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Loosing a relationship can hit one pretty hard. Loosing it on hearts and hooves day while in the crystal empire is even worse. After his last relationship with a mare named Storn failed, even if it ended on a kinder note then most, Mels was more then willing to give up on finding anyone else. But a certain griffon was also more then willing to make this stallion feel loved again, not to mention a pushy older sister who wasn't going to let him mope around for the rest of his life.

A prequel to Ring of Feathers, a several chapter story leading up to the events of that story.

Contains: loving Griffon and a Pegasus in need of loving griffon.
Note: No actual sex scenes, sex is implied and referenced. Cause I'm bad at writing such scenes. Also use of alcohol. Also language as well

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Don't you mean Storm?

Nope. the characters name is Storn. Legit what my friend called her and legit what I asked them, ha ha ha!

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