• Published 22nd Jan 2020
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Spiderman: Equestria's Hero (season 2) - Adamverse

It's been three months since the Crisis from Earth 1, Adam and Fluttershy have moved in together. However there not taking things any further.

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The Return

Today was the day, Adam and the Rainbooms walked into their new headquarters. Twilight was given her own lab, to make gadgets and stronger web fluid. Sunset liked how all the monitors could see throughout the whole city. Applejack and Rainbow Dash explored the game room in the lounge. Pinkie Pie was amazed by the size of the kitchen. Rarity was her own room to make suit for the heroes. Adam and Fluttershy wandered into main room, they were amazed by the work.

Adam commented, "This will make our job a lot easier." On cue, the building's alarm rang, trouble was brewing down town. Adam went to change and swung down town, the Rainbooms each got a monitor and watched the situation through the camera's in Adam's mask.

When Adam arrived, he saw something fly away with he the stolen tech; Adam quickly swung after the escaping creature. Adam web-swung after it, the creature looked like a bird, but that didn't stop Adam from shooting it with web-shot. Unfortunately, he missed every shot, the bird was able to dodge all the attacks.

The bird finally landed, Adam hid behind a building and watched the bird land on it's master's shoulder. From the distance, another villain was approaching. The guy got out his car and walked towards the one he was meeting.

"Guys, are you seeing this?" Adam asked. Sunset ran a scan on the guy who just arrived, "Guys, that's Tombstone. One of the most powerful crime bosses in the city."

Tombstone approached the large robot creature, he said, "Hello Soundwave."

The Decepticon marched closer to the gangster, while stroking the metal bird on his shoulder. "Your're late." he said in his cold, computerized voice. Tombstone replied, "Not now you robotic freak, I brought the requested items." Laserbeak flew up again and scanned the items.

"Nuclear fusion lead rods, confirmed." Soundwave stated. Laserbeak re-landed on Soundwave's shoulder, Tombstone asks, "What do you want these for anyway?" Before the Decepticon explains, a mechanical tentacle extended from his back; the claw grabbed the rods and placed them behind him. Soundwave explained,

"This is a trans-beaker generator, devised from wreckage found on Earth 1. When activated at the highest point in the city, it will transmit a signal, strong enough to summon this dimension's Megatron to this Earth." Adam gasped when heard that last part.

"Twilight, run those diagnostics." Spidey said. Twilight ran the results through her computer, then she gasped, "A signal like that won't just call Megatron, it'll..."

"Decimate the city, and spread to eradicate all life on Earth." Soundwave finished. All the Rainbooms, Adam, and even Tombstone gasped at what was heard. The gangster said, "No, that wasn't in our agreement. You never said anything about destroying Earth."

As Tombstone continued to talk, Soundwave interrupted by say, "Your needs, are irrelevant. Like the mini-cons, you have served your purpose. Find another world to inhabit." Then Tombstone made the mistake of attacking Soundwave. Before the gangster could land a punch on the Con, Soundwave used his tentacles to knock him back. Tombstone saw no point in continuing the fight, so he got in his car a drove off.

Adam was still listening to his friends over the com, "Adam, stop that brute before he turns that machine on." Rarity demanded. Adam swung down to the scene, but Laserbeak watched him, and reported it to his master. "Laserbeak." Soundwave ordered. "Scramble communications and scan for enemy contact."

Spiderman landed in front of Soundwave and said, "Look'y here. Sixteen dimensions from home, and who do I bump it? But my favourite joy killing robot." The Decepticon's hand converted into a neutron assault-rifle, he fired rapidly at Adam. However, Spiderman dodged the bullets quickly, he fired webs at his attacker. Soundwave was shot in the face with web, the computer screen was covered, meaning he could see. Spidey was about to attack, but he was knocked back by Laserbeak.

Soundwave pulled the web off his face, he then fired at Adam again. One bullet slashed a cut on Adam's arm, ripping through his suit. The boy fell to the floor in pain, Soundwave to his chance to escape.

The con transformed into his drone form, flew above the fusion rods and picked them up and the generator with his hook. Laserbeak followed his master as they both flew away. Adam was knocked down hard, he picked himself up and tried to swing back to base.


Back at HQ, Adam was lying in the medical bay. Rarity had taken his suit to mend it, while Twilight tended to Adam's injury. "Ow!" the boy cried as the science girl cleaned the wound. Fluttershy was holding Adam's hand during the treatment, Sunset stormed in and asked, "Adam, who is this sound wave guy. He mentioned being on Earth 1, do you know him?"

Adam replied, "Know him? I helped build him." All the girls in the room asked, "What?"

The boy explained, "He was supposed to be a smart system, for the Autobots. He was meant to be a new kind of Teletran one, but something went really wrong. Soundwave was smarter then we thought, he began researching the side he was supposed to be fighting. He saw that the Decepticons believed that machines were superior to all other life. So, using the machines in my lab, he built himself a Cybertronian body from the scrap parts of dead Decepticons."

"Once he had his body, he used more dead Cybertronians to build himself a new Decepticon army. Me and the Avengers fought back against his attack, and we destroyed Soundwave. Later we discovered that he could download his brain into a new body if his old one was destroyed."

"After our last battle with him, he disappeared. No had seen any trace of him after that. It was about three weeks after that battle, that I moved to this Earth. I had no idea that he might have followed me through."

Sunset explained, "Well, I don't think we've seen the last of Soundwave." Twilight finished helping Adam and helped him up. Fluttershy sat next to Adam on the medical bed, the other girls left the room, leaving the couple alone."

"I don't know what to do Fluttershy, it's like I'm always having to deal with my past when it comes back to get me." Fluttershy turned his head and gently pressed her lips against his, "What ever you've done in the past, does not label who you are now." He smiled at her comment.

"All I know is that your the boy I love, you always will be." Adam smiled and kissed her again, all that was going through his mind was; he was happy, but Soundwave was still out there.