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Tough Cookie is a plump and sassy artifact appraiser who runs an antique shop in Canterlot.
Syntax is a sophisticated bookseller and polyglot who runs a bookstore, also in Canterlot.
Though different in disposition, these two friends share a common interest: seeking out rare, historical treasures.
This story details one such adventure of theirs.
(This takes place between Seasons 8 and 9)
Artwork by: Mellowhen

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 8 )

You made a reference of Winnie the Pooh

So I've been exploring around FimFiction a bit bored out of mind, when I stumbled upon this fascinating piece. The very look of this image almost made me think of 'Laurel and Hardy' but more the way their actors 'actually' act as opposed to their characters. With Tough Cookie acting the way Laurel would in the movies and with Syntax resembling Oliver's posh characters, plus I like how it adds a bit of that 'Indiana Jones' flair which I've been a fan of (Having seen nearly every bit of material about the famous explorer and his ventures). What I like about these ponies is that they are not the standard uppercrust, nose-in-the-air kind of ponies, but the kind that don't mind getting their hooves dirty in search of their greatest find. I don't know if this will be an ongoing set of stories after this one, but I do think I'm going to enjoy myself reading this.

Plus, that bit where Tough Cookie has an interaction with that Beryl lassie almost makes me think of one of Indy's old rivals, where Indy would do all the work finding a lost artifact and that guy in the fancy white suit takes the treasure for himself (Note I'm referring to the main antagonist of 'Raiders of the Lost Ark). Not that I think she might be a surprise villain, but given history with these kind of stories you always look for something that sticks out.

So we start to get to the part that makes fans come back for stories like this. In which case we have a case where the explorers are able to find this tomb where the treasure is supposed to be, doing their best to ensure no one knows about their little venture. It isn't even long before they start to stumble into a majority of the tracks (With this story making hard use of pointing out Cookie's stout figure getting in the way). But these two demonstrate that they don't need to be fastest or strongest to navigate through the traps, but to use their wits to solve most of what they've encountered (Even if some of the guessing is pure accidental). I did find it humorous with the subtle nod to 'Winnie the Pooh', whereas I can easily see Syntax as being Rabbit (Even though Mr. Popularity Rabbit is not) to me Tough Cookie seems like a mix of having Tigger's mindset with Pooh's notable frame.

And you know, for a girl who can't find some pony who appreciates her, the fact that these two work together and even the stoic gent can at least accept that there are some things about her to appreciate you'd think that 'translates' into a set of words only the most astute of minds can pick up. Unless of course they are about as platonic in relationship as say 'Mulder and Scully' or 'Rad and Enid', then I suppose I can understand why they prefer to keep things as professional as possible. Still, if we thought these two traps were as intense for them to navigate, I'd hate to ponder as to what more this temple has to offer. For all we know, there could be guardians who have pledged to make sure the sacred treasure is not recovered or perhaps even something more dangerous that no one's ever recorded because no explorer ever made it that far.

A shame that this turned out to be the last chapter, I was expecting more to come. That perhaps merely exploring the temple in search of a great treasure was only the beginning. That it turns out the treasure they sought had already been found by a notorious tomb raider, whose identity is completely unknown that it's difficult to imagine whether it's male or female, a character we've already seen mentioned in this story or perhaps one who hasn't been introduced... Yet. If under the terms that it's some character we've just been introduced to, one would think it's this one pony who gave Tough Cookie a hard time prior to this journey to find the scrolls. But if now that pony, then it seems this story has led to more questions than answers.

But the reality of the situation is that this story seemed to not be so much about finding some ancient treasure or dodging traps in the search of discovery. But rather it was to firmly establish the relationship of two ponies, though different figuratively, specialty-wise and in some cases 'literally', what makes them special is the chemistry they share. Their love for solving historic mysteries, uncovering clues that would go unnoticed by the average pony (Colt or mare), and even though they share their different tactics at achieving their goals they make for a lovable team (Even if for the moment they are merely a platonic pair of ponies. That this was not their first rodeo in uncovering hidden treasures, but I feel this would not be the last.

I feel that there is something much bigger to look forward to should there come another chance to put these two in another adventure. Whether it's the search of another treasure or perhaps uncovering a smuggling operation or discovering the identity of 'The Mark', whether it's the identity of ONE pony or perhaps an organization... OR... For all we know, they could be stumbling upon a case where there's oil under some island but the only way to get there is to get through a land habited by creatures who don't take kindly to visitors (Especially ponies).

I though the ending Cookie would give Syntax a peek on the cheek

If it's anything like most platonic relationships, I'm certain that these two would prefer to keep it as professional as possible. For stories like this, you don't tease a potential romantic interest right off the bat even though it seems that prior to this case they've already had numerous adventures for many years. But considering that in some sense this is almost like a 'pilot', setting itself up for more to come with an arc that is sure to carry on for many other adventures still to come, Mr. Blazewing probably needs more time to truly allow the audience to get to know these two adventures. Different in hobbies, appearances, and personality, but display the kind of friendship where they always rely on each other even if they bicker as much as 'Niles and C.C.' on 'The Nanny' (Up until they marry and have a kid in the series finale).

Maybe give it a couple more stories or so, if Blazewing chooses to write a new installment, then we shall soon see if we do get our wish and determine if they can be more than just 'best buddies'. In a way, I personally find myself more invested in their travels than the adventures of a human residing in Equestria as it's become rather common on the site nowadays.

Mr. Author Person.

This story was adorable and fun. These two deserve more adventures. Their dynamic reminds me of my wife and I :3

I was legit thinking through most of this "You two just need to get married already."

If going by the pacing of this story in general, perhaps the reason why the thought has not occurred to them would almost make you think of 'The Nanny' which used to be pretty big as far as sitcoms are concerned. On that example, the relationship between Fran Fine and Maxwell Sheffield (The two main leads of the show). Although there has been mutual attraction between the two, with Fran working for the successful theater producer as a Nanny for his three kids, they often try to keep it as professional as possible as far as relationship wise. Course, through those sixth season, initially we see that Maxwell didn't jump straight into it for two reasons:

1. The ability to make a commitment.
2. At the time he was mourning for his deceased wife who died 'prior' to the series (Whereas Fran was reeling from a broken relationship with her ex).

While I'm not sure if that helps, I believe the same basic principle applies to Tough Cookie and Syntax. We see how her expression is when Syntax whispers 'sweet nothings' into Tough Cookie is, especially when even that tough nut feels insecure about herself, and Syntax seems to have no problem expressing how he couldn't imagine working with any other partner. But given the way this story was written out, it seems easier for them to work as respectable, professional explorers as a way to maintain their friendship. The same reason could be that either one of them is afraid of making a commitment, that the idea of pursuing anything higher than a friendship could either lead to an increase in all the danger or suddenly it'll feel like a drastic change exceeding one's comfort zone. The other reason may apply that one of them was already going through a pretty bad relationship, prior before they started working together, and they probably just aren't ready for that level of commitment (I for one went through that same thing when two of my most serious relationships ended 'horribly').

But who knows? Maybe give or take a couple more stories that expands maybe ten or twenty adventures, depending on the overall plan of the arc is, someday one of them is bound to make a move and confess that maybe they have feelings for the other. That might not get the speculated 'marriage' deal we were looking for, but in a way it would be a 'baby step' as a way of helping them grow as a pair until both can agree that the feeling they have for each other is far more powerful than a friendship. That perhaps, it wouldn't be so bad if Tough Cookie and Syntax could express... Love.

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