• Published 22nd Jan 2020
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Spiderman: Equestria's Hero (season 2) - Adamverse

It's been three months since the Crisis from Earth 1, Adam and Fluttershy have moved in together. However there not taking things any further.

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Party Tonight

Driving through the streets of Canterlot, a limo was cruising through the streets. Contained within the limo were three student's from Crystal Prep, with one other person. "Please let me go." the hostage begged. The driver turned back and said, "This is Captain Blue Blood speaking, you just won a free ticket to the 'get dumbed in the street' club. You interested?"

"Blue, what's this guy's name again?" one Blue Blood's friend's asked.

"Micro Chips or something, I don't know. But who cares."

"And are you sure he can't hear us?" Micro Chips was blindfolded and was wearing a helmet so he couldn't hear anything, they also duck-taped horns on the helmet to make him look stupid.

Later that day, they pulled over to grab a snack. While Blue Blood was grabbing his food, he friend said, "This'll show geeks like him, there not worthy to be in are group."

"Guys, I'm getting loser-sickness." the other guy said from the car.

"Sorry Tick Tock, your on geek patrol." Micro Chips was trying to brake the tape holding his wrists together; he muttered, "I am so sick of this sort of thing." He moves forward; crawling through the car, into the drivers seat.

"Blue, he's squirming around back here." Tick Tock explained as he stepped out the car. But Blue Blood shrugged his shoulders, "He's not going anywhere." Micro Chips found the hand brakes with his foot on the pedal, he suddenly sped off into the streets. "Um, wrong." Tick Tock muttered. Blue Blood was mad, that was a rented limo.

Micro Chips was still blindfolded, and he was driving through the streets. Luckily, the driving caught the attention of a nearby web-swinger. Adam heard the crashing and swung to the scene.

When Spiderman landed on the hood of the car, he looked through the front window. "What's wrong with the subway?" he joked. Adam then noticed Micro Chips unconscious from all the bashing about, so he punched through the glass and grabbed the steering wheel. "Let's see; I'm backwards, so turning left would be..." he was cut off when they went crashing into a construction site. The car was on a direct course into a pit of concrete.

The limo flew off the edge, plummeting into the liquid rock. Adam leaped to the back of the car and crawled in through the back, he had to get Micro' out before the car sank. When the typed up boy awoke, he realised his situation, "What? Where am I?" Luckily, Adam reached him just in time. He pulled Micro Chips out the car and began crawling up a web with him on his back.

Blue Blood and his friends arrived at the scene, but so did the police. The cops held everyone back, Adam brought Micro Chips to them for first aid. The hero set the boy down next to a car, he was shaking in fear, "Are you okay? Any idea who did this to you?" All Micro' did was slam his fist on the ground in anger.



Two days later; it a was a normal school day, Adam was walking through the halls with Fluttershy by his side. The couple were interrupted when Rainbow Dash came speeding past, holding a bit of paper. "Guys, guys, guys!" she cried.

Fluttershy turned her head to greet her friend, "What's wrong Dashy?" But the blue girl had to catch her breath, then she explained the problem. "Tonight; at Crystal Prep, their holding the best dance party of the season. And Canterlot High students are invited." Both Adam and Fluttershy were shocked, their school never gets invited to Crystal Prep parties.

"I don't trust it, their all just a bunch of know-it-all's." Adam stated. The rest of the Rainbooms then joined them, they were also talking about the party. "Are you guys going?" Sunset asked. Fluttershy nodded, but Adam wasn't sure. He then flash backed to what happen at the last party he was at.

He was having fun until he found out Doctor Doom had arranged the party to trap all the superheroes. On the plus side, they did discover who Doom was when they beat him. Turns out Doctor Doom's a girl.

"So what do you say Adam?" Rarity asked. Adam shook his head, "I can't, I have to patrol tonight." he begins to walk away. "What if I come late?"

"He's not coming." Applejack states.

"I am."

"He's so not coming." Sunset says.

"I can hear you."

Fluttershy states, "When it comes to Adam, 'might' means..." All the Mane 7 said this at the same time, "Never." Adam shouts back to them, "Hello, I said I'm coming. What am I, invisible."


Adam was grabbing coffee from the stand; suddenly, Micro Chips walked past. "Hey Micro." Adam said. "You okay? I heard what happened."

"Then you should know I'm not okay." he replied. "Sorry, it's just I'm always the target when it comes to these situations." Adam understood; back on Earth 1, he used to get picked on before he got his powers. However, Adam never had it as bad as this.

They both started talking as they wandered down the street, until the ran into some familiar faces. "Wow, there's a guy who knows how to do cool." Micro' approached the guy who kidnapped him two days ago.

"Can I help you?" Blue Blood asked. Micro Chips muttered a little before introducing himself, "I'm Micro Chips, I've been wanting to join your gang." The group started to circle him, Blue Blood realised that Micro' didn't know it was him that nearly sank him in concrete; he could use this to his advantage.

"Micro Chips; you look like just the thing that my social group needs. Be sure to come to the party tonight, we can see if your worthy to join." Blue Blood explained. Micro' smiled, "I'll be there man."

Adam was concerned, he knew from the girls that Blue Blood was no good. So he left Micro Chips talking and wandered of home.


That night, Fluttershy was ready to go out; she turned to her boyfriend and said, "You sure you don't want to come now?" Adam shook his, "I just need the all clear signal from the captain, it'll tell me on my police scanner. I don't know if I'm gonna make it."

Fluttershy approached him and wrapped her arms around him, "You don't go, then maybe I shouldn't go." she stated. The boy quickly disagreed and said, "No way, you deserve to have a little fun." She smiled at him and quickly kissed him before heading to the door.

"Bye Adam, I love you." Adam replied, "I love you too, have the time of your life." he waved as she was about to leave. However, before she left, she said one more thing. "By the way, I've got $25 riding on you showing up. If you don't come, then I owe Rainbow Dash money." Adam smirked and Fluttershy left.


At Crystal Prep, the party was off the hook. People dancing, drinking punch by the snack table & more and more guests started flocking in. The Mane 7 arrived at the party, Rainbow was the first to speak, "Is this party cool or what?!" the girls all started to enjoy themselves by dancing, all except Twilight and Sunset; they decided to go over to the snack table.

"Hey, who's that over there." Sunset asked. Twilight replied, "That's Micro Chips, he goes to are school."

Micro' was dancing slightly in the corner, he stopped when he saw someone across the room. Derpy, the girl he had a crush on. She was talking to her friends when she noticed him looking at her, she blushed as he was about to go talk to her. Before the boy could move, someone grabbed his shoulder, "Micro Chips." the figure in the cloak said. "You have been summoned to the Crystal Counsel, follow me."

Micro was brought into a dark room, he was surrounded by people in cloaks holding candles. Blue Blood approached him, also wearing a cloak. "Micro Chips; you are surrounded by the brothers of the Crystal Counsel, you have chosen to see if you may join. Do you understand?" Micro' nodded, "Yes I understand."

"Brothers." Blue Blood continued. "What is your judgement?" The cloaked figures raised their arms in front of them, holding their thumbs straight; sadly, their thumbs went down. "What?" Micro' questioned. Blue Blood ordered, "Begin the rejection ceremony." The cloaked men blew out their candles.

When someone flipped the lights on, Micro' was up against a wall; the cloaked figures were staring right at him, holding paintball guns. Blue Blood muttered, "Poor you." After those words; the group opened fire, blasting Micro Chips with paint. Left and right he was shot, each blast was very painful. He couldn't take it, so he ran out of the room; but that was a mistake.

When Micro' ran into the other room, he was laughed at by everyone in on the dance floor; the only ones not laughing were the Rainbooms and Derpy. Micro Chips was furious, "I hope you all pay what you've done." with those words, he ran outside and started running down the streets.


"I'm so stupid." Micro' cried as lightning flashed in the sky. "Oh gosh, I'm so stupid!" he wandered down an alley, he looked up and saw a billboard. Micro Chips used the ladder and climbed up to get a better look at it; the billboard was glowing, being powered by a junction box. It read, 'Be Yourself.' but that's not how Micro felt. Something on the floor caught his eye; it was a small glowing rock, a shard of energon. The boy stared at the rock and muttered, "I wish, I could make them pay."

Micro Chips threw the shard at the billboard, it got caught in the electrical current; that's when his wish was granted. The power began to fade as it sparked and buffered. The sign suddenly exploded, sending Micro' flying threw the air. He was then unlucky enough to cross paths with a lightning bolt, that added the electricity from the sign; the power of the energon and electrical power mutated his body.

Into something terrifying....

Micro could feel power flowing through him, he hovered in the air and floated towards Crystal Prep. When he saw the school, his eyes glowed in anger.


Adam was walking back and forth in his apartment, muttering to himself, "Why can't I just be cool, go to parties like everyone else?" he says while he's walking on the ceiling. "Because I'm not like everyone else." He jumps back down to the floor.

"I bet the Justice League get to go to parties." Adam stairs out the window, trying to decide what to do. "Would the world come to an end if Spiderman to one lousy night off?" On cue, a scream was heard from the streets. "Okay, made your point."

Adam changed into his suit and swung down to the party.


All the students of both Crystal Prep and Canterlot High were dancing around the hall, when suddenly the lights went out. They all stopped in their tracks; Sunset cried, "What the hay?!" The front door began to spark, and the it exploded open. They were all shocked to see a creature made out of electricity flying into the room, Blue Blood asked, "What is that?" But the creature replied, "Not 'what', 'who'." he then looked down at the one who humiliated him.

Micro' narrowed his glowing eyes, released a blast of 250 volts. The electricity blasted Blue Blood, lifting him in the air; he screamed in pain as the power surged through his body.

Derpy ran up to the creature and cried, "No! Please stop!" When she grabbed Micro's foot, she got a shock of electricity; knocking her unconscious. Micro' reached out to her and said, "No, I didn't mean to." then his anger took over again. "YOU TURNED ME INTO THIS!" he then blasted another surge of energy at Blue Blood.

The power was strong, he was flung out the window. Micro flew out the door to meet him; before his eyes glowed again, Micro' said, "Poor you." Blue Blood knew he was done for, Micro was ready to charge him with a another surge; but....

"It's lights out time, static man" Adam blasted Micro's hands with webs, sealing them in web-nets. Spiderman jumped down to a lamppost, an hung upside down from a web-line. Micro' channelled all his power to his hands and made the webs burst; Adam joked, "Cute trick, where were you during the black out." The electrical creature released a large blast which sent Adam fling into Principle Cadence's office, she screamed when he flew in.

Adam got up and said, "Sorry." he then leaped back outside. Micro got mad when he saw that Blue blood got away, he began blasting everything in site. Spidey landed on the floor, and fired a web-line at his feet; "You are grounded." he stated.

When Micro' was pulled tot he ground, it was like his power was being drained; his body was becoming thinner and he electricity turned yellow. "In more ways than one." Adam said. But Micro' couldn't take much more of this, he grabbed the web and turned it into a life wire. Adam was shocked and sent flying again, Micro was still weak and needed a way to recharge; so he flew up to the power lines.

He ripped one in half, the electrical current charged him back to full power. Micro Chips decided to give himself a new name, "I'm....am...Zzzax!!" He once again blasted everything in site with electricity.

"Excuse me." Zzzax turned to his left and got a strong punch to his face. Adam shook his fist, "Seriously, ow!" he cried. He then leaped over to meet Zzzax on the roof, Spidey turned him so they were facing each other; that's when Adam recognised him. "Oh my gosh, Micro Chips. What's happened to you?"

Micro muttered, "They don't understand me, they don't know."

"Micro, you can't do this to innocent people."

"No one is innocent, NO ONE!" Zzzax released a large EMP blast, shutting down anything electrical within 3 miles.

Adam had to stop this before anyone else got hurt, so he jumped on Zzzax and they both fell to the ground. Spiderman had one chance, "Micro' listen to me. I know what it's like to be given powers, and to be scared." But Zzzax was to angry to listen, "No...you...don't!"

Adam jumped off him and web-grabbed a sewer lid, and he swung towards a fire hydrant. The water came flowing out, blasting Zzzax to the wall; when the water stopped, Adam walked closer.

The villain tried to get up and he muttered, "Blue Blood, needs to pay." Adam replied to him, "That may be. But this is the wrong way Micro'." Zzzax couldn't stay awake any longer, he fell unconscious; the police finally arrived. Everyone from the party was standing by the door, they saw the whole fight.

Fluttershy nudged Rainbow Dash, "He showed, you owe $25." she said.

Shinning Armor and his men wore insulation suits, they carried Micro Chips into the transport van. Adam swung back to his apartment, his work was done.


When Fluttershy got home that night, she saw Adam on the couch; watching the news. She sat next to him and greeted him by wrapping her arms around him, "You could have stayed for a bit, we didn't even get to dance together." Adam then had an idea, he played some music from the radio.

"May I have that dance now?" He extended his hand to the girl. She grasped it and replied, "You may."

She stood up and they both started slow dancing to the music, they enjoyed the company of each other. A good memory came to Adam's mind, "You know; the first time you said you loved me, was when we were slow dancing." She looked up and their eyes met in a gaze.

"And then you replied with this." Fluttershy stated before locking her lips with his. For the rest of the evening, they danced away to the music; nothing could destroy this moment between them.