• Published 15th Aug 2012
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Inner Demons - Azure Sandora

On her 21st birthday, Twilight reads a prophesy that starts a downward spiral into her own darkness.

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Chapter 2

Author's Note: This story is already completed. I'm just transferring it over to this site. Updates will be extremely quick.

Chapter 2: Apple Bloom's Path

Apple Bloom sat on the steps of her house in Sweet Apple Acres thinking to herself. Lately she had been doing a lot of thinking. It had been two years since she, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo formed the Cutie Mark Crusaders in order to find their Cutie Marks. They were eight at the time, so although none of them had their Cutie Marks, it was still fun playing around and doing crazy things to get their Cutie Marks (even if they got in trouble a lot).

Now though, things weren't so fun, at least not for Apple Bloom. Her good friend Zecora had told her time and time that getting a Cutie Mark was something that had to happen on it's own. What if she was right.

"Hey Blank Flank," a high pitched voice called out from the distance. Apple Bloom turned in the direction of the person who called her to see the last pony she wanted to see. Diamond Tiara and her “side kick”, Silver Spoon.

"Got any new crazy schemes to get your Cutie Mark?" Diamond Tiara taunted, Silver Spoon laughing in agreement, "Why don't you just give up? It's obvious you aren't special!"

"Aw go somewhere," Apple Bloom said, more so to herself than to Diamond Tiara. She turned away and lied down on the steps with a serious expression on her face. The two rich ponies laughed and walked off.

Apple Bloom wasn't one to hate anypony; Granny Smith taught her better than that. However, it was getting really hard not to hate Diamond Tiara. Silver Spoon, not so much. She was only a bitch when she was with Diamond Tiara. In fact, lately the two of them had been secretly getting along a bit. They had a deal, when she was with Diamond Tiara, they pretended not to like each other, but if they were alone, they would actually be friendly with each other.

"Apple Bloom!" Sweetie Belle called out. Apple Bloom perked up immediately and looked out to see her friend waving to her from down the road. Apple Bloom galloped over to Sweetie Belle.

"Heya Sweetie Belle," Apple Bloom said, "Ya ready ta go?"

"Yeah, Scootaloo is probably waiting for us already," Sweetie Belle said, actually making Apple Bloom sigh.

"Yeah, right..." Apple Bloom said sort of darkly.

"Is something wrong, Bloom?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"Let's... take the long way," Apple Bloom said trotting down another road.

"But I don't want to keep Scootaloo waiting."

"It'll be fine. Come on."

Sweetie Belle shrugged, and trotted after her friend.

"So what's wrong?" Sweetie Belle asked as they walked down the road, "You've been really quiet lately, and every time one of us mentions anything concerning the Cutie Mark Crusaders, you get all serious."

"Sweetie Belle, we formed the Cutie Mark Crusaders two years ago to get our Cutie Marks, right?"

"Well, yeah, that's the whole point of our group."

"So tell me, how come two years later, we're not only still blank flanks, but we're the last ones in our class ta not have Cutie Marks?"

"Well..." Sweetie Belle didn't have an answer to that, not that Apple Bloom expected her to have one.

"Ah'm tired of being a blank flank, Sweetie Belle, and Ah'm not all too sure we're goin in the right direction ta get our Cutie Marks anymore."

"But we don't know any other ways," Sweetie Belle stated, "And neither of us has an idea of what our special talent is."

Truth was, Apple Bloom was beginning to get an idea of what their special talents were. Problem was, every time she wanted to pursue her possible talent, Scootaloo kept them sidetracked with more strange plans. Not this time though...

"Ah... actually got an idea..." Apple Bloom said with a bit of hesitation.


"From... Silver... Spoon..."

For a long time Sweetie Belle was silent, looking at Apple Bloom like she was crazy, and maybe she was. But at this point, she was willing to try anything.

"Apple Bloom, you know she hangs out with Diamond Tiara."

"Well, yeah, but she wasn't with Diamond Tiara when Ah spoke to her. She was thinkin we oughtta try another concert."

"Apple Bloom, that was the first thing we tried, and you know how that turned out!"

"Hear. Me. Out. Please?" Sweetie Belle sighed, and nodded for Apple Bloom to continue, "Now, we could try the concert again, but this time, we switch the roles around a bit. We don't all need ta find our special talents at the same time. It'd be nice, but honestly, if one of us can get a Cutie Mark Ah'd be happy, and Silver Spoon said that if we try it again, but this time throw a good concert, at least one of us will find our Cutie Mark."

"Suppose we do throw another concert, how would we make sure this one isn't a total flop?"

Apple Bloom smiled. Maybe she could convince Sweetie Belle, "Well, Ah was thinkin for starters, we don't let Scootaloo do the singin. No offense ta her, but the filly can't sing."

"Well, no," Sweetie Belle looked away and smiled awkwardly, "But then who does the singing."

"Ah sorta thought that much was obvious," Apple Bloom said looking at Sweetie Belle with a smile.

"You?" Sweetie Belle said after a second, making Apple Bloom slap herself on the forehead in frustration. Sweetie Belle was the epitome of her name, but god if she wasn't slow sometimes.

"No, Ah'm talkin about you!" Apple Bloom said, shocking Sweetie Belle.

"Me?! I... don't know Apple Bloom..." Sweetie Belle said looking away.

"Why. NOT?" Apple Bloom urged, "You're the best singer Ah know! Honestly, Ah think you should have done the singing the last time!"

"But... I don't know... I don't want to be in front of a crowd like that... I get nervous."

"The first time's always the hardest," Apple Bloom stated, "Once you get up there and sing for all of Equestria, you'll be able to go up there like a pro. We'll have ta force ya off the stage. And what if singing is your special talent?"

"But Scootaloo wants to sing," Sweetie Belle said.

"Yeah? And Ah wanna pull Big Macintosh's plow, that ain't happenin. Point is, she can't sing, and ain't nothin gonna change that. You on the other hand, have a real gift, and even Silver Spoon said that."

"Huh..." she looked like she was thinking about it. Yes! Yes! YES!

"Why don't we talk ta Scootaloo about it," Apple Bloom suggested, "Try ta convince her."

"Well... I'll think about it..." Sweetie Belle said. Apple Bloom wanted to continue talking about it, but they were at the Club House now. Sweetie Belle ran into the club house, probably hoping to think about something else than her singing in front of a hundred ponies or more.

"There you guys are!" Scootaloo said when they both walked in, "What took you guys so long?"

"It was such a nice day, you know?" Sweetie Belle said, covering for Apple Bloom.

Scootaloo sighed, "Well, if we get started now we can make up for lost time."

"Get started?" Apple Bloom asked.

"Well, while you two were enjoying the nice weather, I came up with an idea that'll get us our Cutie Marks for sure."

How many times have I heard that one, Apple Bloom thought.

"Well, Ah actually had an idea too," Apple Bloom said.

"Oh? Like what?"

"Well, what if we try the concert again, but swi-"

"Hold on," Scootaloo said cutting Apple Bloom off, "Why would we want to do that again? Remember the flop that it was two years ago?"

"Well, yeah, but-"

"And isn't it a personal rule of ours not to try anything more than once?"

"True, true. But what if we-"

"Don't worry Apple Bloom, I have a totally new idea that's totally going to get us our Cutie Marks. You'll see."

Yeah, that's the problem, Apple Bloom thought. She didn't want another hair brained scheme that probably wasn't going to work. She wanted something that was actually going to get her Cutie Mark. If not her, then at least one of them. Come on, it had been two years, and still nothing.

"So here's the plan: don't ask how, but I was able to get a hold of some fireworks, and I thought if we plant them all around town and set them off at night, we might be able to get our Cutie Marks in pyrotechnics!" Scootaloo said enthusiastically, "What do you say?"

Was she insane? Pyrotechnics, really? This was getting ridiculous.

"Well, I don't know," Sweetie Belle said, "I mean, it does sound like fun, but..."

"I do have an ulterior motive," Scootaloo said with a smirk. Oh boy, this was going to be rich, Apple Bloom thought, "Apparently, Twilight Sparkle turned twenty-one yesterday, but we didn't get a chance to give her a present."

"Yer point?" Apple Bloom said cynically, but Scootaloo didn't catch on.

"I rigged them to spell 'Happy Belated Birthday Twilight', so she's going to look up at the sky and see our sign, and totally be touched, and then we'll get our Cutie Marks. It's the best plan ever!"

"Okay then," Sweetie Belle said, "Sounds cool. I'll help."

"Great," Scootaloo said turning to Apple Bloom, "What about you? You're in, right?"

"As much as I'd like ta help..." Apple Bloom said looking away, her accent miraculously gone, "I've got to go meet up with Twist. She asked for help with a project, and we've been friends for a while, so..."

"Ah, it's cool," Scootaloo said, not catching onto how Apple Bloom was talking, "Once we get our Cutie Marks, we can teach you how to set up fireworks."

"Heh heh, yeah..." Apple Bloom said looking away, "I'm gonna get going," Apple Bloom then ran out, knowing full well that Sweetie Belle caught her in her lie. After all, her accent always disappeared when she was lying.

She couldn't take it anymore. If this kept up, they'd be blank flanks forever. She knew it was wrong to lie to them, but she couldn't bring herself to be a part of that, even if it was a gift for Twilight.

"That went well," a voice said from behind. Apple Bloom turned around and saw, to her surprise, Silver Spoon walking over to her from under the tree house.

"Ya heard all of that?" Apple Bloom asked, getting an almost sad nod from Silver Spoon.

"Why don't we walk into town?" she offered. Apple Bloom nodded and walked over to her secret friend. The two of them walked off together towards Ponyville.

"Are ya sure it's okay to walk around town like this?" Apple Bloom asked once they reached Ponyville, "Ah don't want Diamond Tiara ta start givin ya grief over hangin out with a blank flank."

"Don't worry about that," Silver Spoon said, "She's taking her beauty nap so she'll be out for the rest of the day," she said, mocking her supposed "best friend". Apple Bloom always thought they were close friends, but due to the recent development of their friendship she learned that Silver Spoon secretly hated Diamond Tiara. Why did she hang out with her, then? Lot's of reasons, but mainly because their fathers were co-workers.

This secret disdain for Diamond Tiara was one of the many reasons why they were friends now.

"But onto you," Silver Spoon said now looking at Apple Bloom, "Are you okay?"

"Well... no..." Apple Bloom said looking down, "Ah'm so darn frustrated!"

"You mean with the whole blank flank thing?" Silver Spoon asked.

"Not jus' that!" Apple Bloom stopped and closed her eyes in frustration, "All of those stupid schemes Scootaloo comes up with! Ain't none of 'em got us our Cutie Marks before, and they ain't gonna work now! I shoulda had mah Cutie Mark ages ago!"

"Apple Bloom..." Silver Spoon said actually putting a hoof on Apple Bloom's back.

"Ah know Scootaloo means well, but at this rate we're jus gettin derailed from our actual talents."

"Maybe you should take your own path?" Silver Spoon said, confusing Apple Bloom.

"What do ya mean?" Apple Bloom asked, then shocked when she realized what she said meant, "You mean leave the Cutie Mark Crusaders?!"

"I'm not talking about dumping them as friends," Silver Spoon stated, "But you're not going to ever get your Cutie Mark by playing those silly games," Silver Spoon started walking again, and Apple Bloom followed.

"Getting your Cutie Mark is serious business," Silver Spoon continued, "It doesn't just signify your special talent, but it also shows you a glimpse of your future."

"Mah... future?" Apple Blooms asked. They stopped near the candy story, and Silver Spoon pointed towards it.

"That's your friend, Twist, right?" Silver Spoon asked. Apple Bloom looked, and sure enough, it was Twist, ironic as that was who she was supposed to be with according to her lie to Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle.

"Yeah, that's her."

"Her Cutie Mark represents her ability to make candy, right?"

"How could I forget," Twist got her Cutie Mark the same day Apple Bloom met Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle.

"Now think about it, she loves to make candy, and that's her special talent, so she's probably going to open a candy store or something."

"Well, of course, that's obvious," Apple Bloom stated.

"It's obvious because of her Cutie Mark, right?" Silver Spoon asked, almost challenging Apple Bloom, who was beginning to understand, "The Mayor's Cutie Mark represents her interest in politics and laws, so naturally she'd take on a career in politics."

"So what you're sayin is a pony's Cutie Mark represents where they're going to be in the future?" Apple Bloom asked.

"Exactly. Which is why you need to take this seriously. If there's something you're passionate about, then you should pursue it, and if your friends are holding you back then you need to push them aside and pursue your dream."

"Pursue mah dream..." Apple Bloom thought to herself. She didn't want to turn her back on her friends, but Silver Spoon had put her search for her Cutie Mark in perspective a bit.

"Oh my Celestia, she's gorgeous..." Silver Spoon said softly. Apple Bloom originally thought that she was talking about Rarity, but when she looked at who she was looking at it took a bit to register who it was.

"Is that Twilight?" Apple Bloom asked more so to herself than to Silver Spoon. After a second glance, she saw it was Twilight. She looked so much more adult now, and the make-up plus the added sparklies in her hair made her almost as radiant as Rarity, if not more. Currently she was lying down on a bench reading a book.

"The librarian?" Silver Spoon asked, "Isn't she friends with your sister?"

"Yeah, she just turned-" Apple Bloom suddenly shot up in shock, "Oh mah stars! That's right!"

"Huh?" Silver Spoon turned to Apple Bloom in confusion.

"The whole reason why Scootaloo wanted to do the firework thing was 'cause we needed a belated birthday present for her!" Apple Bloom fell to the ground and held her head in frustration, "Now what am Ah gonna do?!"

Silver Spoon looked sideways and sighed, "Come on, Apple Bloom. Let's go."

"Go where?" Apple Bloom asked.

"To get your birthday present, duh."

"Um, come again?"

Silver Spoon shook her head smiling, "Come on, my much less fortunate friend," she said playfully before running off. Apple Bloom looked really confused, but she galloped after Silver Spoon nonetheless.

After an hour or so, they arrived at Silver Spoon's mansion. Her parent's, as usual, weren't home. Unlike Diamond Tiara, who was treated like a princess by her parents, Silver Spoon's parents were the kind that were never around, but gave her everything she needed to fend for herself, as such she was actually really independent. She rarely spoke of her parents, but Apple Bloom could tell Silver Spoon sort of had resentment for them.

Silver Spoon led Apple Bloom to her room upstairs. It was as large as two of Apple Bloom's room. Afraid to touch anything, Apple Bloom stayed close to the door while Silver Spoon went to her dresser. She reached for a jewelery box and began rummaging inside of it.

“No... no... that one won't do...” she said to herself, “You know, you can come in.”

“Oh,” Apple Bloom jumped with the sudden acknowledgement of her, and then slowly walked in. She had never had a rich friend before, so she felt a little out of her element walking into Silver Spoon's room.

Silver Spoon giggled, “You're funny, Apple Bloom,” she said honestly, which made Apple Bloom's heart leap a bit. It may have sounded like she was making fun of Apple Bloom, but she knew better. Truth was, Apple Bloom was one of the few people who was honest with her, something that Silver Spoon really respected.

She went back into her box of jewelery, and Apple Bloom was getting a little anxious, dispite them being friends, “So... what're ya lookin for?” Apple Bloom asked.

“I'm looking for... this,” Silver Spoon said suddenly reaching into the box and pulling out a small necklace with a silver chain and a purple gemstone in the center.

“Wow... that's really pretty...” Apple Bloom said, knowing full well she sounded like a dork, but she had never seen anything that pretty that wasn't hidden behind a piece of glass, forever out of her reach.

“You think Twilight would like something like this?” Silver Spoon asked, shocking Apple Bloom.

“Ya mean you're willin to give this ta Twilight?” Apple Bloom asked, making Silver Spoon giggle again.

“I'm willing to give this to you,” she said, almost giving Apple Bloom a hear attack, “so you can give this to Twilight.”

“Silver Spoon, Ah can't. This looks really expensive... Ah wouldn't feel right takin this...”

“Apple Bloom, don't forget, I'm rich,” Silver Spoon said with a smile, “I can get another one of these easily. Besides, this one came from... Diamond Tiara,” she said as if the name were venom, “And she only spent 50,000 bits on it!”

“Uh... Silver Spoon,” Apple Bloom said, trying to calm her new friend down as she sensed a tantrum coming, something that tended to happen when she thought of Diamond Tiara, and how she had to kiss her flank constantly.

“Right, deep breaths, deeeeeeep breaths,” Silver Spoon said, taking in a series of dramatic breaths, which always made Apple Bloom laugh on the inside, as she looked so adorable when she did that, and it reminded her that they both shared their dislike for Diamond Tiara.

No one could fake that much hatred.

“So,” Silver Spoon said once she regained her composure, “You're going to give this to Twilight tonight. I'll go with you, and if they ask, I helped you get it, which isn't a lie.”

“Ah... don't know what ta say,” but she was definitely thinking this was better than spelling happy birthday with fireworks, and it was safer. Also, she wasn't doing this with an alterior motive. She wanted to give Twilight something special, and this was definitely special, “Thank you,” Apple Bloom reached for it, but Silver Spoon pulled it away with a smile.

“On one condition,” Silver Spoon said in a sing song manner.

“What condition?”

“That you take your search for your Cutie Mark seriously,” Silver Spoon said, “Not just to shut Diamond Tiara up, but also so you can know what your future is.”

Apple Bloom thought really hard about what that might mean, but she did really want to know what her special talent was, so in the end, she nodded with a smile.

“Alright,” Apple Bloom said, “Ah promise. Ah'll take mah search for mah Cutie Mark seriously,” her hoof and Silver Spoon's hoof met in a hoof bump, the necklace falling in between their hooves as if bonding them.

It was getting late, so Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle got to work setting up the fireworks, which they hid behind a bush near Twilight's bench.

“Um, are you sure about this?” Sweetie Belle asked, “These fireworks don't look all that safe.”

“Relax, once we get our Cutie Marks no one will care,” Scootaloo said, almost sure this was going to work, “It's a shame Apple Bloom couldn't make it.”

“I... guess she's... still with Twist,” Sweetie Belle said, trying to cover for Apple Bloom.

“How long is that assignment?” Scootaloo asked, more so to herself. She looked out from the bush and actually saw Apple Bloom approaching Twilight, “Huh, there she is,” Scootaloo said, surprising Sweetie Belle.

“You see her?”

“Yeah, she's got some sort of box with her,” Scootaloo stated, now eying Apple Bloom suspiciously.

“Um, 'scuse me, Twilight?” Apple Bloom said softly as she and Silver Spoon walked up to Twilight.

“Oh Apple Bloom, this is a nice surprise,” Twilight said sweetly, “and you're with Silver Spoon? That's rare.”

“Not as rare as you'd think,” Apple Bloom said softly. Scootaloo was getting really suspicious watching Apple Bloom.

“What's she doing with Silver Spoon?” Scootaloo asked herself, unaware that Sweetie Belle was trying to light the fireworks behind her.

“Ah, uh... heard that yesterday was your birthday, so I wanted ta give ya somethin nice, so...” she lowered her head showing the red box on her head. Twilight made the box float over to her and she magically opened it, gasping when she saw what was inside.

“Oh my... Apple Bloom, it's beautiful...” Twilight said, pulling out the necklace inside. Scootaloo looked at this and saw red.

“Where on earth did she get that?!” Scootaloo whispered harshly.

“How did you afford something like this though?” Twilight asked, not suspiciously, just curious.

“Well, I may have helped her a little,” Silver Spoon said proudly, then smiling at Apple Bloom, who smiled in response. Scootaloo was done at this point.

“That traitor!” Scootaloo exclaimed, at the same time the fireworks went off behind her.

Twilight was so startled by the sudden noise, that she screamed. At the same time, something scary happened. Her eyes began to glow white, and she had a bright purple aura radiating off of her.

“Wh, what's happening?!” Silver Spoon cried out as she and Apple Bloom backed away.

“Ah don't know!” Apple Bloom shouted.

“APPLE BLOOM!!!” Scootaloo called out, now stepping out of the bush, a look of venom in her eyes.

“S-Scootaloo...” Apple Bloom looked at her friend in fear, realizing that she was just caught in her lie, and even worse, she was seen with Silver Spoon, who Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle still regarded as an enemy.

“Hanging out with Twist, huh?!” Scootaloo spat walking over to Apple Bloom and Silver Spoon, “That looks more like Silver Spoon!”

“Scootaloo, Ah...” Apple Bloom began.

“Guys! Twilight's acting funny!” Sweetie Belle shouted, catching everyone's attention. When they saw Twilight, she was randomly shooting magic at everything in Ponyville. The ponies that were outside were running away in fear, and anything that her magic hit was either destroyed, sent ablaze, or turned into something else.

“I... can't... control it!” Twilight screamed, desperately trying to stop the flow of magic. What was happening to her? She was supposed to have more control of herself.

“I'll get help!” Silver Spoon shouted running off. Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo backed away from Twilight, watching in fear as her magic exploded around her.

“H, help me!” Twilight shouted, now actually crying. For a good while, no one did anything but watch in horror, but eventually somepony ran over to her at that moment and wrapped their forelegs around her in a comforting manner. Twilight couldn't see who it was, but the pony had a sweet scent, almost like apples.

“It's okay, sugarcube...” Applejack said softly, “No need ta fret. Jus' calm down.”

“Apple...jack...?” Twilight asked, now calming down. As she did, the magic died down around her, and everything that was enchanted returned to normal. When the aura vanished, everything calmed down. The Cutie Mark Crusaders all breathed out in relief.

“Applejack...” Apple Bloom said walking over to her older sister.

“Ah know what happened,” Applejack said letting go of Twilight, who fell down in exhaustion, “Silver Spoon explained it all ta me.”

Apple Bloom looked over and saw Silver Spoon looking down in fear. She went to find her older sister? Either Applejack was close, or Silver Spoon knew that Applejack was the best adult to find in a situation like this.

“Ah'll take Twilight home,” Applejack said, “Ya can tell me more about it tonight, alright?”

“Yes big sister,” Apple Bloom said looking down in shame. Not because of the fireworks; for once she didn't have anything to do with it. She was shamed because she knew after this she had to face her friends, and if Scootaloo's expression was anything to go by, they weren't happy.

Applejack put Twilight over her shoulder and trotted off. Silver Spoon walked over to Apple Bloom and put a hoof on her back.

“You okay?” she asked.

“Yeah, Ah'm fine,” Apple Bloom said.

“Ahem!” they both heard from behind. They turned around and saw Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle; Sweetie Belle looking down in sadness, but Scootaloo glaring at Apple Bloom.

Apple Bloom sighed and walked over to Scootaloo.

“So, instead of helping us, you decided to go play with Silver Spoon?” Scootaloo asked harshly.

“Ah wasn't-”

“And you tried to undermine our present?!” Scootaloo continued, “Do you realize what just happened?! Thanks you that little incident, we didn't get our Cutie Marks!”

“Hold up, you sayin this is mah fault?” Apple Bloom asked, now getting a little annoyed, “Ya didn't really think that was goin ta work, did ya?”

“It might have! But now we'll never know! God, are you taking this seriously at all?!”

Okay, that was the straw that broke the camel's back. Apple Bloom finally saw red, and returned Scootaloo's glare.

“Am Ah takin this seriously?! Ah could ask you the same thing!”

“Excuse me?!”

“For the last two years, we've tried literally everything ta get our Cutie Marks, and while the games were fun, this is serious business! Ah'm tired, Scootaloo! Ah'm tired of bein called a blank flank! Ah'm tired of us bein the last ponies ta not have our Cutie Marks! Ah'm tired of not knowin what mah special talent is! Playtime's over, it's time we took this seriously!”

“I am taking this seriously!” Scootaloo shouted in response, “Unlike some pony who went to play with her new rich best friend, I actually spend time everyday trying to help us find out special talents!”

“That's the problem! It's. Not. Working!!!” Apple Bloom shouted, “We're not going to find our special talents playin these dumb games!”

“So now they're dumb games?!”

“Pyrotechnics, really? What made ya think that wus gonna work?”

“At least I'm trying something! I don't see you coming up with any ideas! In case you didn't notice, you're just as blank as me! Or maybe you think she'll help you?!” Scootaloo pointed to Silver Spoon.

“You don't even know her, so don't ya DARE judge her! And fer yer information, she actually has her Cutie Mark! She's already gotten me further in one day than two years of your crazy schemes!”

Scootaloo looked genuinely hurt with that statement, and then had a dark expression on her face, “Well, if you think we're holding you back so much, then you don't have to stay!”

Now Apple Bloom was hurt. Did she really say that? After a second, her anger welled up, until it was all she could think about, “Fine! Ah'll find mah Cutie Mark without ya!”

“Good luck!” Scootaloo said sarcastically, “Keep hanging out with Silver Spoon, and I bet you can get your Cutie Mark in being a snooty brat!”

“Well at least then Ah'd have a Cutie Mark!”

“Fine then, GO! See if I care!”

“Good bye, and good riddance!”

The two former friends turned away from each other, and began walking in separate directions. Silver Spoon and Sweetie Belle looked at what just happened in horror and sadness.

“I didn't want this to happen...” Silver Spoon pouted looking down. Sweetie Belle sighed.

“No one said you did,” she said before running after Scootaloo. Silver Spoon looked over to where Apple Bloom walked off, and saw her in the distance trembling. She ran over to her and saw why she was shaking.

She was crying...

“Apple Bloom, I'm sorry...” Silver Spoon said.

“It's not yerr fault,” Apple Bloom said through her tears, “You were jus... tryin ta... help...”

“Is there anything I can do?”

“Help me get mah Cutie Mark, the right way!” Apple Bloom said looking at Silver Spoon intensely, “Ah don't want no stupid Cutie Mark Ah don't deserve, I want mah Cutie Mark! Ah want ta know what Ah'm supposed ta do!”

Silver Spoon immediately nodded, “Alright, I will. I'll help you.”

They stayed there for a good few minutes, not caring about anything right now but each other. Right now, Apple Bloom didn't care if Diamond Tiara came out and saw them together, and honestly, she didn't think Silver Spoon cared much either.

She needed a friend, and ironically, Silver Spoon might have been the only friend she had left after what just happened.

“I don't understand,” Twilight said once she and Applejack got back to her library, “The only other time that happened to me was when I was a filly. I should have more control of myself now.”

“Those fireworks could scare scare the pants off of anypony,” Applejack reasoned, “Ah bet even that Iron Will guy'd scream like a little girl bein that close to 'em.”

“I've been scared before, and I've never lost control of my magic like that. What if there's something wrong with me?”

“Look here, ain't nothin wrong with ya,” Applejack stated, frowning when Twilight didn't look convinced, “If ya want, we can head over ta Fluttershy's tomorrow and have her check ya out.”

Even though Fluttershy specialized in animals, she did have a bit of experience in being a nurse pony, actually spending some time taking classes in it a few years ago. She may not have known as much as a real doctor, but hey, it was free to see Fluttershy.

“I'd like that,” Twilight said softly.

“Good, now Ah want you ta go get some rest, and Ah'll see ya tomorrow, alright?”

“Alright, good night Applejack.”

Applejack tipped her hat to Twilight, and then walked out of the library. Twilight began making her way to her room, stopping when she saw Spike was already asleep in his bed. She smiled at him, and went into her room.

Inside she took another look at Prophesies of the Old World. Did it mean something? Was her magic going out of control because she was the prophesied Queen of Darkness? No... it couldn't be. It was just an old story, right?

But it was one of the few stories in the book that hadn't come to pass yet. It even spoke of Night Mare Moon and Discord, and both of those dates had passed. Also, the description was too specific. It described her down to a tee, and it even had her Cutie Mark documented. After what happened earlier, she was not only more inclined to believe it, but she was plainly scared.

“It's not me...” she said trying to convince herself, her eyes filling with tears of fear, “It's not me!”

She ran over to her bed and buried her face in her pillow, silently crying herself to sleep, praying for pleasant dreams.

But even that was out of her reach...