girly Air Force. I was interested that you know this, but I didn't before?

Japanese do have many weird "concepts" for their new anime's/manga's. :rainbowderp:

The daredevil's fine, but then the Talon suffered a right engine failure, although Mark succeed in gliding the Talon down to the runway, his almost lost his balls when he got beat the shit out of by a really pissed instructor.

The heck!? Was that even allowed?

Rapid warning alarms filled the cockpit of Raven, Mark was shocked for a second before immediately defending the incoming enemies, "Holy shit! The fuck's wrong with these guys?!"

Back from memory into reality, Flash Row knew something's on his way when he spotted a black spot at his 2 o'clock, cannot be the Floggers, most of them were splashed by the first wave of Phoenix missiles, the rest of them were having trouble defending the second wave.

"Another new Mig?" Flash Row has a dark look on his face, MiG-31s are already enough for him, then the black spot became larger per second...

"What the---" Flash Row trembled as the bogey zoomed passed him like a missile, his radar showed no sign until the merge, "Jigsaws, bandit contact! I just merged with it, change of plan, splash the merged bandit's the priority for now!"

Flash Row's hooves shook in shockness, that... bandit's maneuvers... they're so smooth, plus the airframe is nothing like he'd seen before, the cover is black as night. Two split tails with their flaps bended in an angle that produces more air current for its climb rate, the extendable wings just like the Tomcat... It's just like their Tomcat but with some enormous updates...

Jigsaw 3 fired a Sidewinder, Flash Row knew it was over, at this close of the range, nothing can escape---

Seriously!? They just attacked a unknown jet? Without trying to identify themselves, or give them a warning?

A jet that they haven't even seen before, or ISN'T affiliated with pony kind, their allies, changelings or even the griffons?

What a bunch of assholes!!! They all deserve to be shot down!

Anyway, what generation type of planes/jets, and timeline do Equis/Equestria has as a whole? Because I know they obviously DON'T have generation 5 or even 6 as of yet.

And why do they even have jets in the first place? Do they have their own version of WW1 and WW2 for creating and revolutionize planes to jets?

Because, after researching the familiar jets that are shown in this chapter. They are from 1970's.

Equestrian F-14s and Changelings Migs! Welp, Mark just splashed a Tomcat, no way is he friending the Equestrians (Sorry mane six fans:twilightsheepish: Anyway the updates won't be appearing in a pattern, I'm only updating if I have time or ideas.

Oh brother! :facehoof:

How would the Mane Six and the Princesses react to this? I hope they don't do anything stupid. P.S. Which season are we?

Later he was told that the two bandits he encountered were the newest interceptors of the Changeling Air Force; MiG-31, callsign 'Foxbat'. With the terrifying capability of flying up to Mach 3, non of their current fighters could do a thing about them. Luckily, the Tomcats are originally made to be interceptors, and interceptors loves big bad boys.

Small descepency, Mig-31's were codenamed "Foxhound". The "Foxbat" was the Mig-25.

Wow. This is " technology will take over Equestria" fic. I never see so much character assassination here

Have you met them they over react to everything including a cupcake shortage or if they run out of frosting

But I do wonder how they will react to meeting a human

Hopefully one of them will see it was an accident and change sides cough rainbow dash cough

Well not all of them, but the idiot and the pony who trained him and others to fire on that clearly states has a different symbol or something, but still not all of them just the higher ups of the equestrian military:facehoof:

Hopefully rainbow will at least see truth to what really happen and change to the human defense and maybe who knows what else

Look I know it’s a war and all I get it but if they are sending out idiots who fire on anything that you don’t know is hostile or not, I seriously:facehoof:


For their sake, they shouldn't jump to conclusions, or they will regret it.

Agreed, hopefully one of them *cough* rainbow*cough* dash *cough* will find out and take his side instead of taking her friends sides because they believe if the princess says it is an enemy then it is an enemy and instead find out what really happen on her own and/or find the pilot and ask him what happen from his POV instead of the pilot who’s jet got shot down since he fired first and not the other way around

Exactly the thought I want you guys to have

Well, in actual combat, you have to make assumptions. As far as they could tell, their jets didn't recognize the IFF of Raven so in real life combat, that instantly IDs them as hostile. It's not like the enemies will send their IFF to other nations saying "attack these only".


Touche. Still, Mark can hopefully find a way to communicate with the ponies, or any other species/kingdom/nation that would be his potential allies.

This was kind of painful to read, Swept back wing span will be SMALLER than un swept, at mach 8 windows and nose will not be melting or glowing.

I did mention there will be some Maverick reference.

So… busy or don’t have the time or just forgot.

And if you did then hey no problem we all understand.

"You want him to shoot us down?" Flarehooves spat back, "Don't know why that bastard just left his prey like that but... Thank Celestia that devil left.... Celestia damn it we lost Cap and Jighsaw 2... Damn it."

"I don't see no chutes coming down there, that cold-blooded murder..." The RIO grunted.

Jigsaw 4 formed up next to Flarehooves, "Sorry sir, my radar suddenly stopped working back there, I can't use my missiles either, gun kill is too risky..."

"Bastard got a jammer too?!" RIO cried, "ARGH FOR CELESTIA'S SAKE WHAT ARE THOSE BUGS UP TO?!"

"I don't think he's with the bugs," Flarehooves said, "pretty sure that two dead MiGs were his doings as well."

"So he's a fucking rogue?" RIO asked, "You know what that's it, I have enough bullshit for the day."

"Report back to base, we're gonna have a long debrief bout this..." Flarehooves sighed as he turned back with Jigsaw 4.

"Devil", "Cold-blooded murder", "Rogue"? That's just prejudice and hypocritical, coming from you pony MORONS for attacking an unknown jet that ISN'T a enemy Griffon or Changeling-made fighter jet, than to just ask their IFF identity.

NONE of this would have happened if you haven't blindly try to shoot our main character and his Raven down willy nilly! :facehoof:

Don't know how the hell you're gonna tell your military superiors, and even the Princesses and Mane Six on HOW you potentially attack a neutral unknown, and forcefully make them a hostile enemy for no good reason. :twilightangry2: :facehoof:

It's an exception for Mark to leave his prey alive. It has never happened before, this was an exception.

And it'll never happen again.

You're sure about that? :duck:

What are you gonna do IF Rainbow Dash shows up?

Unknowingly to Mark, the control screen on Raven suddenly turned up by itself. And the screen automatically started typing.


Well, well, well. :ajsmug:

She's alive!!!

Your comments made my day man :twilightblush::pinkiehappy: I often find them funny to read and helpful in the same time hahaha


Thanks. It is a rarity ( quite literally) to see continued MLP crossovers with iconic Jet/Plane simulation games like Ace Combat, Project Wingman, War Thunder, or even Tom Clancy's Hawx.

So back to the story; Is our main human protagonist and sentient jet going to stay "neutral" forever?

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