• Published 22nd Jan 2020
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Spiderman: Equestria's Hero (season 2) - Adamverse

It's been three months since the Crisis from Earth 1, Adam and Fluttershy have moved in together. However there not taking things any further.

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Spring Break: Part 1

The Mane 7 were on a yacht, sailing across the ocean. Adam was there, Fluttershy thought he could use a break from all the work he's been doing. The Rainbooms took this break while builders were building their new HQ, it would be finished by the time they got back. Adam didn't like leaving the city though, however, he decided to enjoy himself; while it lasted.

"This is amazing. It's going to be better than last time." Twilight explained. Adam turned to her and asked, "What happened last time?" None of the girls decided to answer, it was not the finest moment.

The girls split up for the day; Fluttershy and Adam strolled off to the petting zoo, Rainbow and Applejack hit the ping-pong tables, Twilight and Sunset walked along the deck, Pinkie went straight too the buffet & Rarity checked out the shops. They all had no idea that danger was lurking on the ship.


Twilight and Sunset walked along the yacht, looking for activities. When Sunset turned her head, she saw something on the walls. "Hey Twilight, are those.... scorch marks?" the science girl looked at the marks on the wall, as something burnt the wallpaper off. Along the wall, the marks left a trail down the hall; the girls decided to follow it.

When the marks came to an end, the turned a corner; what they saw could not be described.

It was a man, made out of lava; he was dripping molten stone on the floor, creating the scorches. "Who or what is that?" Sunset asked. The two girls decide to walk away, they had to tell the rest of the gang.


Fluttershy and Adam were wandering down to the petting zoo, until she stopped them both. "Adam?" Fluttershy asked. "Are you enjoying yourself?" the boy nodded and place his hand the side of her face. "I'm always happy when I'm with you." he said.

The power of their love was so strong, Adam couldn't wait until they were older; then he ask to spend the rest of his life with her. The couple continued to walk together, they slowly walked as Fluttershy rested her head Adam shoulder as they locked arms. The boy thought, 'Nothing could ruin this week, he could have some time to spend with the girl he loves.'

The couple then ran into Sunset and Twilight, they were both panting from running so fast. "What's wrong girls?" Fluttershy asked. The two girls tried to explain what they saw, "We saw a man, or creature, made out of lava. He was wandering the halls of the ship. I know it sounds crazy but..."

The was cut off when Adam put his hand out, "Sunset, I've battled werewolves and electricity monsters. Also I'm dating the girl who I've always known as a Pegasus. Nothing sounds crazy to me anymore." Adam explained. The sun girl started over, "We saw a man, made out of lava." Fluttershy gasped and Adam sighed.

The boy muttered, "One day, that's all I ask. One day when I can spend time with my girlfriend." However; Adam had a duty, to protect the people of this world. He told Sunset and Twilight to say with Fluttershy, and he ran in the direction the girls came from. During his run, he threw his clothes off, revealing his suit underneath.


Rarity was carrying her bags, she had bought so much stuff; she was about to run into a familiar face.

"Well, ain't this a bit of luck." as voice said from behind her. "Rarity, is that you?" The fashion girl turns around, dropping her bags when she sees her old crush, "Raggamuffin, it's been forever." The sailor boy helped pick her bags up, their hands met when they went for the same one. They both looked up, there was a bit of awkward silence. Rarity decided to say something, "How have you been?" but the boy just looked into her eyes. The two stood up, Raggamuffin grabbed the bags and they took a walk together.

During the walk, Rarity looked towards him; she really liked this one. "Rarity?" the boy said as he stopped in his tracks. "Meet me in the boiler room, ten minutes." Before the girl could respond, the sailor boy dashed off.

Meanwhile; Adam was crawling along the side of the ship, looking for anything not right. All he saw was the sea, and a seagull that didn't like him, the bird tried to peck him. So the boy swung to where he was keeping his clothes, got them and went to find the girls; let them know, nothing was wrong.

Somewhere else on the yacht, Applejack and Rainbow Dash were going head to head in a ping-pong game. "Your serve." the cyan girl stated. The farm girl dropped the ball and batted it at Rainbow, but she hit it straight back. The spent twenty minutes hitting the ball back and forth, until they were joined by Pinkie Pie, holding a lot of dinner plates. "Hey guys." the pink girl greeted. She stayed and watched them play for a while, not knowing danger was coming.


Rarity walks into the boiler room of the ship, there was sign on the door saying 'Keep out, staff only', but someone had left the door open. She wandered down the metal stairs, they clanked whenever she stepped.

She heard voices from around the corner, there she saw Raggamuffin by a pile of something under a tarp. "Rarity, come here." the sailor boy motioned her to come closer. When they were close together, the boy pulled something from his pocket; a diamond neckless. "Oh Raggamuffin." Rarity said. "It's beautiful."

He smiled at he statement, "That's good, because I got it for you." Rarity turned around and let Raggamuffin put it on her. The neckless looked great, then the boy moved closer to the tarp. When she turned to him, he pulled the tarp off, revealing a pile of gold & diamonds; Rarity was shocked. "What do you think?" Raggamuffin asked. All the girl could ask was, "What is all this?"

"I got this for you." he explained. "I heard you like shiny things." The boy had one thing to show her, he took her hand and raised his other. "Watch." he said. With that word, his hand caught fire; Rarity nearly screamed, nut Raggamuffin stopped her. "It's okay." he said. "I can control it." Rarity asked. "How are you doing that?" That's when he told the story about this......

'I was filling the furnace with coal, when in the pile, I saw a glowing rock. It shined like your eyes, I thought it was fuel, so I threw it in the furnace. Once I did that, the fire grabbed my hand, I felt the power surge through me. That day, I was blessed with incredible power. And your the first person I've shown...'

Rarity could process this, "You stole all this treasure?" she asked.

"For you, my dear."


"To impress you, you would go for someone who works in a boiler room. I love you Rarity."

She gasped at his last statement; then replied, "I'm sorry Raggamuffin. But I can't love a thief." These words made Raggamuffin mad. "Do you know how much I sacrificed for you?!" he cried. Rarity was a little scared of him, his hands caught fire again, as did the rest of his body.

"No one rejects my feelings, I'm Molten Man!"

The fashion girl screamed and then ran up the stairs and out the door, the flaming boy followed her, with anger in his eyes.


Adam found Fluttershy, Sunset & Twilight sitting in the diner; he the saw the other girls join them. All were there except Rarity, who came screaming through the door moments later.

"Ah!" the girl cried as she crashed through the door. The others tried to calm her down, but they screamed themselves when they saw what was chasing her. Adam asked, "Is that your lava man?" Sunset nodded. Everyone ran out the diner, Molten Man was determined to find Rarity.

The new villain looked at the Rainbooms....

What happens next?