• Published 22nd Jan 2020
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Spiderman: Equestria's Hero (season 2) - Adamverse

It's been three months since the Crisis from Earth 1, Adam and Fluttershy have moved in together. However there not taking things any further.

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One morning, Fluttershy and Adam were at the bank, the boy needed to cash in a check from work. Fluttershy tagged along to keep Adam company, her friends were all busy today anyway.

"Adam, how long have been dating now?" the sweet girl asked. Adam replied, "About, three and a half months." That's when she gave him a seductive look, she nudged him a little, causing him to blush a little.

"Would now be the perfect time?" she asked.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, we live together, we've confessed our love. Why do we sleep in separate beds?" That's when Adam really started to blush. He loved this girl, but he didn't want things to go to fast. I mean, if she really wanted to, Adam had no problem with it. The boy turned to Fluttershy and explained, "Fluttershy, you and me are the perfect pair. When I asked you move in with me, I thought that was taking it to fast."

The girl replied, "If your nervous, don't worry. I've never slept with anybody before."

All the talking was put on halt when gun fire was heard in the bank. "Everybody get on the floor!" a scary voice said. Everyone in the room did as commanded, and gently lowered themselves to the ground. Adam got a chance to look up, he could see the bank robber; just one man with a simple revolver gun.

"Tombstone?" Adam said. The gangster from the other day was robbing the bank, he told the guard to open the safe. "Get that safe open, now!" he cried while pointing the gun in the guard's face.

Adam didn't have time to change, but he had to do something. So he ran towards Tombstone as he started running away with the money. Tombstone saw that the boy was chasing him, the crook went for his gun, he pointed it towards Adam and fired.

One of Adam's powers was being able to dodge things really fast, so he duck out of the way of the bullet. However, the lead killer still hit something. Adam turned around, only to find Fluttershy standing up, with her hand over her chest. The girl fell to the floor, Adam ran back to her, crying, "No!"

Fluttershy was very weak, Adam held the girl in his arm, trying to keep her awake. "Don't go, don't go." he said as he tried to keep her from leaving him.

Tombstone had escaped, but an ambulance had arrived at the bank; Fluttershy was quickly taken to hospital.


At the hospital, Adam was right by Fluttershy side, she was in a comer.

The rest of the Rainbooms had arrived to see what had happened, Rainbow Dash gasped when she saw her childhood friend hooked up to all those machines. "Some superhero." she muttered when she turned to Adam. Twilight had heard that statement and said, "Rainbow, enough of that."

"No Twilight, she's right." Adam insisted.

"I am?" Rainbow said.

"Tombstone fired at me, I dodged the bullet and let it hit Fluttershy. It's my fault that she got hurt." the boy explained.

Sunset placed her hand on Adam's shoulder, "I of all people know what it's like to make mistakes, you didn't know this would happen." she explained.

The rest of the visit was just the girls looking at their friend, she was barely breathing; Adam decided what he had to do. Twilight explained, "From the look of these charts, she could be out for weeks, maybe even months."

"Okay, you watch her, I'll bring her some flowers when I get back." Adam explained.

"Where are you going?" Applejack asked.

Adam replied while still walking away, "To kill Tombstone."

None of the girls tried to stop him, he sounded serious. That is until Applejack steps forward and says, "Adam, stop. You don't kill people, why should you start now?" The boy turned back to the farm girl and explained something.

"You forget." he said. "I've travelled the universe, I've loved and lost. But her." he turned to his beloved lying on the bed. "She is the only thing I've ever truly loved." No one said another word as Adam left the hospital.


That night, Spiderman swung through the city, he searched the whole area for his prey. The boy landed on a rooftop, after pulling out his phone, he stared at a picture of Fluttershy. Under his mask, a tear fell from his eye; he muttered, "For you, my love."

An alarm was heard from a jewellery shop across the street, Adam swung to the scene, but no one was their. The boy turned to see a sewer lid half open, he found the robbers escape tunnel.

Spidey picked up the sewer lid and bent it with his strength, he was hoping tit was who he was looking for. Before Adam could jump down, a kid came up behind him. This kid looked about the same age as Apple Bloom and her friends, she said, "Hi, I'm Bab Seed, Canterlot High Paper. This is exactly what I need to show people I was right, Spidey robs jewellery store. Can you err... stand up straight?" She began taking pictures of him with her news camera.

Adam simply webbed her camera and smashed it against the wall, "See ya, brat." Spidey said as he jumped into the sewer.

Bab Seed cried, "What the hay!" But then she pulled out a smaller camera and began taking pictures of the crime scene, maybe there was somethings she could still use in her report.

Tombstone was wandering through the subway tunnel, no trains were coming, so he was safe; for now. The gangster didn't notice a the wall-crawler following him on the ceiling, Adam kept quiet until the perfect moment to strike.

Spiderman crawled into the light and revealed himself, "Tombstone." he stated. Spidey towards him, but the villain tried to punch at him. Tombstone ended up punching through one of the support beams, he cried, "What do you want from me?!" Adam replied with, "Do you know Fluttershy, the young you shot down in the bank?"

Tombstone remembered the girl that had the bad luck of being in the path of his bullet, he looked up and asked, "What does it matter to you anyway?!"

A train came past, just missing Tombstone; Adam leaped onto the other side of the tunnel, "EVERYTHING!!!" he cried.

Spidey webbed onto the passing train, it pulled him towards Tombstone and the hero delivered a strong kick to his stomach; it caused them both to go crashing into the wall. They both started beating the life out of each other, it was hard for Adam, due to Tombstone being indestructible.

The fight started with Adam firing web-shots at Tombstone, trapping him in a web-net. The boy used the opening to start punching and kicking him, but the gangster wasn't kept down for long, he broke free and knocked Adam away. Tombstone charged to Spiderman and knocked him into the wall, Adam broke free and attacked again.

The boy want to make him suffer, so Adam pressed Tombstone's face against a passing train, you could see the scorch marks on the side of the villain's head. "It's time to pay, Tombstone!" Spidey cried. All the villain did was head but Spiderman in the face, sending him crashing into another train. When he came back at Tombstone, the gangster delivered a strong left cross to his jaw.

Spiderman was knocked to the ground, Tombstone looked over his defeated enemy, "You.... piece of human flesh. I do miss human flesh." he said as he admired his hand made of granite. "Any final words?" he asked while pulling a large army knife from his belt.

Adam looked up, he was done for. All Spidey could say was, "I'm sorry, Fluttershy."

The moment was interrupted when Adam's phone rang, "Excuse me." he said to Tombstone. The villain lowered the knife and asked, "Your gonna answer that now?"

"It's a friend from work, I don't wanna be rude."

Adam answered the phone and Rainbow Dash was on the line, "Adam, it's Fluttershy. The doctors took her out of surgery, she's awake."

Adam could not believe what he had heard, that's when he realised what he was about to do. But since he had Tombstone here anyway....

Spidey hung up and back flipped away, he then shot web-lines at the ceiling, pulling any spare rubble down. The rocks came crashing down onto Tombstone, trapping him under the rubble. He muttered, "No, this ain't over." Spidey just shot his mouth with web and ran off, later he rang the police about Tombstone.


Later that night, Everyone had gone home, Fluttershy was watching the news in her room.

The reporter on the TV stated, "The crime boss, Tombstone, is behind bars. Thanks to are neighbourhood crime stopper, the Spiderman. Tombstone was found in the subway tunnels, buried under the chunks of the street above. The police investigated his shop early tonight and found a large portion of an illegal drug, used to turn your skin indestructible."

Fluttershy then heard a knock at the window, Adam didn't want her to move, so he let himself in. The boy approached the injured girl and gently hugged her, "I thought I lost you." Then Fluttershy looked him in the eyes.

"Rarity told me what you were going to do, you were going to kill that criminal." Adam stated, "I was doing it because I thought he took you away from me." He lifted up him mask and kissed her hand. "I would never live with myself if I let you die."

Fluttershy forgave him, because he was trying to do a noble thing. Adam went to the bathroom to change out of his suit, he spent the night in her hospital room; he was allowed to sleep on the arm chair.

Tomorrow, Fluttershy was allowed to leave.


"Rumble, activate pile-drivers, operation: destruction." Soundwave ordered. The mini-con began crashing through the brick wall, revealing a chunk of Doc Ock's machine from the Crisis, it was being kept at the police storage camp.

Soundwave broke it to steal the device, Laserbeak was blasting away any guards, Rumble and his master were breaking into the vault.

Once the Decepticon had the device, his quickly changed into his drone mode and flew off. Rumble was riding on his back, Laserbeak used his rope to carry other pieces stolen from the vault.