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This story is a sequel to MLP G5 but it's written by me

The title is pretty self-explanatory.

After the events of the story this is a sequel to, Sunny Starscout and her Friends are kids once again after the 'Great Reset'. Their whole world of Equestria is now shaped as how they want it to be.

But, unknowingly, they had also brought back a familiar trio of villains (plus one unknown pony).

And after one day of 'grapefruit market stall terror', it's up to Sunny and her Friends to try and find a 'certain' pony that can help save the town of Maritime Bay (more specifically the grapefruit market stall producer).

But there's also some random happenings on the way.

(NOTE: I should probably put this as an A/U, an alternate universe, 'cause really basically this is a whole lot different than what was already released for MLP G5. A whole different story, that is.

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Yeah, like I said, this story is cancelled. I’m just all out of MLP fanfic story ideas. Plus my interest in G5 and MLP in general is low, so, sorry.

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