• Published 24th Oct 2019
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Untitled Celestia Fic - SPark

It’s a lovely morning in Canterlot, and you are a horrible Alicorn.

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Celestia sprinted across the scrap of lawn in one of Canterlot’s many picturesque city squares. She had to be quick, quick, quick; ponies would be gathering for the upcoming Florist’s Guild Spring Beautification ceremony any minute now. The area had been cordoned off in preparation, so there were no casual pedestrians, but she had a gap of mere minutes between the park management ponies who’d set up the cordon leaving and the city officials arriving.

She reached the base of the plinth that stood at the center of the little bit of grass and looked up, permitting herself a wild grin. The statue was of white marble, touched by only the faintest ghost of gray veining. And the enchantment on its carven mane and tail truly was superb; the colors and the flow were astonishingly realistic.

Hooves sounded in the distance.

Celestia’s heart pounded. Quick, quick, quick. Her horn lit, the statue vanished with a pop, and Celestia leaped atop the plinth in a single, graceful bound.

A second brief spell, long practiced on many diplomatic occasions, calmed rapid breath and racing heart, putting her in a near trance.

Celestia posed carefully, as the statue had been posed, all four hooves planted, head raised regally. The only difference was her eyes were closed, but would anyone notice and remember, that the statue’s eyes had been open?

She’d known, the instant she’d seen the statue, with its white marble, inlaid gold and brass cutie mark, and magically flowing hair, that it would end up part of the game eventually. The pose was perfect to hold for long periods, and the hair made it all possible.

The statue’s triumphant grin was her own as ponies gathered around her. This was going to be such fun!

Though also a little boring, she decided, as the Florist’s Guild Master began his speech. The guild picked a statue to hold this little function at every year, and this year Celestia had managed to nudge the choice to the new statue, just so she’d have this opportunity.

The speech was about the beauty the guild brought into the city with their greenhouses and their cooled train cars full of country-grown flowers, how decking this statue symbolized decking the city itself, and so on. It was a very nice little speech, but sun above, it was taking forever. Celestia concentrated on staying in the physical state of near trance where she barely had to breathe as the speech went on and on and on.

The speech finally ended, just as Celestia wondered how much longer she could manage to hold still. She held her breath, not twitching so much as a muscle, as the Guild Master floated an elaborate wreath of hundreds of flowers, trailing ribbons and adorned with lace, even, and slid it over her withers.

A round of applause rose from the crowd, some hooves loud on cobbles, others muffled on grass, but then the ceremony was finally over.

Celestia continued to wait as the members of the Florist’s Guild trickled out of the square. The last of them were just leaving as she heard the distinctive hoofbeats of a pair of Guardsponies coming to take down the tape ringing the square. There would be no better chance than this, even if this moment wasn’t perfect.

The risk of being caught was part of the game⁠—not that Celestia ever got caught anymore. Well, hardly ever.

She cast the spell swiftly, performing a precisely perfect double-teleport, swapping places with the statue, and the usual bang of teleportation was totally absent, since there was no air rushing in to the void she’d just left, or being blown out of the space she now occupied.

The flowers, meanwhile, still decked Celestia’s neck as she reappeared in her quarters.

“Been having fun again, Your Highness?”

The dry voice was familiar, and Celestia managed to not jump.

“I have indeed,” she said, turning with grave solemnity and arching her neck to show off the flowers to Raven, her private secretary.

Raven only smiled and shook her head. “Another point for you then, I suppose?”

“Oh yes.” Celestia grinned. Raven was one of only three ponies besides herself who knew about her game. “A point and a trophy, I believe. I happen to know a spell for preserving flowers. This is lovely; I’ll keep it around for a bit.” She arched her neck again, peacocking outrageously.

Raven only chuckled and pulled out the rest of the day’s schedule.

Get dressed up with a wreath