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After the dazzlings defeat at the concert they were left homeless until a human found them and decided to take them home and care for them as best as he could

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Love the story hope Eric loves all three of them. till next time peace.

I am a little confused about how long they have been living with him....

‘That was a month ago and so far they all sorta warmed up to me though during those months they weren’t well to put it in a word friendly’ I think closing my eyes to rest a bit but was awoken to adagio gently shaking me awake.

“if you think something like that would instantly destroy what we built up all these years then your both airheads.” I said as they were surprised but hugged back.

First it's been just a month, then an unspecified amount of months, and lastly two or more years.

So which is it?

“I’m sorry I let the past cloud my my judgment you three are free to go and don’t worry I will talk to the students who started the fight, please go back to class.” Celestia said then the girls got up and left “as for you, if you ever speak to me in that tone again I will expel your girls without hesitation, understood?” She said and I just nodded then left.

Umm... that is a threat that could and should be formally reported to the school board.
To threaten because you get a reality check is no bueno.

Looks like their secret is out now and hopefully the Dazzlings can rescue Emilia from the newest siren.

Don't you hate it when your comments don't get a response?

"Adagio, one of my fellow sirens and also one of the three responsible for getting me caught by star swirl and sent to this pitiful world, it's so nice to see you again tell me, where are the other two?" Coreana asked then Sonata and Aria stood up "Ah, there you are, Sonata and Aria, tell me, how did you three get here?" she asked

Equestria Girls: Equestria Dumping zone
who knows what monster Equestria throw in here :facehoof:

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