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Scootaloo is out alone one night and is saddened by some passed taunts and jabs made to her in the past, especially regarding her inability to fly, and even more current events and taunts from a certain former bully. Can Diamond Tiara try and heal Scootaloo’s pain, even if she may be the last pony she wants to see? What happens when this former bully becomes an unlikely source of comfort?

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I would have really liked to have seen some sort of conclusion between these two after “Crusader’s of the lost mark.” Considering how much Diamond had hurt her, something should have been said. I'm glad I found this, because I imagine it would have gone something like this.
Hope to see more stories. :)

Nice to see a bit of reformed Diamond Tiara, but considering how long since she's changed I felt it's unrealistic that she would be feeling this sympathetic. She would most certainly have some difficulty showing sincere actions such as hugging, but regret for all her actions is a nice touch on her character. Your characterization of Scootaloo is perfect! Overall, it's not bad.

I feel like the best part is that forgiveness isn’t forced. Bullying can really affect someone’s mindset and scootaloo not fully forgiving diamond tiara shows that. I can’t tell you how many gifs I’ve read where a character was either forgiven too quickly, expected to forgive, or forced into a position to forgive.

Disclaimer: I don't own any characters of MLP FIM, the characters belong to Hasbro and not me!

I don't think you need a disclaimer...

I loved the story.

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