• Published 22nd Jan 2020
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Spiderman: Equestria's Hero (season 2) - Adamverse

It's been three months since the Crisis from Earth 1, Adam and Fluttershy have moved in together. However there not taking things any further.

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The Fall Formal

Tonight was Canterlot High's most special occasion, the Fall Formal. This would be Adam's first one, him and Fluttershy were going to go together.

The couple were out shopping, buying outfits for the dance tonight, Rarity, Sunset and Applejack went with them. The store was about to close, but Rarity was to busy looking for ideas to notice everybody leaving the shop. "Rarity, let's go." Sunset said.

The fashion girl's attention was caught when her friend called her over, she joined the group and they all continued to walk through the mall. While they were walking, Adam's phone rang; he stopped quickly to answer it. "Hello." he said.

"You excited for the dance tonight? I know I am."

Adam recognised that voice, he replied, "What do you want?"

"For you to enjoy yourself tonight, it just might be your last party."

The creepy caller then hanged up, leaving the boy confused as to what he was talking about. He then re-joined his friends and their day continued as normal.

During the walk, the group passed a stage next to the entrance; on the stage, Trixie was trying to put on a show. "Behold the power of the great and powerful Trixie, I will summon and dragon." The audience watched as smoke emerged from the stage, and the shadow of a dragon appeared behind the curtain. The people were amazed, until someone behind the curtain tripped and pulled it down, revealing Snips and Snails holding a large dragon puppet.

The audience started laughing at Trixie, she got so mad, that she threw one of her magician explosives at the curtain. That was a bad move, the curtain caught fire and set the entire stage a blaze.

Some of the set-up came crashing down, it trapped a little girl underneath it. Adam ran off to change, people tried to help the girl but the fire prevented them from reaching her.

Spiderman returned to the scene, he saw the girl, her leg was trapped under the metal. He avoided the flames and reached her; using his strength, he lifted the set-up and threw it to the side. The held the injured girl in his arms and leaped to over the fire, the girl's parents were praying for her safe return.

Spidey landed in front of the parents, he handed them their daughter, an ambulance had arrived on the scene. As well as the fire department, Spiderman helped them by clearing the rubble. The men put out the fire and all was safe.

The police also confronted Trixie and her sidekicks, Spidey leaped in front of them as well. "What were you thinking?!" Shinning Armour demanded to know. Spiderman crossed his arms and shook his head, someone could have been killed because of Trixie's little stunt. Luckily for them, the police let them of with a warning, but Trixie was never aloud to perform again.

When all was finished, Spidey swung to the HQ to meet with his team.


At the headquarters, the girls were trying on their dresses, Adam was waiting in the control room.

Whilst getting dressed, the girls were all asking Fluttershy about Adam. "So Fluttershy, do you think this guy could be the one." Twilight asked. The kind girl instantly nodded her head, "Oh, most defiantly. He's kind, loyal, funny and all does his best to impress me."

Rainbow Dash still had her doubts about the boy, I mean, he does come from another dimension and he thought he had to hide behind a mask. However, sometimes the to of them have gotten along on some occasions.

During all the chatter, no one noticed a small, blue spider crawl out from the vent in the ceiling. The spider crawled down a web, it lowered it self onto Twilight's shoulder, I crawled up to the back of her neck. Once it caught the smell of her blood, the spider wasted no time biting into her skin. She felt the pain and swatted the spider off her neck, strange thing was, the pain from the bite was already gone.


Meanwhile, walking through town, Trixie was mad. She had been banned from doing the one thing she loved the most, performing. The show girl took a turn down an old alley way, where she ran into a figure in a cloak.

"Wait, my dear." the figure said.

"Who are you?" Trixie demanded. "What do you want with the great and powerful Trixie."

The figure replied with, "Great and powerful? You're a fraud. But I can give you real power."

Trixie was now interested, she listened to what the figure had to say. The cloaked man pulled something out from under his cloak, it was a helmet, a glass helmet.

"This is the source of incredible power, you can use it to become the master sorceress." Trixie took the helmet in her hands, when she saw her reflection in the glass, she saw a window of opportunity. But when Trixie looked back up, the cloaked figure was gone.

All the show girl knew was that this was her chance to get even with all the people who ever called her a fraud. She said, "The great and powerful Trixie with become the greatest sorceress in the world." she laughed like a maniac, her plan would take place at the Fall formal.


The night of the dance, the Rainbooms arrived in their limo, Adam had the honour of driving the limo to the dance. When they arrived, students were flocking into the school, some came with dates, some came with friends, some even came alone.

Adam parked the car, he stepped out and opened the door for the girls. Fluttershy was the last to leave the limo, she and the boy locked arms and walked inside.

This years Fall Formal was no different then the others, people were dancing, Pinkie Pie was at the food table & Celestia was getting ready to announce the princess of this years Fall Formal. The principle walked onto the stage and asked the music to be lowered down.

"Welcome students, to the Fall Formal. I'm sure your all excited to find out who this year's Fall Formal princess is. Here to help me announce the winner, is our school's very own magician, Trixie."

Trixie walked onto the stage, she stepped behind the podium and spoke into the microphone. "Welcome, ladies and gentlemen. I am proud to announce, that this year's winner is.... me!"

Trixie then threw her dress off, revealing a green suit underneath, a long purple cape was flowing behind her. Trixie turned to the podium and opened the secret compartment, she revealed the glass helmet inside. She fixed her hair before lowering the helmet over her head. Her hands began to glow, Trixie generated waves of strange energy around the room.

In a commanding voice, she demanded, "Bow before the might, of the brand new....Mysterio!"

Adam saw the new villain on the stage, "That's impossible." he muttered. Fluttershy was scared, so she hugged close to him. The Rainbooms all began to back away, the rest of the crowd ran for their lives, all of them leaving the school.

"Run in fear of my mighty power!" Mysterio cried.

Outside, Adam hiding in a bush, trying to change into his suit. "Come on, sleeve." he muttered. It took some time, but he finally got his suit on, he then ran back inside.

Celestia and Luna were hiding under a table, some of the students; including Sunset and Rarity, were also hiding. Spiderman barged into the room, Mysterio noticed the masked hero walk in, she said, "Welcome to your doom, Spiderman." Adam wasn't going to hit a girl, so he did his best to avoid her attacks.

Trixie started by blasting bolts of energy at Spidey, he dodged each on and repaid her by shooting a few web-shots. The web tied her arms to her sides, but her helmet was still glowing, a green smoke emerged from the corners of the room.

Adam noticed a scaly tail in the smoke, the boy turned around to see a large purple dragon snarling over him, "Whoa!" he cried. The dragon dropped it's head down and attempted to take a bite out of Adam. Spiderman rolled across the ground, everywhere he went, the dragon would drop it's jaws on Adam.

Spiderman tried to shoot webs at the dragon, but they just passed through him, as if it was made of the mist.

That's when Adam remembered something very stupid about Mysterio. Spidey scanned the room, the blasted taser webs at camera hooked onto the wall. The camera sparked and broke apart, with it's destruction, the dragon disappeared. Mysterio looked at the hero, she ripped apart the webs and continued to blast Spidey with her power. But when one blast finally hit Adam, he felt nothing, the plasma ball just passed right through him.

Adam looked at Trixie floating in the air, he said, "Let me guess." Spidey shot a web-line, it latched onto the curtain, the hero pulled the curtain down. Behind the curtain, Snips and Snails were hold onto rope, it seemed to be attached to Trixie's belt.

Spidey webbed the two block heads up, with no one holding the rope, Mysterio fell to the ground. Adam approached the villain and said, "As I thought. Once again, Mysterio, is just a make-believe magician." Trixie wen to attack Spiderman, but Adam just webbed her hands together. Trixie cried, "No, I was so close to everything. The money, the respect." Spidey pushed her to the podium and webbed her to it.

"Tell it to the cops, Trixie."


When the police arrived at the scene of the crime, Shinning Armour personally took Trixie to his car. But he was stopped by Spiderman, he wanted to aske her somethings.

"One; where'd you get the helmet? Two; how'd you know about the name Mysterio?"

Trixie explained, "Strange man approached me in the street, he gave me the helmet and the name 'Mysterio' was written on the card that cam with it." Once the little interrogation was done, the captain took Trixie away. She was heading for a cell at Rykers. As for Snips and Snails, they were given warnings by he police and a few months of detention by Vice-Principle Luna.

Adam changed back into his tuxedo and met the Rainbooms in the car park. Twilight stated, "Well that could have gone better." The gang decided to call it a night, everyone went home.


When she got home, Twilight looked in her mirror, she saw the bite on her neck.

The night, she felt strange, she would of thrown up if she hadn't already passed out. During the night, she had terrible dreams, worst than the ones about Midnight Sparkle. Each dream had something to do with spiders, as if the spider bite taking control of her mind.

When she woke up the next morning, she discovered she fell on the floor during the night. When she got up, she looked in her mirror and go a real shock.

Her arm muscles had grown, felt stronger, like she could lift a car. The she looked in her mirror, she saw she wasn't wearing her glasses, she could clearer than the day.

What was happening to her, something strange was going on. Right now, there was only one person she could talk to about this.