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"You all know the story by now, so let's take it from the top." That was how the story of another human lost in the magical lands of Equestria began their tale. To say the welcoming wasn't what they expected would be an understatement. This was fine with them, why should they have to bend a knee to a race of self-centered, discriminating ponies?

This doesn't mean they won't try to keep the mistakes that followed them from ripping apart the world, even if some of them don't deserve it. Stuck in the body of the Sarkaz Mercenary, W, this human won't just take the insults lying down, even if that puts the capital on her back.

Arknights/MLP crossover
Note: 'Sex' tag for references to subject and body. Also, Tags will be added over time.

First Arknights story featured, thanks so much!! =^_^=
List - (This is getting a little longer than I expected...)
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I’m enjoying the story so far, I look forward to seeing how it turns out. Keep up the good work!

Hehe, I will, thank you for reading!

And now you have my attention

I'll do one better, 0-1's author's notes has this badass merc's official theme song, enjoy ;)

Silver eyes huh? That gonna be relevant or just a possible reference? :P

Na, just a nice pick for eye color :twilightsmile:

Celestia considered her query, only to receive another reply from the ragged prisoner. "I'll tell ya - you either accept your place and be written off..."

That’s actually a really good question not gonna lie.

I hope you continue this story because it has peaked my interest. While I myself am not a big fan of displaced fics I really enjoy reading this one. W beeing hunted and portraied as "the evil" makes it even better. It's also very well written.

I will do what I can then, happy to know you're enjoying it so far! ^_^

I'll say this, quite the majority of displaced, from what I've read, go for one extreme or the other (I'm the Good/Bad Guy) so I wanted to try something where our protagonist is actually caught in a moral dilemma. What they do is right, but their actions come off as violent and evil toward the ponies, who are pushed by the fear of the unknown.

Exactly that is what I love about your story. That gray zone in between good and evil. There is so much potential and opertunity and ways to do stuff.

Anyway I'm bad at all that complimenting stuff without me thinking I'm overdoing it so I'll be on my way.
Have a good day ^^

It's all good, have a good day yourself :twilightsmile:

I just wanna say... Those bitches.

I'll admit that I'm not familiar with this franchise.

It's a foreign mobile game, a tower defense with a pretty good story.

The first time I saw the cover image I thought that it's RWBY OC XD

Yeah I can see how you got the impression, my avatar certainly doesn't help XD

Yeah, the only difference is. One is an adorable badass with a war-scythe. The other is a badass with an explosive obsession and is slightly psychotic. But other than that, both wear my favorite colors so who cares!

W looks like Ruby's sister ,more than Yang does XD

A nice Displaced and a nice story. Nice.

This is so very W! Nice depiction on her personality.

Thank you, glad I got her right :twilightsheepish:

Well, it seems it's not just monsters that bled into Equestria from Terra, but that coldheartedness, too.

A sad fate for an innocent human, ignorant ponies

But the question is, is Applejack cured or is it just temporary?

Supposedly might be better than supposively. The latter sounds too much like suppository.

You make a valid point, fixed it now.

He was gone, the person who sent her here, was he... doing all of this? To her? Ponyville? Those Infected? Was this just some sick joke to him? That person Aoi passed that day during the convention, did he suffer the exact same fate as her? Was he here too or someplace else, treated like a monster for being an innocent gamer wanting something memorable to hold dear? W was furious, only now, that fury had a target, and a living, breathing one at that. The Merchant was her enemy.

This is F***** up! These Displaced don't FRICKIN deserve this! And F*** every single OOC Xenophobic/Racist Pony Assholes and bitches in every Equestria in the Multiverse for mostly mistreating the poor displaced! :twilightangry2:

Each Bad Equestria should BURN, and have the Merchant get kicked in the balls 900 Trillion Times!!!!!! :pinkiecrazy:

The one in front stepped forward with confidence akin to W's. Dressed in his own armor though he wore an old, worn coat over his body, faintly concealing the two staff segments hidden within. Both orange eyes burning with intent to fight, he too came prepared. "Happy to finally be meeting face-to-face, creature , you may call me Cliffheart," His grin fell to a stern, almost malicious smirk. "I'll be taking you back to Canterlot now."

She is a Human, you terrible excuse of a soldier/guard! And you are highly underestimating her. Because, she will kill you with a blindfold. :pinkiecrazy:

Next Chapter: Ice in her Veins
Confronted by Twilight, Cliffheart, and the Royal Guard. W is forced to stick around and face the consequences of manipulation and fear, but with her own mentality on edge, who will snap first under temptation?

It's not W's fault. Blame the damn merchant! Plus, Twilight and the pathetic pony guard don't stand a chance.

Ah... I love invoking such strong emotions. It's nice to see you're passionate about this as I was writing it, my blood was boiling and even though the next part is far from complete, from what I've jotted down, it's going to be something special. Hehehe...


Even though I'm A bit of a fan to the MLP Displaced concept for many years. I still can't wrap around my head on WHY is the Merchant ( Resident Evil 4) is so DAMN IMPORTANT in this Fix concept??!!

I get that Resident Evil 4 is a very good and memorable game to the series and in general. But, HOW can the Merchant be so damn important for a concept of Isekai ( Displaced) over thousands of different people from various Conventions to the MLP Multiverse ( MULTIPLE Equestria/Equis), along with having MANY different Crossovers and Franchises, by trasforming into the fictional characters themselves??!!

And it doesn't help that most of them got VERY OOC Pony Character Jerks like Celestia/Luna, or the Main Six give them the stupid stone "treatment" like Discord?! Seriously, this is major Xenophobic/Racist injustice BS! That I just want EVERY single Bad Equestria to get Blown Up!!!!! To avenge the poor displaced of former-humans! 😡

To answer your first question, the Resident Evil Merchant is iconic, I don't know the ins and outs but people like him just as a random background character, it's like the ponies Vinyl and Octavia, etc. they aren't important to the story but people really liked them and now they've blown up in popularity. The Merchant is the same effect, and people just started putting him as the staple for Displaced given his mysterious appearance.

As for the second point, I'll admit, I don't always like the whole xenophobic trope but here I wanted to show that both the Merchant and these ponies are different. The Merchant (His origins are explained in the future) is manipulating key characters like the elements to swindle the opinion of W to that of a villain. Now Applejack is broken from that chain things might change slowly. The point stands that this Equestria isn't Xeno, they're just as much the victims as W but for the moment, they're her enemy and vice-versa until more can be done.


Well, if they found out the truth, and learn about the merchant's schemes. They will be so guilt ridden, and acting like idiotic fools. Of course, they should make a huge apology to W. But, I doubt that W will forgive them so EASILY! Because, I'm NOT!

I mean the real W would probably just roll her eyes, laugh, and blow them to pieces, but given the personality is not a psycho odds are 50/50

From what I understood from all other displaced stories, the resident evil merchant is either a void dweller as himself or other void dwellers use him as a disguise, avatar and play a role because he is like some recognizable mascot, icon.
It's also a sign, an invitation to the people who know about the Marchant and displaced.

Still, void dwellers don't manipulate worlds against the displaced because the effort is not worth it when there are different more effort cost-effective options.

If they want for displaced to be a certain way, then they displaced like-minded person.

They want displaced to be a pacifist, they will displace a pacifist, etc.

Void dwellers will either displace for fun or when they see a person with great potential but no opportunity to use it, so they give them that, or when they want something changed in the certain world they noticed by direct contact of displaced.

In the last option, it's commonly to kill Tyranestia and similar but there are sometimes other reasons.

And generally, they also give displaced ownership of the world they land in.

Holy crap this is all new to me. But actually thanks a bunch, I got a good lore backing now, or atleast the general idea of how the Merchant works. I gotta rewrite my notes but all should work as intended.

I guess, though it's kinda obvious, this Merchant isn't exactly doing this for the sake of Aoi's potential, more of a twisted variant of 'fun' but I'll save all that good stuff for the future. Again, thank you for the clarification :pinkiehappy:

Also, there is somewhere a Wikipedia, own site with lore about displaced.
There is something about why they do that, etc but...

But no one uses that, except 1/100th story and most people use this generalized lore.

What I wrote is something that I gathered from the displaced stories I found. Most of them have this in common. It also makes them fit together without clashing too much.

There are also displaced wars by a collaboration of authors but it's a similar to situation with the wiki.
Also, I don't think anyone sees them as canon in any way
Especially because some stories got deleted and now there are empty folders for the 3 or 4 supposed wars.

Opinion on them can be seen here.

Convenient for the royal guard to show up when everything is all over. I'm kinda worried what's gonna happen to Astra as we already know where W is gonna end up.

Also the "discombobulated" applejack just made my day. Every time I see that word its:
Step 1 discombobulate
distract target
Block wild jab

In summary

Discombobulate (proceeds to literally clap a guy)

You'll be happy to know I got the next part underway for sometime next week, and, oh boy, this is gonna be good (I hope).

And I approve of the use of the strategy to discombobulated the enemy! Though I feel this is also accurate:


Kaboom gets the job done

Better to go to other countries, like changelings or griphons kingdoms, or even better, defeating Storm King and becoming a Storm Queen.

Don't give W any ideas; Though I could totally get behind "W, The Storm Queen" *Proceeds to blast Regicide*

She would be the second displaced Storm Queen

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