• Published 22nd Jan 2020
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Spiderman: Equestria's Hero (season 2) - Adamverse

It's been three months since the Crisis from Earth 1, Adam and Fluttershy have moved in together. However there not taking things any further.

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Spiderwoman Superior

Deep within Soundwave's lair, the laser was slowly getting closer and closer to Applejack. She struggled to get free from the cuffs, but without her geo-crystal, she had no power. The farm girl sat up to see the laser coming form her, she saw the laser was only inches away.

She closed her eyes, knowing this was the end, until....

The laser suddenly shut down.

Applejack looked at the figure standing by the laser controls, it was like nothing she had ever seen. It was a hero, wearing a white, black and pink suit. It was a girl, she wore a mask similar to Adam's; only with a hood drape over her head. "Need a hand?" she said.

The new hero ran for the table and broke the cuffs off of Applejack. The farm girl thanked her by saying, "Thanks partner." The hero made the mistake of replying, "No problem Applejack."

The farm girl then realised something, she asked, "Is that you under there Twilight?" the hero was shocked, but then sighed. Twilight removed her mask and revealed herself, "Yeah, it's me."

"Twilight, what happen to you. Why are you dressed like that?" There was no time to explain, the lab was suddenly starting to rumble, the devices were being over powered. Twilight looked at the labs computer screen, the whole base was going to explode.

The new hero put Applejack on her back, she reapplied her mask and began swinging through the base. Applejack asked, "How the hay are you doing this?!" Twilight replied, "I'll explain when we get back to base."

The two off them made it to the access hatch, they would have to swim up to the surface. The hatch opened and the lab began to fill with water, the two girl swum to the ocean's surface. Under the water, they could feel the water's motion as the lab exploded.


Meanwhile, back on the rooftops, Spiderman was still being thrown around by the mini-cons. He had to fight back, however, they were somehow stronger than last time.

Spidey was to the edge of the roof, Soundwave had already flown off to activate his machine. Just when Adam was about give up, he heard a voice of the comm in his ear, "Spidey, heads up."

Suddenly, Twilight leaped down from the roof and landed on top of Rumble and Frenzy. Adam was amazed to see someone with his powers in this dimension. He knew they had the same powers, because when they looked into each others eyes, their spider-senses went of at the same time; like it was signaling to each other.

Adam quick kicked down Laserbeak and punched Ravage away, he trapped all the mini-cons in web-nets. Now her turned his attention back to the new spider in front of him.

Unfortunately, the spider-sense also told Adam who it was. "Twilight, is that you?" the spider girl removed her mask and replied, "Yep. I'm really bad at keeping my identity a secret."

"Don't worry, you'll get better at it." Adam replied. "Wait, what about Applejack?"

Twilight nodded and reassured him, "Don't worry, she save. I already saved her."

The two of them remembered the crisis, "Soundwave!" Twilight gasped. "He's gonna nuke the city."

"And the world." Adam finished.

Twilight put her mask back on and they both swung after Soundwave, he needed to place his machine at the highest point in the city; that was of course, Rich Industries.


Soundwave was at the top of the building, his generator was connected top a bunch of machines and power boxes. In his dark tone, he muttered, "Rat-Bat deploy, Operation: Protection." the Decepticon deployed his final mini-con to protect the area.

Little did they know, Adam and Twilight were crawling up the building; they had to get the jump on Soundwave and then destroy his machine.

"Twilight, you unhook the generator, I'll handle Soundwave." Spidey explained. Twilight nodded as they both kept climbing up the building.

When they reached the top, they saw no one; only the mini-con flying around, Soundwave was no where to be seen.

Until, something grabbed Adam and threw him off the roof, Twilight turned around and saw Soundwave behind them. The machine beast grabbed her and threw across the roof's surface. She got back up and tried to attack the Decepticon.

Before Adam reached the ground, he grabbed hold of the building. However, Rat-bat had flown down to meet him, by blasting a sonic screech at him. Adam dodged the blast and watched the struck window shatter; the boy swung towards the con, and kicked it out of the way. Spiderman needed to get back to the roof, so he began running up the side of the building.

Twilight was being beaten around by Soundwave, she was no match for him. The Decepticon was about to shoot her with his blaster, until he was blasted by something from the sky.

Spider-girl looked up and saw the cause of the blast.

"I thought I heard trouble." Nova said as he flew down to meet Twilight. "I thought Spiderman was, well, a man?"

The girl stood up and explained, "I'm Spidey's new partner."

"We haven't discussed that." Adam said as they noticed him arrive to the roof.

The three heroes all saw Soundwave stand up, "Illogical, three heroes in this dimension is impossible!" he cried. Adam moved closer, with his team behind him and replied, "Sorry Soundwave, but this is where you fall."

Spiderman and Nova run for Soundwave, whilst Twilight tries to shut down the machine.

The boys each punch the Decepticon in his computer screen face, causing it to crack a little. The con uses his tentacles to try and grab them, but Nova uses his laser blasts to sever the snake-like arms. Spidey wraps Soundwave's feet in webs, this causes him to fall forward. That's when Spiderman leaps onto the con's back and rapidly smashed his head on the ground.

Meanwhile, Twilight finally figures out how to shut the generator down, she pulls the big red wire from the socket and the circuits blow a fuse. The machine begins sparking and beeping, it was going to blow.

Soundwave gets up and tries to save his machine. The three heroes decide to let him try, so they jump off the roof and swing/fly to safety.

The Decepticon sees he's failed, again; so he cries, "Negative, negative!" Until the machine finally blows, taking Soundwave with it. The explosion could be seen from a mile away, the heroes watched the destruction of nemesis.

Adam steps forward and says, "Stay gone, this time."


Back at HQ, the three heroes were happy to see that another crisis had been averted. Even Nova came to this little celebration, he was surprised when he saw Rainbow Dash there.

"Rainbow?" he asked. The sports girl replied, "Do you know me?"

Nova thought it was time, he took off his helmet. Rainbow gasped when she saw the face of the boy she had a crush on, "Soarin?" she asked.

Adam thought it was brave for him reveal his identity, so he and Twilight did the same, and removed their masks.

The three of them decide to become a team, three super heroes stopping evil. I mean, three is better than one, right?