• Published 22nd Jan 2020
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Spiderman: Equestria's Hero (season 2) - Adamverse

It's been three months since the Crisis from Earth 1, Adam and Fluttershy have moved in together. However there not taking things any further.

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Goblin Nation: A Break

Adam and Fluttershy had gone back to HQ, Spidey had just explained the situation to the other girls; the Rainbooms now had a faint idea who this goblin-guy is.

Rarity asked, “Is this another villain from you past, darling?” Adam nodded, he looked at them and explained, “But he died, the Goblin died during our last battle.” Sunset was concerned, she thought about what could have happened, but she didn’t want to jump to any conclusions.

The team decided to call it a day, they all went home for a while, and Adam had a lot to think about.

Just a Pinkie Pie was about to leave, she noticed something in Twilight’s lab. Being the curious one she is, she went to look.

Within the lab, on a table in to centre of the room, was a cylinder of liquid energon. Probably salvaged from Soundwave’s machine, when he was defeated last month; but that didn’t explain what Twilight was doing with the liquid.

Pinkie was about to touch the energon, until Applejack and Rainbow Dash walked into the room. “What are you doing, Pinkie?” Rainbow asked.

“I was just wondering what Twilight was doing with this blue stuff.” Pinkie explained. Applejack walked over to Pinkie, she said, “Sugarcube, you can’t these touch these thin…” she stopped she knocked the table. The cylinder tipped over, it was about to splash on Applejack, but Rainbow pushed her out the way.

The raw energon splashed onto Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash, expecting the worst, Applejack cover her eyes; but nothing happened.

The cowgirl looked at her friends, they were glowing; but then the feeling went away. “Are you two okay?” Applejack asked. Rainbow replied, “Yeah, I actually feel great.” The three of them decided to leave before anyone caught them, they said not talk about just happened.


Back at home, Fluttershy was sitting on her couch, Adam was in the bathroom; brushing his teeth. The girl was thinking about her relationship, she was going to ask Adam something.

When Adam stepped into the living room, Fluttershy started to talk. “Adam, this relationship. I think it should be tested, you know?”

Adam replied, “No. I don’t know.”

“We spend a lot of time together, we need to prove to ourselves that we can survive without each other. We need to spend some time apart.” She concluded. Adam was a little shocked, but also confused; he sat down next to her and tried to understand.

“Are you breaking up with me?” he asked. Fluttershy quickly replied, “No, no, of course not. I just think that we need to show each other that were not dependant on each other.”

Adam was still confused on why this was happening, but he swore not to argue with her. Fluttershy continued, “Rarity already said I could stay with her for the weekend, so you can keep the apartment. It’s just for the weekend.”

Fluttershy had already packed her bags, she grabbed them and headed for the door. Adam sat on the couch, she looked down at him and said, “It’s for the best.”

But Adam couldn’t let her go, he stood and wrapped his arms around her, trying not to cry. “I will always love you.” He muttered. She quickly kissed him before saying, “I will always love you, Spiderman.” She picked up her bags and left.

Adam suddenly thought about something, but it made his heart break a little. He was saved by sirens coming from outside, a fire had broken out down town.


At the burning building, Spiderman had swung to ground. The fire department met him outside the building, the chief said, “Spidey, we think there’s someone trapped on the top floor, my men can’t reach them.” Adam replied, “Wait here, I’ll get them.”

Spiderman swung in through the window, he could hear the person trapped behind the debris. “Where are you?!” the boy cried. Chunks of the building were fall from above, Adam had to be quick. “WHERE ARE YOU?!” he repeated.

In the distance he could see someone draped in a cloak, Spidey punched through the pile of burning rumble, and reached the person.

When Adam placed his hand on the person’s shoulder, they turned around and roared. Adam couldn’t see properly, but he was punched back to the wall.

“You are pathetically predictable, you know that?” Goblin said as he removed the cloak. Adam got up and saw his first villain standing before him. The Goblin began to explain what he wanted.

“Look Spidey, we don’t have to be enemies. Together we could rule this world, be unstoppable. My only question, are you in, or are you out?” Adam didn’t notice Goblin readying a pumpkin bomb behind his back.

“It’s you who’s out, Gobby. Out of your mind.” Adam replied.

“Wrong answer.” Goblin stated as he threw the bomb, but Adam just caught it. Only, the bomb didn’t explode, it just released a strong knock out gas. Spidey fell unconscious, Goblin picked him up and placed him on the glider.

The police and firemen saw the villain fly off, with Spiderman on his glider.


On a roof top, in the middle of the night, Spiderman woke up. He had been out all day, and standing in front of him, was the Goblin.

“You came to this dimension, why?” the villain asked.

Adam tried to stand up, but Goblin punched him back down. “It’s that girl isn’t it? The one you saved at the charity show.” All Spidey could do was listen to the maniac babble on about Adam’s life.

“You know Spidey, we’ve been doing this little battle of ours for years. So I’m thinking we put our differences a side.” Goblin extended his hand to Adam. “Put’er there, hero.” But Adam refused to shake his hand. “You murdered people on Earth 1, why would I join you?”

“Then I guess we just keep fighting again and again, and again, until were both dead. Is that what you want?” Goblin then leaped onto his glider. “Think about it hero.” The villain then flew off into the night.


A Rarity’s house, Fluttershy was looking out her window as the rain started to fall. She started to cry, as if being away from Adam was hurting her.

At Adam’s apartment, the thought of her not being there made him sulk. He leaned against the window and though about what he was thinking early.

Fluttershy could only hope, that Adam was okay, she really cared for and loved him.

Adam, started singing. Even though they were in different places, Fluttershy swore she could hear him.