• Published 22nd Jan 2020
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Spiderman: Equestria's Hero (season 2) - Adamverse

It's been three months since the Crisis from Earth 1, Adam and Fluttershy have moved in together. However there not taking things any further.

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Show Time

Remember when I said that the Rainbooms had formed a crime finding team for Adam, that was a bit of an over statement. They agreed to help Spiderman, however they had no funding for gear and equipment to scan the city for crime and super-villains. So they all met at the mall to discuss the problem.

The Mane 7 sat around a table, talking about how they were going to raise the money. "We could have a bake sale." Pinkie Pie suggested. Sunset replied. "No, that's to obvious." During the talk, Adam was reading the news paper. "A fashion show." Rarity said. But Rainbow Dash stated, "Rarity, that's your answer to everything." The fashion girl replied that statement with, "Because it's never a bad idea, darling."

Adam lifted his head out the paper when he noticed an ad that could get them the money, "Girls; we could put on a show, this park opening needs a group of performers for it's entertainment." The girls decided to listen to the boy as he continued. "The ad says, 'To any performers; if you can put on a great show, the reward will be $5000.' That's twice the amount then what we need." The Rainbooms thought it was a good idea, they perform a song and get paid a jackpot.

Sunset told everyone the plan; Adam even played a roll in the band now, he was their technical man. Meaning, he created all the lights and special effects. "We need something that will wow the owner, what can we do?" The conversation was cut off when a phone rang, the ring-tone wouldn't stop.

"Can someone please answer their phone." Adam said.

"It's not my phone." Applejack said as she checked.

"It's ain't my cell-phone." Rainbow stated.

"Oh, it's mine." Adam said as his face went red with embarrassment. "Hello." he answered. When he answered it, the voice was dark and creepy.

'I'm looking for Spiderman.'

Adam replied, in his disguised voice. "This is Spiderman, who's this."

'You can call me, Taskmaster; and I've got a task for you. One the roof of the mall, a group of mercenaries are about to break in, they'll kill all the shoppers if you don't stop them.'

At first, Adam thought it was a joke, but the tone of this person's voice made him sound series. "I don't know who you are, but I'll find and stop you." Adam stated. But the caller hung up, Adam had only one thing to do. He couldn't let those mercenaries get inside, especially since the Rainbooms were here. So he turned back to the girls and explained the situation, they all gasped; Sunset said, "Go Adam, we'll sort this out."

Adam shot up; before he left, he heard Fluttershy say, "Be careful." Adam nodded and sped towards the exit.


On the roof; it was as the caller said, a group of men were trying to break in through the vent system. They were led by a man wearing a ski mask, a target was sown onto the mask's forehead. "Hurry up, Spiderman could arrive any minute." the masked man ordered.

On cue, Spiderman leaped onto the roof, landing in the centre of the group. "Hi guys, what you doing?" The mercenaries turned to the wall crawler, the man in the ski mask stepped forward. "Do you know how much Taskmaster's paying me and my men to take you down." Adam turned this into a joke, "Well, I always wanted to know what I'm worth." All the guy did was deliver a left cross.

Spidey dodged the attack and punched him in the stomach. He was thrown back into his men, "Get that freak!" the masked man ordered. One by one the crooks charged Adam, but they were easy to kick down.

The first, Adam picked up and spun him around, before throwing him onto the pile already made. The next two ran past Spidey; he front flipped and webbed their backs, pulled them together and then tying them up. They just kept coming at him, but they were kicked down like toy soldiers. Until only their leader was left.

"So, this is the part where you raise your hands and say, 'I surrender'." Adam joked. But the masked man opened his coat, revealing darts pinned to the inside. He grabbed a dart and threw it through the air like a missile, "I don't miss Spiderman." he stated.

Adam dodged the dart by back flipping out the way, "First time for everything." But the villain replied, "Made you look." Spidey turned around, the dart had his the power box; electricity was leaking and it zapped Adam. The hero fell to the ground in pain; the man walked closer to his enemy, "Call me Bullseye." Spiderman got up and was ready to fight.

Bullseye was rapidly throwing darts, Spiderman dodged each of them; using his webs, he grabbed one and threw it back at the villain. Once he lost his balance, Adam began the attack; he web-zipped over to him and started punching him. Bullseye wasn't out for long, he got his focus back and punched Spidey away. Adam leaped into the air and rapidly fired webs at the villain, until he was tied in webs; after that, he used the opening to start punching again. The final punch was an uppercut, sending him in the air; Adam pulled him back down, slamming him on the ground.

Spiderman webbed up Bullseye, leaving him and his crew for the police. While Adam walked amongst the unconscious, his phone rang again; Taskmaster was on the line again, 'Nice moves, I've learned a lot.'

Spidey responded, "Thanks, I think. Now, where are you?"

'You'll be seeing me soon Spiderman. And I'll have more tasks waiting for you.' he hung up again.

"That guy has issues." Adam commented. He put his phone away and swung off home.


Adam arrived at his apartment, Fluttershy was in her room; the band got the job, she was getting ready for the show tonight. Adam knocked on the door, she answered, dressed in a beautiful outfit. "Wow, you look amazing." the boy stated. The girl hugged Adam, "Did you stop those mercenaries at the mall?" she asked.

Adam explained about the nut whose calling himself Taskmaster, Fluttershy placed her hand on his shoulder, "You don't have to do it alone, you know."

"Do what?"

"All this, talking on super-villains or fighting bad guys." Adam stood up and thought for a second. "Look, I know you and the girls are always there for me." he explained. "But against this, whose gonna help me?"


Adam and Fluttershy arrived at the stage, the Rainbooms were already set up. Sunset turned tot the couple arriving, "What took you guys so long?" Adam replied, "Sorry, trouble at work."

"Doesn't matter." Applejack states. "Let's just get started. Adam, introduce the show." The boy got up on stage, and stood in front of the micro phone.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the grand opening of Canterlot Park. To kick start this evening, we have.... the Rainbooms." The crowd cheered as the curtains lifted, revealing the band. Pinkie Pie; on the drums, counted them in, "One, two....one, two, three, four."

When the song ended, the crowd cheered like crazy; even Adam was clapping. The boy walked out on stage, along with the owner of the park; he was holding a check. "Ladies and Gentlemen, I am proud to award this $5000 to the Rainbooms for their fantastic performance." Sunset took the check and raised it in the air, the whole band cheered.

With the money, the team was able to buy a HQ; the fight against evil just got a lot easier.