• Published 22nd Jan 2020
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Spiderman: Equestria's Hero (season 2) - Adamverse

It's been three months since the Crisis from Earth 1, Adam and Fluttershy have moved in together. However there not taking things any further.

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The Pilot

Author's Note:

Spiderman: Equestria's Hero is back.

With more chapters for the readers; I promise, this one will be longer.

Equestria's hero lifted the boxes into the apartment, they held all of Fluttershy's things. She and Adam were moving in with each other, with separate rooms of course. It took some convincing; a lot of convincing, but the Rainbooms finally excepted Adam as a hero. Especially after he saved them from Doctor Octopus; they all also promised not to tell anyone Adam's secret. The couple had been dating for three months now; however, they've only ever kissed and hung out together.

"Do you want some help with those boxes?" the sweet girl asked. But Adam shook his head and kindly replied, "No, I'm fine; I've got super-strength remember." Fluttershy then went over to the couch, she started looking through one of the boxes; during the search, a question came to her mind. "Adam; when Sunset used her powers to see your memories, she said you've seen terrible things. What were those things?" The boy didn't want to answer that, thinking about his past made bad memories come back.

The destruction of Cybertron, all the casualties during the war & all the friends he lost over the years. "I think you shouldn't ask about that Fluttershy, it's not worth talking about."

The girl did as instructed and changed the subject, "Are we taking things to far, by moving in together?" Adam was surprised at the new question, so he replied, "I don't think so; but you want to wait a bit longer, I won't be offended." The girl shook her head. They couple were happy together, Adam set next to Fluttershy on the couch and they shared a quick kiss.

All it took were the sirens coming from outside to break them up, "I betta go see what the problem is." The boy went into his room to change; Fluttershy didn't like it when he went to 'work', because she never knew if he was going to come back. But she knew that he had a responsibility, she was proud of Adam, for everything he's done. When the boy emerged from the room, fully suited up. Adam still had the same suit Rarity made for him, the one he saved them in; he said, "Wait for me?" Fluttershy answered, "Always."

Spiderman jumped out the window and began swinging through the streets.



Police cars was speeding to a massive crime scene; fire, explosions, the whole lot. All being caused by one man, "Rah!" he cried as he threw a car onto another. Shinning Armour stepped out the car and spoke into a mega-phone, "Alright, put your giant hands in the air or you will be put out of action by force." The causer of the destruction didn't listen, he just continued to throw cars away like play things.

When Spiderman arrived at the scene, he land on top of the captain's car, "What are we dealing with chief?" Spidey asked. Shinning Armour explained, "This lunatic is like a human wrecking ball, I need you to take him down." Adam nodded and leaped towards the destructor.

The beast of a man look at the small boy in the suit, "You're that Spider-Freak that stop the Scary Six, aren't you?"

Adam replied, "Yes, that's m.... Wait, the Scary Six? Is that what you guys are calling them?"

Before Adam got his answer, he was punched into the side of a car. The impact was so hard, that the police car dented like a soda can. "Ow." Adam mumbled as he recovered from the blow. The titan walked closer to the cops, they opened fire on him; however, the bullets bounce off him like balls of rubber.

The living wrecking ball shout so everyone could hear, "Don't you know who I am?!" Only Adam bravely replied, "No."

"I'm the Juggernaut, Bug!"

He then ran over the police cars and squashed them under his feet, Adam got up and web-swung after him.

The chase was on; any car that drove into Juggernaut's path was crashed out of the way, luckily there were no casualties. Adam had to stop him fast; so with one big web-blast, a giant web-net block the end of the street. It was made from the stickiest of Adam webbing.

However; Juggernaut was able to burst through the web like it was nothing. So Spidey kept on chasing after him, right up until he crashed into a bank.

The Juggernaut punches through the wall and into the vault, "The refreshing smell of mint." he said as he grabbed the money. He then laughed at his own statement as Spiderman swung into the building, "Stop right there, Log-Fingers."

Juggernaut heard Spidey's insult and ran out the vault, head first. Adam was to late to dodge and was bashed into the other wall, the villain laugh and ran off with the money.

Shinning Armour arrives at the bank and is not happy; he see's Spiderman recovering from the attack, "What happened? How'd he get away?" the captain cried. Adam sighed and started to swing away, not knowing what would happen next.


Later at the school; Adam was with Twilight in the computer lab.

"Come on Twilight, I need to know who this guy is." Adam explained. The smart girl searched the computer; she pulled up a map and explained, "All his attacks have been around this area." there was a spot marked on the map ever where Juggernaut struck.

"So what your saying is, I need to search this part of town?" Adam asked.

"Yes; if he's keeping his attacks local, then he should live around the circled area."

And ran out of the room like a bullet from a gun, Twilight sat there thinking, 'Your welcome?'


Spiderman swung through the streets, minding his own business; until his phone rang. "Go for Spidey." he answered.

"Adam; it's Fluttershy, just checking your okay."

"I'm fine, just looking for that big bad guy. I'll get pizza on my way home."

"Okay Adam, I love you."

"I love you too." then Adam politely hung up.

When Adam arrives at the part of town, he see's Juggernaut. The villain is stomping into an apartment, hold bags of money. "Oh no you don't." the hero says as he jumps down.

Spiderman land's in front of Juggernaut, "Hello there." he jokes. The brute puts the bags down and starts to crack his knuckles, "You should have stayed away Bug-Boy." Suddenly, Juggernaut punches Adam and sends him flying to the streets. Adam jumps up, only to see the giant man running straight for him. "Oh, not good." he says.

Spidey leaped on top of Juggernaut and tried to pull his helmet off, but the brute was trying to pull him off.

Adam was grabbed and thrown away, he landed on top of a car. Juggernaut ran towards him, but Adam thought fast; fired a web-grenade at his face. Once the villain was blinded, Spidey jumped on top of him and tried to pull the helmet of again. This time he succeeded; before it was removed, he cried, "Now let's see who you really are." the helmet came off his shoulders.

"Iron Bicep." Adam cried. Canterlot High's jock, Adam tied him in a giant web-net. Juggernaut fell to his knees, "My helmet, my powers!" he cried. Adam finished him with a strong kick to the face, knocking him out cold.

When the police arrived, it took 6 of them to lift him into the prisoner van. Adam leaped up tot eh roof tops to get a good look at the scene, "Old Juggy's going to Rykers. That was easier then I thought." Spidey swung his way home; a perfect end, to a not-so perfect day.


Watching the whole thing, something made notes on the fight.

"Subject Juggernaut, confirmed." he said in a computerised voice. A robot bird came flying in, carrying something in it's beak. It dropped the object into the creature's hand, "Raw energon shard, begin the next phase."

The creature placed the shard in the fuel container; and then muttered, "Megatron, will return."