• Published 24th Oct 2020
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Pride and Joy - Melody Song

When Thorax finds a young orphaned nymph, his life changes in a way he never expected. But he couldn't be happier.

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Here For You

Author's Note:

This chapter talks a little bit about child abuse, if you're uncomfortable with it feel free to move to the next chapter, what is covered in this chapter will be discussed in later ones, but made tamer.

~Melody Song

Thorax was sleeping soundly in his new room. The changelings had cleared out one of the rooms for him, making it the new King’s quarters. They had understood why Thorax hadn’t wished to use Chrysalis’ room. That would remain untouched.

However, Thorax was not alone in his room. A small nymph was cuddled up beside him. Apex. He was fast asleep, for now. Apex’s little hooves were wrapped around Thorax’s foreleg, snuggling up against it like it was a teddy bear. He seemed to be sleeping peacefully. Then…

“No…” Apex mumbled, shifting. “G-Ge’ way… I-I don’… no… no!!” Apex shrieked loudly, ruby red eyes opening wide.

Thorax sat up beside him, looking around. “Wha-? Apex…?”

“P-Papa Thorax…” Apex whispered, crying.

“Oh, Apex…” Thorax reached and lifted him up. “Shh, it’s okay. What’s the matter sweetie?”

“N-Nothin’…” Apex lied, wiping his eyes. “‘M sorry I woke you up…”

“Apex, I don’t care about that.” Thorax assured him, sitting up and grunting slightly as he leaned against the hard wall. He’d have to get something to cushion that. “I just want to know what’s wrong.”

“I-I w-was h-havin’ a bad dream…” Apex stammered.

“Oh Apex… what was it about?” Thorax asked, shifting his hold on the nymph.

Apex cuddled against Thorax and buried his head in Thorax’s chest. “Y-You w-won’ like i’…”

“It’s okay, you can tell me.”

“I-I’ was… was ‘bout your mom…” Apex mumbled, and Thorax’s eyes widened.

“Wh-What about Chrysalis?”

“I-I’ was ‘bout wha’ she used t’do…” Apex said, looking up at him through watery eyes.

“What did she do sweetie?” Thorax asked softly, and Apex tensed up. Thorax tasted worry and fear. “Shh, it’s okay. I won’t be mad at you.”

“Sh-She… she…” Apex stammered. “Sh-She u-used to c-come t’ the nurs’ry… a-an’ sh-she’d m-make ‘xamples o’ all the w-weak nymphs… m-mostly m-me a-an…”

“And who, sweetie?”


Thorax’s eyes widened. He’d taken Ocellus on as his pupil a few days ago, after noticing her keen eye and intelligence. She hadn’t ever mentioned this. Thorax then leaned down to nuzzle Apex in comfort.

“Okay… what did she do?”

“Sh-She’d b-bea’ us…” Apex whimpered. “Sh-She’d c-call us w-weak a-an’ worthless an’ her guards wo-wouldn’ do an’thing… a-an then sh-she’d jus’ leave…”

“Oh Apex… I’m so sorry…” Thorax nuzzled him “I’m so sorry you had to go through that, and I’m sorry it left such a scar on you that you dream about it.”

Apex sobbed quietly, and Thorax cradled him. Deep down, Thorax was pretty sure he knew why Chrysalis… his mother… had done this to nymphs she barely knew. But Apex was far too young to have to worry about that. For now, Thorax just needed to calm him down.

“Apex…do you think… if I told you a story, you’d be okay to go back to sleep?” Thorax asked

“S-Story…?” Apex looked up at him.

“Mhm.” Thorax nuzzled him gently. “Do you think you’d be able to sleep if you hear a story?”

“O-Okay Papa Thorax…” Apex agreed. Thorax laid back down and kept Apex between his forelegs. “Wh-Whas’ the story ‘bout?”

“It’s about me.” Thorax pulled him close. “Me and my brother. Pharynx. The General of the Old Hive.”

“Y-You mean the changeling tha’ you can’ transform? He’s your brother?”

“Mhm.” Thorax nuzzled him. “This is a good story about us, I promise.”

“O-Okay…” Apex cuddled close. Thorax nuzzled him again, then looked up at the wall. He hesitated, then spoke.

“When I was around your age, I lived with my brother and many more nymphs in the nursery. Pharynx and I’s mother didn’t pay much attention to me, she focused more on Pharynx, believing he was more capable. And she wasn’t wrong to believe that, he’s one of the greatest warriors the Hive has ever seen.”

“He soun’s like the bes’.” Apex said, and Thorax chuckled, nodding.

“He is. But you see, other than giving me some toy dolls of ponies, our mother mostly ignored me. I’m sure the dolls were meant to be a training exercise, I would have to keep the dolls safe. But I mostly just played with them, and because of our mother’s refusal to acknowledge me, it was up to Pharynx to look out for me.”

“Why woul’ you need t’be look’d af’er, Papa Thorax?”

“Heh, well… I was… very different from the other nymphs. I’m sure you know, Apex, that in the Old Days, every young nymph wanted to be an aggressive warrior. When I was growing up it was no different. Everyling wanted to be like that. Except me.”

Apex wiped his eyes and snuggled close. “S-So whas’ your brother go’ t’do with i’?”

“Well, it was thanks to Pharynx that I remained safe back then. Because I was so different from the other nymphs, they would pick on me for not wanting to fight. They’d call me names and tease me for being weak.”

Thorax then smiled softly, looking down at Apex. Apex looked up at him through watery eyes.

“But Pharynx would never let them hurt me. Just a simple glare from him, and the words ‘step away from my brother’ would make them scared. Then, he’d transform into a signature monster form of his, and they’d run away.”


“Mhm.” Thorax nuzzled him. “Of course, afterwards, he’d make me ‘hit myself’ and tell me to be tougher, but he meant well. I always knew he loved me, in his own way.”

“Woah…” Apex breathed. Thorax giggled. “I-I wanna be jus’ like him, Papa Thorax. M-Maybe then I won’ be scared… c-can I…?”

“Oh Apex…” Thorax kissed his forehead, making him giggle. “You can be anything you want, sweetie. If you want to be like Pharynx, you can.”

Apex smiled, cuddling close. He then yawned, rubbing his eyes. Thorax chuckled and lifted the blanket over them both.

“Now, it’s time for bed.” Thorax said

“O-Okay Papa Thorax… bu’… ‘m s’ill sorry I woke you u’…” Apex whispered

“Oh Apex, I don’t mind at all.” Thorax nuzzled him and kissed his forehead. “I just want you to be happy and feel safe. You come first, my little hyper sprite.”

“Heheh… I like tha’ name…” Apex mumbled sleepily. “N-‘Nother story…?”

“Maybe tomorrow sweetie.” Thorax settled him down in the bed. “For now, why don’t you go ahead and sleep?”

“Kay… nigh’ Papa Thorax…”

“Goodnight Apex.” Thorax kissed his forehead again, smiling at the little nymph. “My little hyper sprite.”

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