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If the neutral ground is the Crystal Empire, then where is its Crystal Savior Spike the Brave and Glorious??? The Peace Corps could deal with a dragon as a wild card especially if there is a point that Spikezilla is there like the Hulk--and as smart as Professor Hulk in Endgame...

What happened with the main six? or Spike, or any of the other characters

Nevermind i just saw what happened to Twilight what the hell.

Wait this seems based of of Equestria at War, what happened to Stalliongrad?

Starlight looked almost livid, before she took a deep breath, her voice still stern but at a level volume. "You did what...?! Fleur, you can't just kill some pony because they wronged or hurt one of your friends! Sure, he may have treated a prisoner in a horrible way, one which I might add I do not condone and will make sure is extremely looked down upon, but... You... You can't do that! I thought you didn't want more death to come from this war? Who's side are you on?"

The fact that you went to war with individuality and free will over the fact that you couldn't let go of Sunburst makes you the very last person to speak of morality, Shitstain Glitter.

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