• Published 22nd Jan 2020
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Spiderman: Equestria's Hero (season 2) - Adamverse

It's been three months since the Crisis from Earth 1, Adam and Fluttershy have moved in together. However there not taking things any further.

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Venomous: The Venom Bomb

Author's Note:

I'm afraid this season will be finished soon, meaning the Spiderman: Equestria's Hero will continue when/if season 3 comes out.

So I hope you enjoy how I'm going to complete this season; I also hope you want me to make season 3, because I want to. But I won't do unless you tell me in the comments.

The next day; Spiderman arrived at HQ, Sunset, Twilight and Rainbow were waiting for him there.

When the hero walked into the room, Twilight explained an idea that she had come up with for defeating Venom. "If we created some kind of bomb, one that was only dangerous to symbiotes; then we could use it to destroy Venom, and his children."

Sunset replied, "The only problem is, to know what kind of explosive we'll need; we'll need a piece of a symbiote to test it on." Adam thought about where he could find a sample, but then he remembered that the only sample he could get was locked away in a Sable base. Spidey stated, "The only way we can get a sample; is for me to take down another one of Venom's minions before Sable can get them first. Once Silver Sable has them in her custody, we'll never get the sample."

The team had to think of a plan, but the thoughts were interrupted by an incoming news report. The four of them turned their attention to the TV monitor, and gasped at the report.

The reporter explained, "We received this message from one of the creatures that have taken the city hostage, he appears to have taken a high school girl hostage." The reporter then played the video message, it showed Anti-Venom in a chemicals factory.

"Spiderman! I have one of your friends." he moved the camera to show Rarity, chained up over a vat of acid. "Meet me at this chemicals plant in one hour, or I pull this lever and she's lowered into the vat. Don't keep me waiting." When the villain finished, the video turned to static.

Adam suited up and prepared to head out into battle; meanwhile, Twilight went to her lab to begin working on the bomb. If Adam defeats Anti-Venom, he'll take a sample of the symbiote to help make the bomb.

Before Adam left, he pulled Rainbow Dash to the side and spoke to her about something. "Rainbow, I need you to go to my apartment and watch Fluttershy for me. Venom knows who I am, I don't want her harmed." The Speedster replied, "No problem, Spidey. She'll be safe with me watching her."

With that cleared up, Adam put on his mask and leaped out the window and swung to the chemical factory.


Meanwhile, at a Sable outpost; the soldiers had turned an underground tunnel system into their own private headquarters. Within a laboratory, Dylan AKA Toxin, was strapped to an operating table. The symbiote human was confused on why he was here, and not in his holding cell.

As he wandered the reason for this, Silver Sable walked in, followed by a man wearing a lab coat. The man was carrying a bag, inside was what he called his 'tools'.

'Sable explained, "This is Dr Snyde; he will be running some test on you." As the doctor was setting up, Silver Sable left them both alone. This doctor had been fired from Rich Industries, his protects were deemed 'inhuman'; so Sable hired him to run some tests on the symbiotes.

Snyde explained, "My employer recons there is some secrets about your kind that we can learn from you. My former employers said my tactics were inhuman; lucky for me, your not all human."

The doctor pulled out a syringe out of his bag, it was filled with a strange yellow liquid; Snyde injected the liquid into Dylan's arm, the pain made him growl. No one was going to stop this guy, so Dylan could just take and not try to resist.


Anti-Venom was standing in an alley outside the chemicals plant, a nearby clock tower showed that time was up; and Spiderman wasn't here. So the symbiote decided to try and see if he was hiding, "Spiderman, come out and play." he growled.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Adam leaped down and landed on Anti-Venom's head; knocking him to the ground. "Tag." Spidey stated as he leaped of the villain.

When the symbiote got back up, he said, "You may have beaten Toxin, but I'm the real challenge." Using his camouflage, Anti-Venom disappeared into stealth mode. Adam had to rely on his spider-sense to win this, so he waited for Anti-Venom to make his move.

"Mhmm, brains. Yummy." the villain said as he reappeared behind the wall crawler. Spiderman turned and fired an Impact-Web at him, the webbing caught him in his tracks. With the opening, Adam ran to his enemy and started punching and kicking him. But when the webbing came loose, Anti-Venom broke free and punched the hero away; the symbiote then disappeared again, leaving Adam waiting for him to strike again.

This time when the villain appeared, Spidey was caught of guard; the villain delivered and strong punch to Adam's stomach, forcing him to fall to the ground. After the blow, Anti-Venom disappeared again.

Spiderman got back up, only to be pushed around by the invisible monster; when he reappeared, Anti-Venom threw another strong punch, knocking Adam down. The symbiote didn't disappear this time, he saw no reason to; so he approached the fallen hero. "It's a shame, I kinder thought you'd be more of a challenge for me." the villain picked Adam up by his head and held him up.

"What part of you should I eat first." the creature asked, licking his jaw. All the hero could mutter was, "How... about... my fist!!" Adam suddenly punched Anti-Venom directly in the jaw; three of his symbiote teeth shattered after the blow. The villain dropped Adam and stumbled back; Spidey fired another Impact-Web at him, trapping him in the stop he stood in. Spiderman once again started punching and kicking him on the spot, the final punch knocked him to the ground.

When the fight was over, Adam approached the creature; only to be knocked back when he broke out of the web. Anti-Venom ran to the plant's entrance and smashed through the door; Spiderman started swinging through the destroyed door and ran after him.


At the home of our hero, Fluttershy answered the knock she received from the door. Her friend Rainbow Dash, was waiting for her; Rainbow explained, "Adam told me to keep an eye on you while this whole thing is going on, he doesn't these creatures coming after you." Fluttershy understood her boyfriends concern, so she let her friend in.

While Rainbow was there, the two of them watched the news; a report was on about Spiderman catching one of the symbiotes and that it was being held at a Sable base.

The reporter explained, "The creature is being held in a facility operated by the protection force, known as Sable International. We have no intel on what is happening to the creature, but the rumours say, it's being used to create weapons for Sable. Turning it from a peace keeping task force, to a new terrorist group; and with Silver Sable leading them, the daughter of known crime boss, Silvermane. Any outcome could appear."

The two friends were concerned, the last thing this city needed was a threat bigger than the symbiotes. All they could hope was that Adam and the others could stop this before it gets out of hand.


Deep within the chemicals plant, Adam found Rarity hanging by a chain, over a vat of acid. "Spiderman, help me!" she cried. When suddenly, Anti-Venom appeared on top of one of the taller vats; he said, "Sorry your friend can't talk, she's in the bath right now." The villain fired a symbiote web at the lever on the control panel, the chain started to extend, lowering Rarity into the acid.

As Anti-Venom disappeared, Adam had to stop the chain. He ran over to the controls, and tried to stop it; but the symbiote reappeared and punched him away. Adam muttered, "Guess I'll have to fight my way through you."

As the chain continued to lower Rarity down, Spiderman and Anti-Venom got into another epic brawl.

Spidey started by firing a Taser-Web at the villain, the electric shock stunned him for a minute; Adam leaped towards him and started punching and kicking him to the ground. But when Anti-Venom recovered, he tried to claw at the hero, but Adam leaped out of the way.

Spidey tried a different approach, he leaped into the air and started swinging around the room. On the final swing, he held his legs and kicked Anti-Venom in the face. Once he was stunned, Spiderman shot a web-line at him and pulled him forward; Adam delivered and strong punch to his face, knocking him away.

Once the threat was out of the way, Adam noticed that Rarity was inches away from the acid; he fired a web-line at the lever and stopped the chain. Spiderman turned back to Anti-Venom; like Toxin, the symbiote dissolved back into his body when he knew he was defeated. So Spidey trapped him there with an Impact-Web, the got his friend down.

Once she was safe, Sable agents crashed through the door and held up their weapons. "Don't move Spiderman, step away from the hostage." the leading one ordered. "Darn it." Adam said; the boy then web-swung out the window, Rarity understood and went with the Sable agents. They also took Anti-Venom into their custody.


When Adam got home that night, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy were still watching the news. He sat down with them to see what the report was about; when he sat, Fluttershy rested her head on his shoulder, so he wrapped her arm around her.

The news reporter stated, "Sable International have captured another one of the creatures that have taken the city hostage; and have also rescued the hostage that was taken by this creature earlier today. Silver Sable has also branded Spiderman as new target for Sable, saying 'He is in league' with these creatures. Spiderman is now wanted for questioning by Sable; and they say he'll be, I quote Sable 'shot on site' if he tries to escape or interfere with their operations."

"I don't believe this!" Adam states. "These people just walk into the city like they own it. And say I'm the enemy." Fluttershy stood up and hugged him, "It's okay Adam, we'll get through this."

Adam replied, "Its not just the fact that these guys are after Spiderman, what if they find out who I am? Is there a future for us if I'm on the run from Sable." With Rainbow Dash sitting and watching, Fluttershy explains, "Like I said, we'll get through this. Together."

The couple then kissed on the lips, Adam's bad thoughts suddenly went away as he held her close to him. Venom was going to be stopped.