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Sequel to Indomitable

Topaz has seen her fair share of mythical and otherworldly beings, so when she's tasked with tracking down a mysterious case of deforestation near Hollow Shades, she may find she bit off more than she could chew. Good thing she's not the only one searching for the cause of the ecosystem's sudden shift.

A/N: I may have done a battle on his subspecies but I will always love Glavenus's base form. So! Here's another short adventure dedicated to the Cutting Wyvern himself! Enjoy!

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I'm sorry if I'm blundering a bit, but is Ren a new character or an old one returning? My memory is so poor.

A hunter afraid of fire is a sillyish thing, given that most monsters seem to throw the stuff around. It's going to be interesting to see them fight!

Ren’s a new character that if I ever decided on a sequel in the future she would be a part of it. Plus the pyrophobia I thought was unique, it isn’t a major case but enough to warrant her caution.

Still next part’s tomorrow so enjoy ^_^

ive never read any of the previous fics, but this seems like itll be interesting!

You don’t need to read them unless you want to know the characters and references they make. In the end it’s all good monster hunting fun :)

Nice! I can't imagine how difficult it would have been to put to words a long sword in action, let alone a pony using magic to carry a sword fight against glavenous. You always impress me with your works, and this is more of that combat action wordage I like.

Not to mention the characters! It very much feels like Topaz is transformed from a demoralized guard to a unique devoted person, And even with the short time I've been introduced to Ren I can really see her character and motivation for what she does.

The only thing I would critique is not having an after word, now that the monster is dealt with. It leaves a lot open to consideration, such as what Ren is going to do now that she's in the pony world. I'd also just like the see the scene where Ren and Topaz can have a moment outside of the danger to chat. But all that is probably just me asking to see more, and that's not really fair of me now is it. :derpytongue2:

Always a pleasure to bring the action that is Monster Hunter to life through words! As for your pointer about an after-scene with Ren being stuck in Equestria... I'll look into it now, shouldn't take too long to tweak, hehe :raritywink:

*Whispers* It is done, enjoy~

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