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Harmony's Creation - Zac9087

Nothing, Yet Everything, Creation Of The Universe, Space And Everything

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Everything Has A Beginning

Nothing, just a black empty void, pure, complete, silence accompanied the emptiness of this void, completely void of life, sound, and everything.
Then came the Alicorns, arriving from a mysterious portal, in fear of a Great Calamity that caused the collapse of Alicorn Society, they came to the void to flee from their fate, and restart their civilization somewhere safer.
The Alicorns combined their magic to create light, and give the light and darkness form.
The Alicorns then created Space, to create something to exist within the void, and give the void the possibility of life.
And they then gave the void a planet, this planet would be Equus.
The Alicorns then created the sea, which would cover over 70% of Equus's surface, giving new possibilities for the life that would eventually exist within this new Universe they have crafted.
They then created the Stars, to grace the Universe in its bright beauty, and they would create billions of Stars, uncountable amounts of them.
The Alicorns then created the Planets, to make the Universe less empty, and should something go terribly wrong, give their creations a place to flee and restart.
They would then create Ponies, 3 types of ponies, Earth Ponies, Pegasuses, And Unicorns, To fill Equus with even more life.
2 Ponies for each race were created, who would then go on to create even more Ponies on Equus, starting a great civilization to rise in the millions of years that would follow.
The Alicorns then created the animals, they made many types, hundreds of thousands of different animals to inhabit Equus.
The Alicorns then gave the Ponies a test, a test of faith, they were given a beautiful Garden, it was a Garden Of Eden.
The Alicorns would instruct the Ponies that they were allowed to eat from any tree bearing fruit, but one, The Forbidden Tree, bearing an evil fruit, called The Apple Of Knowledge.
The Ponies trusted the Alicorns and strayed from the Tree, but soon, curiosity would overcome them, and they would venture towards to tree.
One of the ponies would reason that they should stray from the tree, lest they forsake what the Alicorns had told them, but something would appear from the tree, a snake, and yet, it's form seemed to change rapidly, it would try to trick the Ponies into eating the fruit, to which the Ponies would eventually succumb to curiosity, after all, one bite couldn't hurt, the Alicorns would never know.
But the Alicorns would know, they watched as their Ponies ate the forbidden fruit, gaining knowledge, the Alicorns would cast them out of the Garden Of Eden as punishment for their sins, and destroy the Garden.
The Alicorns were seemingly unaware of the snake's presence, and thus, let its influence spread, beyond their knowledge.
The Ponies who were cast from the Garden would create villages for their people, but from greed, wrath, and crimes between their races, their relationships fragmented, and they created kingdoms exclusively for their own people, even going to war amidst each other.
The Alicorns seeing the violence between the Ponies were saddened by this, and made the decision to flood Equus, and restart ponykind, and cleanse the planet of sin.
The Alicorns would contact a Pony, an Earth Pony named Noah, and tell him the planned to flood Equus and to build an Ark in 3 days, and take 2 of every animal on board, Moses, having faith in the Alicorns would begin to build his Ark in preparation for the Flood.
The Alicorns would spread this news to all the Ponies, and that everyone who believed and had faith in the Alicorns would paint a red X on the doors of the homes of non-believers, and those that lacked this red X would be spared.
And so Noah would build his ark and Equus would be flooded, saving 2 of every animal, and those who believed and had faith in the Alicorns spared from the flooding, but soon, Ponies began to turn from the Alicorns, and fall to the Snake, who would gather the attention of the Alicorns.
The Alicorns would recognize the Snake, a being of evil, the embodiment of Chaos, created when the Alicorns had given the Universe shape, they knew of the Snakes purpose, to turn Ponies away from the Alicorns, for his own evil agenda, of ruling over Ponykind.
The Alicorns would challenge the Snake, who would reveal his true form, The Draconequus, Discord, The Lord Of Chaos, or Rather, an Ancestor of Discord.
The battle would rage on for years, in the vast cosmos of their universe, but Discord would prove to be a foe not easily dealt with, and in desperation, the Alicorns would create the Elements Of Harmony.
The Alicorns would use the Elements Of Harmony to destroy Discord, but before Discord could be slain, he used his Powers of Chaos to create an offspring, and hide him on Equus, under the Alicorns noses, to rise once more, after he met his demise.
The Alicorns had successfully slain Discord, but the battle had drained them of their power, and in their determination to stop Discord, they realized in horror at what had become of Equus, Discord had coated half of Equus in Chaos, their Ponies fighting, slaying one another, and turning into terrible beasts.
The Alicorns, left with no other choice, would sacrifice themselves to save one half of the planet, and coat it in harmony, not having enough power to coat both sides of Equus with Harmony and sustain the balance, but would send 2 baby Alicorns to Equus, to rule over the Ponies, and protect them from Chaos, and with the last remaining bits of their power, they created the Tree Of Harmony, and the Everfree Forest to protect it, knowing one day, the 2 baby Alicorns would find it.
These 2 baby Alicorns would be Celestia and Luna, Eventually Princesses of the Kingdom of Equestria, forged by them as a land of Peace and Harmony, but soon Chaos would rise once more, a Pony named Starswirl The Bearded knew this well, so he would train the Twin Alicorns to protect their future kingdom from Chaos.
And eventually a Prophecy would be fulfilled, and 6 friends would save Equestria from Chaos, and beings that would wish to take it by any means necessary.
These friends would be Twilight Sparkle, And Rarity, 2 Unicorns, Rainbow Dash And Fluttershy, 2 Pegasuses, Applejack, And Pinkie Pie, 2 Earth Ponies, And Twilight Sparkles #1 Assistant, Spike, The Baby Dragon, and thus the Elements Of Harmony would find their new Champions, who would use it's power to stop Chaos.

Author's Note:

The origins of the Alicorns, and the dark side of the planet is inspired by Imploding Colon's Austraeoh Series Check It Out Here!
i hope you all enjoyed this story, i went with a bible vibe, and just rolled with it, it's my 4th story ever, so it probably sucks, but hopefully it was enjoyable! since the main 6 and spike play a role, being mentioned by name at the end, i didn't know if i should tag them or not, so i did to be safe, lemme know if i messed up on my tags!

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