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Sequel to Indomitable

With Winter around the corner, the ponies of Ponyville are suddenly struck by a freak blizzard from seemingly nowhere, most considered it an accident on the Weather Team's part, for Zen, it was far more than just some chilling storm.

A/N: Another small piece beside Ice Crushing Wyvern that I couldn't resist writing, happy holidays! ^_^

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Sorry dude I think everyone is very busy at this time of the year I wish I could have gotten around to read it sooner.

It's all good, I'm a very patient person ^_^

Hehe nice! I like his interactions with Rainbow, because they feel like they're friends, but they also butt heads in a nice way. The Kirin seems like it'll be a tough fight, but definitely not the worst that Zen has had to deal with.

Sorry for my late interaction with this story, I honestly think I got roped into other stuff when you posted it so I completely blanked when it came out. I'll catch up and leave some comments now tho!

OH shit! Nice! That fight was epic, and even tho it wasn't the most all out Zen went, that final move was cool! Yui having the grasping shadow hands is kinda scary, but I know she's a good girl so it'll only be for the big baddies. Those cute adorable dorks have another challenge ahead tho, didn't think you would go with BOTH kirins!

It's a nice surprise to come back for, no?

Two Kirins is better than one! And this fight was more like Vaal Hazak in regards to power, both Vaal and Kirin aren't the craziest obstacles Zen's faced but it still shows that they can keep him on his toes. Huh, wonder if I should to the monkey...?

Awww, that was so good! I enjoyed that fight, what with Rainbow diving in to help save the day. But what really kept my attention was the heartfelt moments of people recovering from loss, leaning on friends and helping each other. It's a really nice message.

Despite me covering that topic in Indomitable, Rika was an instrumental piece in Zen's life. One thing I've seen around Christmas is that losing a loved one and spending that time of year without them for the first time can have an array of feelings. Some can move on, others reminisce, and sometimes it can be hard to accept without someone there to help you cope with that feeling of loss when it sets in. But that's just my take on that kind of situation.

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