• Published 24th Oct 2020
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Pride and Joy - Melody Song

When Thorax finds a young orphaned nymph, his life changes in a way he never expected. But he couldn't be happier.

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Tsundere(bug) Naps

Pharynx trotted to his brother’s chambers, smirking slightly. He had just finished ordering the new group of guards in training to patrol the Hive. And now, with that taken care of-though he’d probably have to patrol the area again after the incompetent ‘lings, he had some time to himself. Time he’d spend waking up his brother, who he knew was napping.

Pharynx entered Thorax’s chambers to find him lying in bed, just as Pharynx had predicted. It was usual at this time of day. Pharynx rolled his eyes at his brother, but when he got closer, he allowed himself a small smile.

There, cuddled up to Thorax, was young Apex. Scourge of the hive, most mischievous of the nymphs, and yet somehow Thorax’s little pride and joy. The nymph yawned and opened his eyes sleepily.

“Hey grub.” Pharynx greeted the nymph. Apex smiled at him.

“Hi Pharynx-” he then snickered.

“What’s so funny?” Pharynx asked, raising a brow.

“Y-Y’know how e’eryling calls him Papa Thorax?”

Pharynx assumed Apex to be referring to Thorax. It was kind of obvious to tell, anyway.

“Of course. As I recall, you started it.” Pharynx said, nudging the small nymph lightly with a hoof.

“Cause he’s like my papa.” Apex replied.

Apex began nuzzling against the sleeping king. Thorax gave a content sigh and shifted, pulling Apex closer. Pharynx chuckled softly, but composed himself.

“Er… you were saying?”

“Righ’.” Apex smiled at his father figure before continuing. “Well… the o’er lings kinda go’ a name for you too.”

“If the words ‘Grandpa’ or ‘Cousin’ leave your mouth then I don’t care if you’re Thorax’s favorite or not, I will make sure you never say anything again.” Pharynx growled.

“Nu-uh, no’ those.”

“Then what delightful nickname have they come up with for me?” Pharynx realized that his sarcasm was probably lost on the nymph, because he answered readily enough.

“Uncle Pharynx.” Apex said simply.

Pharynx growled, expression turning into a scowl. Seeing the look on Pharynx’s face, Apex quickly hid. He ducked underneath one of Thorax’s forelegs, burrowing under his papa.

“What?!” Pharynx shouted, raising his voice, which startled Thorax awake.

“Gah! Pharynx, what’s wrong?” Thorax asked worriedly after seeing his brother.

“I tol’ him ‘bout the o’ers name for him.” Apex replied, voice muffled by Thorax’s foreleg.

“This is going too far! I didn’t have a problem hearing them call you Papa Thorax,” Pharynx jabbed a hoof at Thorax’s chest for extra emphasis, “because let’s face it, you don’t have much dignity left anyway. But they have no right to-!”

“Pharynx, it was meant in good humor-”

“So?!” Pharynx snarled

“D-Doe’ this m-mean I can’ call you Uncle Pharynx?” Apex asked, still hiding.

Thorax readjusted himself and lifted Apex up. He set the nymph down so that he was tucked between Thorax’s forelegs and chest, and Apex sat up on his haunches. Pharynx sighed and his expression softened.

“Well, I’ll make an exception for you. But only because Thorax has practically adopted you into our family, so I’m technically your uncle anyway.” Pharynx consented with a sigh.

Pharynx then poked the nymph gently in the chest. Apex giggled and fell down onto his side, clinging onto Thorax’s foreleg with his little hooves.

“-But, the others have no excuse. Thorax, tell them not to call me that or I will myself. And I promise, I’ll be much less nice about it.” Pharynx snarled

“Very well, Prince Pharynx.” Thorax sighed, rolling his eyes slightly.

“Thank you, King Thorax.” Pharynx retorted.

Pharynx then jumped up onto the bed, sitting by the two. Apex moved closer to him.

“Why did'ya come ‘n here an’way Uncle Pharynx?” Apex asked

“Looking for this one.” Pharynx nudged Thorax in the shoulder. “Eh, might as well stick around, anyway. Give the others some last minutes of freedom to call me what they like.” Pharynx sighed, using his magic to shut the door.

“Do you want to nap with us then?” Thorax suggested

“I came here to wake you up.”

“Well, you might as well sleep with us. I’m not getting up just yet. I didn’t get enough rest because someling woke me up with their complaints about a harmless nickname.” Thorax said, smirking slightly.

“Impressive snarking aside, there is no way I’m joining you and my nephew in your little cuddle pile. I may be reformed but I have no interest in joining you two.” Pharynx huffed, looking away.

“Wait… you just called him ‘your nephew’.” Thorax repeated

“Yeah, and?” Pharynx asked, glancing over and raising a brow, wondering where Thorax was going with this.

“I’ve never heard you refer to him in such an affectionate way! Aww, Phar!” Thorax cooed.

“Thorax, please don’t-”

It was too late, Thorax had lifted Pharynx in his magic and pulled him in for a hug. The two brothers were now lying side-by-side on the bed. Pharynx struggled but couldn’t break free. Apex started laughing and laid near Thorax’s chest, nestling against the bigger changeling.

“Put me down.”

“Join our nap.”

“Not a chance.”

“Then either way, I’m going back to sleep and you’re not getting away.”

“Thorax!” Pharynx shouted in protest, struggling.

“Don’ you wanna nap wi' us Uncle Pharynx?” Apex asked, pouting slightly. Pharynx sighed and rubbed his head.

“I… I’m not a softie like Thorax…”

“Doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it.” Thorax replied, lighting up his antlers and drew the blankets over Pharynx.

“Thorax…” Pharynx sighed, but was distracted by the soft warmth of the blanket. “Wh-What is this thing…?”

“A blanket, Phar. You have one in your room.”

Pharynx blushed. “I, uh, kind of… tore it up when I was… still unreformed…”

Thorax chuckled and nuzzled him. “It’s okay, I have a couple extras. You like it?”

Pharynx blushed harder. “U-Uh, no…”

Apex giggled and dove under the blanket. He came up again, wiggling into the space between Pharynx’s forelegs. He wrapped his hooves around Pharynx’s foreleg and snuggled against it. Pharynx blushed again and leaned down to nuzzle him briefly. Apex yawned widely and giggled.

“Mm… sweepy Uncle Pharynx…”

Pharynx chuckled and smiled at him. Thorax beamed and cuddled against him.

“Th-Thorax, get off.” Pharynx said

“Aww, but you need to cuddle for it to be a ‘cuddle pile’ as you called it.” Thorax replied, nuzzling him.

“Ugh… fine. You’ve got five minutes.”

“Sure.” Thorax smiled at him, then laid down. He kissed Apex’s forehead gently. “Sleep well my little hyper sprite.”

“Heheh… you too Papa Thorax…” Apex mumbled

As Thorax and Apex dozed off, Pharynx felt his eyes growing heavy. The comforting warmth of the blanket was lulling him to sleep. And the heavy but soothing feel of Apex and Thorax leaning on him was nice. Soon, he felt his head drooping, and it came to rest on the pillow. He yawned widely and closed his eyes.

“Maybe i’ won’t hurt t’ rest my eyes for a lil’ bit…” Pharynx mumbled, yawning again. He cuddled closer to Thorax subconsciously, smiling in his sleep as he rested with the two younger changelings.

Author's Note:

That was sweet, right? I hope you enjoyed Pharynx being a tsundere-cuddlebug.

Also, I'm sure you noticed the new cover art. As I mentioned in the description, it was drawn by CitrineSkys, you should check out her work!

~Melody Song

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