• Published 22nd Jan 2020
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Spiderman: Equestria's Hero (season 2) - Adamverse

It's been three months since the Crisis from Earth 1, Adam and Fluttershy have moved in together. However there not taking things any further.

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Soundwave Superior

Deep under water, in the bay just of the coast of Canterlot Town, a plan was finally ready to be put into motion.

"Rumble, connect the cables to the generator." Soundwave ordered. His mini-cons running around the under water lab, trying to put all the pieces in the right place. Laserbeak flying around the room, putting the energon fuses in the machines. Ravage was crawling along the ground with cables in his jaw, taking them to where Rumble and Frenzy were plugging them in.

The trans-beaker generator was almost complete, Soundwave just need to find one more item to power it up. The Decepticon looked at his monitor, it was showing pictures and videos of the Rainbooms. "Geo-crystals confirmed. Operation; capture."

Soundwave knew that the geo-crystals that the Mane 7 had, were sources of great power, he only needed one to get a strong enough signal; so he began researching which one he had to get.

"Subject: Rainbow Dash. Her speed makes her the fastest. Not enough power."

"Subject: Sunset Shimmer. A for-site, can observe memories upon contact. Not enough power."

"Subject: Applejack. The strongest one in the group. The power level matches required amount."

Soundwave turns to his minions and orders, "Rumble, Laserbeak, Ravage; prepare to deploy. Operation: capture." The Decepticon turned his ground bridge and set the coordinates for Canterlot High. The three chosen mini-cons entered the vortex, leaving Soundwave and Frenzy in the lab.


At the High School, the Mane 7 were all together, Adam was in another class today. Fluttershy didn't like being away from him, but she just had get on with the school day. The girls stopped when they heard screams from outside, so they ran to investigate.

In the courtyard, the girls saw three robots causing chaos. The humanoid robot cried, "Bring us Applejack, and you meat-bags get to continue living." Everyone saw his arms turn into giant hammer-like smashers, he began cracking holes in the ground.

Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie were scared of the situation, Applejack was concerned about why the mini-cons wanted her, Sunset was trying to call Adam; however, she got now answer.

Laserbeak saw the farm girl across the courtyard, with a loud screech, the other cons saw her too. Applejack noticed she had been spotted, so her and the other girls made a run for in. The mini-cons chased them through the school, Laserbeak and Ravage were firing lasers from their gun turrets, Rumble was just smashing everything in site.

During the chase, Sunset still tried to get a hold of Adam, but the boy still didn't answer. Laserbeak locked his scope onto Applejack, hoping to get her with a stun laser.

One blast finally hit her, the farm girl fell to the ground, Ravage circled the girl and guarded his prey. The others girls couldn't do anything to help her, Fluttershy was still cowering behind her friends. A ground bridge portal opened behind the mini-cons, from the portal, Soundwave stepped into the scene. He ordered Rumble to carry the farm girl through the portal, he was followed by the rest of the minions.

Soundwave turned to the rest of the Mane 7 and explained, "Your actions to stop me are futile. Inform my enemy that the invasion is coming. The Decepticons will bring destruction to your world." The spine chilling robot turned away from them and re-entered the portal.

Sunset texted Adam, telling him to meet them at the HQ, things just got a whole lot worst.


Applejack woke up, she was surrounded by sparking machines; she was in the centre of the room, her wrists and ankles with cuffed to a metal table.

She heard metal footsteps getting closer to her, Applejack looked up, only to find Soundwave's computer screen face staring down at her. "Subject Applejack." the robot said. "You are my specimen. Prepare for dissection."

Applejack cried, "What?! You can't do that! It's inhuman!"

"Soundwave is not human, nor do I have any desire for human emotion. The experiment will commence."

The farm girl saw a large device above her, Soundwave move it further along the table, so it pointed between her feet. The Decepticon then used his tentacle to grab the geo-crystal from around Applejack's neck. He took the crystal and placed it in Rumble's hand, he took it to the generator and placed it in the fuel conductor.

"Your usefulness has expired, you are only needed for experimentation now." Soundwave pointed at the device he had just repositioned. "This laser will conduct the operation, you will be separated into two half's."

Soundwave turned to his mini-cons, pushing a button on his shoulder, ordered the cons to return to the compartment in his chest. Once he had them all, he turned back to Applejack, "I must go activate the generator, my lab is protected with a shield, the effects of the device will not effect you."

But the farm girl shouted, "Yeah, but it'll destroy the planet." Before Soundwave left, he activated the laser. The glowing yellow beam burned through the table, it began to really slowly move towards Applejack. Soundwave stepped into his little launch bay, transformed into his drone mode and flew off into the ocean.


Adam had been told about the situation over the phone, he was swinging through the streets to try and find Applejack. The only problem was that, she could be anywhere in the city, maybe not even that. For all Adam knew, she could be on Earth 1, or in space.

Spiderman continued to swing, until he saw a drone flying through the air. "Soundwave!" he cried.

The Decepticon transformed and landed in front of Adam on a rooftop. In cold, computerized words; Soundwave said, "Rumble, Frenzy, Ravage, Laserbeak, eject. Operation: Warfare." The four mini-cons sprung from the compartment in Soundwave's chest, they all stood in front of their master, ready for battle.

Adam started the battle by firing web-shots at Rumble & Frenzy, the two of them were tied in web-nets, leaving Laserbeak and chance to attack. The robot bird flew towards Spidey and bashed him too the edge of the roof. Ravage took his chance while Adam was down, the robot panther ran for the boy, with it's teeth sharp as every.

Adam saw the mini-con coming at him, he didn't know what to do.


Back at the HQ, Twilight walked into Rarity's room; the fashion girl was sewing some suits for the future. Twilight approached her friend and asked, "Rarity, can you.... make me a suit."

Rarity turned around to her friend and asked, "I would love to, darling. But, whatever for?"

Twilight had been hiding this for a about a week now, she thought it was time to show at least one of her friends. The science girl wasted no time, and leaped onto the ceiling.

When her friend saw she was sticking to the ceiling, Rarity gasped and said, "I need to get to work on a suit right now."

To be continued....