• Published 22nd Jan 2020
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Spiderman: Equestria's Hero (season 2) - Adamverse

It's been three months since the Crisis from Earth 1, Adam and Fluttershy have moved in together. However there not taking things any further.

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Spring Break: Part 2

Molten man was burning everything in his path to find Rarity, she and the others were hiding under a dinning table. Adam had no chance to run of and change, so he needed to think of a plan. "Girls, don't hate me for asking this. But, can you distract him?" The Rainbooms looked at him.

"Are you crazy?!" Sunset said. "We can't distract him!" But the girls had no other option, they jumped out of their hiding spot and started waving their arms in the air.

"Over here, you big dork." Sunset shouted.

That caught his attention, only so he can throw a fire ball at them. Adam see his chance and runs off, tugging Fluttershy with him; he leads them out the door and into a broom cupboard. When they were alone, Adam begins to change; the girl looks out the door to make sure no ones coming. She turns back to Adam, and he suited up, he walks out and tells her to stay here.

In the dinning room, the girls are hiding again; the more angry Molten Man gets, the stronger he gets. Rarity turned to her friends and said, "Girls, he wants me. I'll lead him away." The girls tried to stop her, but with those words, she ran for the door onto the deck. The fire creature turned and saw her leave, so he ran after her.

Adam jumped into the room and shouted, "Don't move, hot head!" That's when he realized that he had gone. "Where'd he go?" Spidey asked. Twilight pointed out the open door, Spiderman got the message and ran after them.


Rarity still was trying to dodge fire balls being lunged at her, Molten Man was determined to catch her. What he didn't notice was Spiderman swing at him, "Surprise!" he shouted when Adam kicked Raggamuffin into the sea. Rarity turned turned back to Adam and grabbed hold of him, she began crying into his chest, "Is it over?"

Adam gently stroked her hair, "Yeah, it's over." he replied.

If only that were true, the boat began to shake, something was rising out of the water. When Spidey looked over the side, he saw something glowing under the water, it was making the sea boil. When the thing lifted itself above the water, it was huge.

The creature grabbed the sides of the boat and began shaking it, the monster cried, "GIVE....ME....RARITY!!!!" Molten Man was really mad now, so Adam had to think fast.

Spidey saw that the beast was absorbing everything metal, so he had to hit him with something none metal. Before Adam could do anything, a blue blast of energy shot at Molten Man, it came from the sky. Adam looked up, and saw a blue plasma ball flying through the air, the boy saw someone inside it. The flying human blasted Molten Man with waves and waves of energy, causing the creature pain.

"Spiderman, I need you to drive it out to sea." the new hero said. Adam leaped into one of the boats and dropped it into the water. He pulled the pin and sped off out to sea, the creature turned to see his enemy getting away, he forgot all about Rarity and chased after him.

The new hero was still blasting him from above, Rarity, Sunset, Twilight & Fluttershy watched at the three super-humans wandered out to sea. Sunset Shimmer asked, "Who was that other guy?"

Rarity replied, "I don't know, darling. But I like his suit, especially that helmet."


Molten Man turned his head and saw a flying human coming right at him, the new hero hit him right in the face.

Spiderman was standing on his boat, shooting webs at the monster, but they burnt upon impact. The new hero blasted Molten Man with one final blast, causing him to fall into the sea.

When he fell, the lava around Raggamuffin was extinguished, he returned to human form. Adam pulled him out of the sea and slapped meta-human cuffs on him. Spidey looked up at the new hero and said, "Thanks, whoever you are." The floating hero replied, "No problem, and call me Nova."

Nova then lifted the boat out of the water, and carried Spiderman and Raggamuffin back to the ship.


Upon arrival, Nova hooked the boat onto its hinges, Spiderman brought the villain on board. The ship's security came and took Raggamuffin to the brig, that's when Nova flew away with out saying any other word.

Later that day, the whole band met up in the diner. All except one, Applejack asked, "Has anyone seen or heard from Rainbow Dash? She and me were supposed to meet up again." That's when Fluttershy saw her over by the buffet, with a boy.

"Who's that?" Pinkie Pie asked.

"Oh that's Soarin. I know him from school."

The whole event was being watched by a robotic bird circling the ship, a mechanical creature was watching through the birds camera.

The creature ordered, "Laserbeak, return to base. Operation Revenge, begins now."