• Published 22nd Jan 2020
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Spiderman: Equestria's Hero (season 2) - Adamverse

It's been three months since the Crisis from Earth 1, Adam and Fluttershy have moved in together. However there not taking things any further.

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Dragon Quest

Spiderman was swinging through the city, there have been strange penthouse robberies happening all over town. The strangest thing is, the thieve broke in through the roof; one victim even reported seeing the robber fly away after the safe had been ransacked.

Spidey had been searching for two hours, there weren't many penthouses left, that haven't been robbed.

All was quiet in the city, until an alarm went of at the top of a fancy apartment building, the penthouse robber had to broke in to the building. So Spiderman swung to the roof and looked into the room through the skylight. When he couldn't see the thieve, Adam opened the skylight and dropped into the apartment.

Adam saw the robber, when he saw what it was; he said, "Nothing to be alarmed about. It's nothing, just a dragon, stealing an ancient necklace. Happens all the time in Canterlot."

Spidey saw that the thieve was some guy dressed like a dragon.

The villain turned to the hero, he roared loudly when Spiderman came into his site. The dragon man leaped at the hero, Adam dodged the attack and fired web-lines. The webs tied Dragon man in a sticky net, but it did not keep him sedated for long.

Dragon man broke free from the webs, grabbed the stolen goods from the safe and took to the skies; his wings carried him up through the sky light.

Adam tried to follow him, but the dragon got away before the hero could catch him. However, Spidey did manage to get a spider-tracer onto his foot. So the hero went back to HQ, at least now, he could track Dragon man.


At Headquarters, Adam and Twilight were already in their suits, getting ready to head out and find him.

Sunset Shimmer was sitting at the computer, she saw the tracker on the screen, Dragon man was flying through the city. She said to Adam, "Looks like he's heading for another penthouse." she explained. "This one apparently belong to the owner of the Dragon Heart, the most valuable ruby in the city."

"Then we have to go stop him." Twilight stated.

The two spiders put their masks on and leaped out the building, Sunset watched them leave. She couldn't lie, she was actually a little jealous of their powers.

Sunset wandered through the head quarters, she thought of things that were on her mind. "Maybe, I should do something to help the heroes." she wasn't as smart as Adam or Twilight, so she had no way to just, give herself superpowers. For her, the rest of the day was pretty normal; however, somewhere else, a real problem was growing.


Dragon man landed on the roof of the apartment, he looked through the skylight and saw the ruby in a display case.

Little did he know, the spiders were swinging behind him. They landed on the roof and Twilight called out, "Hey scaly, you look like a lizard with wings." Dragon man heard the insult and turned to them.

The spiders charged at the villain and started fighting with him. The dragon wacked Adam to the edge of the roof, Leaving Twilight to fight on her own for a minute. So she shot web in Dragon man's face, then used the opening to punch and kick him down. However, the villain pulled the web of his face and knocked her back too.

Spiderman got back up and started shooting web-shots at the dragon, he took no notice of it, until a web-line pulled him back towards Adam.

When Dragon man fell on his back, Adam jumped up and landed on his stomach, the dragon was out cold.

When the police arrived, Spidey went up to the villain and pulled his mask off. "Who's this?" he asked. The police replied, "Well, well, if it isn't are old friend, Word Hard. An ex-air force pilot, who was fired and arrested for stealing the valuables of his co-workers."

"Well now, there's a cell in Rykers waiting for him." Spider-girl stated.


Little did the heroes know, they were being watched.

This villain had been planning a return since the beginning, and he was finally ready to strike.

It was time, for the rise of the Goblin Nation....