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I'm so tired

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Do you take song requests?

I never really thought about it, but I might if I get some momentum on this.

Dude love the story man how about paranoid by black sabbath

Crazy train or Mr crouly from Izzy osborn

Sound of Silence! both versions (Simon and Garfunkel version and the Disturbed one)

The S & G version always gave me a vibe that it was a warning, while Disturbed's version sounds like he's mad that the warning was not heeded

Son of a bitch first time in over a year I've had tears in my eyes last year was hard well over 20 funerals of family friends and acquaintances then this year the family had a number of scares already.

powerful chapter, oh I don't share the same religious beliefs as stated in this chapter but the message still it's quite strong

I thank you I I honestly forgot what it was like to have emotional tears.

Glad i could be of service, and sorry for your loss.

Just reader all the chapters including today’s! It is really awesome!

Just in case, if there were song requests, I would pick, To Live is To Die by Metallica, or Jellyfish Jam.

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Is this a reference to the song made by Meatloaf
I'll do anything for love

i want to see him play https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3PwsKzWli94&ab_channel=Marinooo and just as it starts he boops pinky and says tag your it

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