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A french, Christian, girl who likes MLP and try to write fanfics ^^


After being diagnosed with a fatal disease, Fluttershy has only 3 months to live. Her friends won’t let this happen and will do their best to keep her alive. But will they succeed ?

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Friends are willing to do no matter what to help each other.

"The problem is that the princesses are visiting the dragons for... royal things I guess, and Spike is with them so we can't tell them about that. I think they don't even know about Fluttershy disease. I was thinking about call Cadence but she must take care about the Cristal Empire. Plus I don't think that she have enough magic either." Twilight finally said.


I dont even know what is killing her.

'Oh no Fluttershy has a fatal disease!'
"Ok but what is it"?????

"How does she have it?"
"Where did it come from"?
"When did she get it"?

You can't leave the readers with unanswered questions.

Actually, I wanted to explain those questions in the next chapters.

I’ll fix this, thanks for tell it to me ^^

This is pretty interesting

I find this idea really interesting! Cant wait to read more :D

Thank you, I’m working on it ^^

I guess you never read suspense fictions before... it was meant to hold tension in the story. However, suspense can be used... like for example of a fiction that I like... mystery fiction holds alot of suspense. Dun dun duuuuun O_O

What moral here?

The story is not finished, that’s only the first chapter...

I know. Can I have it's by private message?

This story was slightly rushed due to the story being short,but everything will be fine for the next chapter since it will be longer.

Felt a bit rushed but... I still wonder what happens next

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