• Published 22nd Jan 2020
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Spiderman: Equestria's Hero (season 2) - Adamverse

It's been three months since the Crisis from Earth 1, Adam and Fluttershy have moved in together. However there not taking things any further.

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Hashtag: Crime

"Here comes Spidey, swinging on the rooftops. No one's in trouble, no crime to stop." Adam was swinging his way to school, the Rainbooms were going to meet him there.

However, the hero heard sirens down the road, his school day would have to wait. The police were chasing a get away car through the streets, it was crashing through everything in it's path. Four criminals were in the car, one was a girl, wearing a purple and white jumpsuit.

The weirdly dressed girl was speaking into her camera phone, "What is up party people, I'm here life with my... co-workers. Trying to catch the attention of a certain spider." On cue, Spiderman landed on the hood of the car, causing the driver to steer out of control. Adam leaps round the back, and webs the car; with all his strength, he pulls the car to a halt.

The three male crooks step out the car, they looked like they were ready for a fight.

Spidey begins by kicking one straight in the stomach, he falls to the ground in pain. The other two try to grab him, but end up getting lifted into the air and thrown onto the first guy. When the bad guys are down, Adam ties them in a web-net, leaving just the girl to deal with.

The girl steps out the car, she hold the camera phone up to Spiderman, "Look folks, Spidey's already done with my team. Guess he wins the grand prize."

All Adam could ask was, "Who are you, exactly?"

"Call me, Screwball." she replied.

Adam's heart sank, could it be? Spidey webbed her helmet and yanked it off, revealing her face. "No, tell me it's not her." he cried. But it was, in this dimension; Screwball, the pony who Adam had watched grow up ever since she was nine, was a criminal. Screwball pulled something from her pocket, a smoke bomb; when the smoke went off, she ran away from the scene. Spiderman would have chased after her, but, he couldn't."


Later, at the HQ, Spiderman was sitting quietly in the control room. Sunset walked past and saw the boy sitting alone, she went in to talk to him.

"Adam, what are you doing sitting alone?" she asked. "You've been in a mood ever since you got back from stopping those car wreckers." Adam turned to the girl and sighed.

"That girl who was vlogging the whole event, I've scene her before." he explained. "I know her, she's my friend. I know her as a pony back in Dimension 1; it kills me inside to find out that in this dimension, she's a criminal."

Sunset understood his pain, seeing a friend, but it not being who you think it is. She placed her hand on his shoulder, she sat next to him and explained, "You have to remember one thing, it's not the Screwball you know. Just because she might be a criminal in this dimension, doesn't mean that she's destined to become evil in your dimension."

Adam understood, so he had to stop this, Screwball; luckily, he still had her helmet from earlier. He placed the helmet in a machine that scanned DNA, it instantly got a match.

The machine pulled up and image on the screen, showing the history of Screwball.

"Okay, she's about our age, she's been in and out of juvie for the past 5 years." Adam explained. Sunset noticed a newspaper article, about a criminal serving time at Rykers. "Who's that?" she asked. Adam looked at the photo in the paper. "That's Discord Draconaquus, he called himself the Lord of Chaos back in the day. He would use his pranks to commit crimes all over town."

Adam felt more pain inside, now Discord was a criminal too. Adam read the newspaper head-line, "Lord of Chaos now behind bars. However, his sidekick/daughter is still on the loose."

"I think it's time to pay Discord a visit." Sunset stated.


At the prison, Spidey had to swing through security, he landed by the window that peered into Discord's cell. Adam tapped on the bars to get the crook's attention.

"Excuse me Discord?"

The prisoner got off his bed and looked out his window, "Well, well, well, I finally get the honour of meeting the Spectacular Spiderman." Discord grinned in a creepy way. "What do you want?"

"Your daughter has been causing chaos all over the city, where is she hiding out?" Spidey demanded to know. However, all Discord did was laugh at Spiderman's statement.

Spiderman didn't have time for this, so he didn't waist any more time and just swung off. Once Adam was gone, Discord turned to the poster on the wall, he laughed and ripped it off the wall. When it was gone, a hole was revealed, Screwball was digging through it. When she crawled into the cell, she said, "Daddy." she wrapped her arms around her father.

Once they let go of each other, Discord said, "Time to show this city a good time."