• Published 22nd Jan 2020
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Spiderman: Equestria's Hero (season 2) - Adamverse

It's been three months since the Crisis from Earth 1, Adam and Fluttershy have moved in together. However there not taking things any further.

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The Haunting Of Canterlot High

It was late at night, deep within the school, two numskulls are up to no good.

"Are you sure this is smart, Snips?" Snails asked. "I mean, what if we get caught?" Snips and Snails had broken into Canterlot High's boiler room, they were planning something for the school, come dawn. While Snails sat on the boxes, Snips was rewiring the boilers and grid boxes. Snips replied to his friend, "Trust me, bro; this will be the best thing we've ever done."

Once he had finished putting things into motion, the two boys stood back to admire their work. Snips had wired the boilers to increase the heat in the school, some much that school will have to be cancelled until the heat dies down.

"Ever since Trixie was arrested, we haven't been able to pull off one good prank. But this will do us a charm." Snails stated.

However, they stopped smiling, when a noise was heard behind them. Snips turned around to see what the trouble was, but all he saw was a mouse scurrying across the concrete floor. When he looked back at his work, Snails was staring something else entirely; he was looking at something on the other side of the room.

Both Snips & Snails stared at the strange looking thing, it was sort of human shaped. Snails asked, "Excuse me, Mr? Are you the janitor." When the figure turned around, he glowed bright blue, as if he were a ghost.

The two boys screamed when the creature moaned like something from beyond the grave, it raised it's arm, pointing towards the controls for the large fan in the wall behind the boys. The creature blasted some energy at the controls, causing the fan to turn on. The blades span so fast, that the fan started sucking everything in; Snips and Snails held onto the support beams, holding on for dear life.

The ghostly creature moaned one last time before he vanished, it held onto a wire, then exploded into sparks; the wire looked like it was carrying an electrical current through the cables and out the building.

Not far away, Spiderman swung past, doing his nightly patrols. "Looks like nothing going on tonight. I'm going home, to bed." Adam suddenly saw flashes of strange light coming form the school, he sighed and said, "Spoke to soon, on that one."

Adam swung into the school, he followed the screams to the boiler. He found the two boys, holding on for their lives. "Spiderman! Help us!" Snips cried.

The hero leaped down to the ground, his sticky feet stopped him from being sucked into the fan; using his web-shots, he fired rapidly at the fan's centre. Within seconds, the fan stopped, it had been stuck in the webs. Spiderman went to the controls and cut off the power, once the fan had stopped for real, the hero went to check on the two boys.

"Are you two, okay?" Spidey asked. Snails replied, "Spiderman, no lie, we saw it. The Phantom of Canterlot." Adam looked at them confused, "That Phantom?" he asked. "Are you two sure you're okay?"

Snips insisted, "No Spiderman, were telling you. We saw the ghost."

Adam decided to take them to the police station, there they tell people their ghost stories. Once that was taken care of, Adam swung home.


The next day, at HQ, Adam told the girls about what happened last night. "Yeah, so Snips & Snails believe they saw a ghost at school, last night." Twilight had an idea of what they saw.

"The Phantom of Canterlot? That's just an old legend, parents tell their kids, so they don't stay out at night." Twilight explained. "But no ones ever actually seen the ghost before." The rest of the girls thought about it for a minute, until Sunset came up with something. "Okay team, I say we look through the city for this supposed ghost. For all we know, it could be some prankster."

The team agreed with the plan, then they all left for home.

On her way out, Applejack was stopped by Rainbow Dash. "AJ, can I ask you something?" The farm girl replied, "Sure, Rainbow. What's troubling ya?" Rainbow was a little hesitant about showing her this, but she decided it was for the best.

Rainbow Dash raised her arm, AJ just watched. Suddenly, Dashy's hand started shaking rapidly, like it was vibrating. The Farm girl asked, "What's making you do that?" Rainbow's hand stopped, then she showed Applejack something else. She took her friend's arm, then started running.

Only this time, she was running faster, faster than she could usually run. When Rainbow stopped running, the two girls were outside the school. Applejack asked, "What in tarnation?"

"It's been happening for a while, I can run faster then normal. Almost like my super speed has been supercharged." Dashy explained. Applejack thought of something, "When did this start happening?" And Rainbow replied, "Just before Adam took down the Goblin. Why?"

"Because it might have something to do with you spilling that blue stuff on yourself. The stuff that's supposed to give people crazy powers."

That statement made Rainbow Dash think, she was exposed to raw energon. Come to think of it, so was Pinkie Pie.


That night, Ms Cheerilee was packing up her desk and leaving for the day. As she left the school, something stranger could be heard from down the school hall way. The lights were flickering as the sound of squeaking locker doors could be heard, but the teacher decided to ignore it.

As Cheerilee walked down the streets, a strange moaning sound could be heard. She turned around to investigate, "Who's there?" she asked. The only answer she got was the street lights flickering, so she just kept walking.

But, what she didn't realise, was the strange electrical energy jumping between the power lines.

Suddenly, the strange energy appeared in front of her, it started to form a body. The teacher was scared for her life, so she tried to run away. But before she could get a distance, the figure blasted her with electrical energy; it lifted her into the air.

She moaned in pain as the electrical current passed through her body, the creature brought her to the roof of a building that was nearby. As they arrived on the roof, the creature used his other hand to blast an electrical current in a junction box. It looked as if he was drained the power from the box, and sending it into her; as if he's giving her power.

Not far away, a certain superhero was swinging through the streets; he heard the noises coming from the rooftop, and went to investigate.

When the boy arrived, he found his so called 'Phantom of Canterlot'. He saw the power coming from the junction box, so he blasted it with a web-net, cutting off the power. Cheerilee fell to the floor as the power was drained, the Phantom moaned like crazy before he disappeared into the power lines.

Adam went to his teacher's body, he began giving her CPR; muttering, "Don't go. Come on."


The next day, at the school, the report about Cheerilee was in the school's paper. Adam, Fluttershy, Sunset and Twilight were trying to figure out what was going on.

"I think, I know who's behind this." Twilight stated. Adam replied, "So do I, I saw him last night."

Sunset said, "Then it's him alright."

"No doubt about it." Fluttershy stated.

All four of them said at the same time, "Micro Chips."


That night, within a small apartment building, Derpy was watching her TV. She saw on the news, the creature she saw at the Crystal Prep party; it was on the loose.

Suddenly, the lights in the room began to flicker, the TV switched itself on and off. All the power in the apartment then shut down, all except the TV screen. On the screen, was a face, a face that looked right the girl sitting on her couch.

In a scared voice, she asked, "Is someone playing a joke?" But no body answered.

The face on the screen then whispered, "Der-py." The light from the TV glowed brighter, a shape was coming from the screen. Now there was a electrical creature standing in front of Derpy, it managed to say, "Derpy, I've missed you."

There was one more flash of light and they both disappeared.


Spiderman and Spidergirl swung through the city, they stopped on a rooftop to look around the streets. Twilight said, "So; Micro Chips, or Zzzax as he calls himself, would set up base somewhere he can recharge his power."

The two of them stopped when they saw flashing lights coming from a warehouse on the docks, they both swung to the scene, not liking what they found.

Zzzax was flying in the air with his victim and blasting Derpy with his electricity, whilst absorbing the power from the generators around the room. He was passing the energy through him and into her body, "You will be like me, my dear." the creature muttered.

"Hey, Sparky!"

The villain turned his head to see the two spiders standing by the doorway, ready for a fight. "Let her go, Micro'." Adam ordered. But Zzzax just keep channelling the power into Derpy, the heroes had to try something else.

Twilight asked, "So, what's the plan, Spiderman?" Adam thought for a sec.

"You get Derpy, I'll get sparkly fingers."

Spiderman leaped towards the supercharge villain, Spidergirl grabbed Derpy and took her to the ground. Adam punched Zzzax to the ground as well, but the villain charge and EMP pulse and blasted the hero away. Adam muttered, "Wow, this guys got more juice than Electro."

The villain was about to attack the hero again, until Twilight blasted him with a the hose the was attached to the wall. She said, "I always wanted to join the fire department."

Outside the warehouse, the police had already arrived. They took Zzzax back to Rykers and Derpy was taken to the hospital; Twilight and Adam swung to their homes.


When Adam got home, he saw his girlfriend on the couch, he removed his mask and hug her from behind. The couple both stood up in each others clutches, Fluttershy said, "I'm a little tired, time for bed I think."

Adam followed her into her room, they both got under the covers and held each other tight. Before they drifted to sleep, the boy said, "Love you."

She replied, "I love you too."

They both fell asleep in each others grasp, dreaming about their future together.