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Inner Demons - Azure Sandora

On her 21st birthday, Twilight reads a prophesy that starts a downward spiral into her own darkness.

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Chapter 10

Warning in advanced, the next couple of chapters are DARK and HEAVY. Not for the faint of heart. My teacher taught me that "no one wants to see your main character have a bad day", and that's a lesson I took to heart. Keep that in mind, and please don't hate me for what happens next.

I kept everypony waiting for so long with these chapters, so just like on Fanfiction, I'll give you these chapters as a double feature.

Chapter 10: Fade to Black

Dear Applejack, Big Macintosh, and Granny Smith,

If you were wondering where Apple Bloom vanished to, don't worry. She's with me in Canterlot. Apparently she decided to stow away on my last trip to Ponyville when I came to pick up some... essentials...

Unfortunately Canterlot Castle can't spare any chariots, and since transit is closed until further notice, I have no means of sending her home. With your permission, I've decided to keep an eye on her while I'm staying at the castle. Perhaps letting her see some more of Equestria will be good for her.

I'll send her back as soon as I can, but for now, she's in good hooves.

Sincerely yours,

After reading Rarity's letter for the sixth time, Applejack got over her anger to some degree. At least Apple Bloom wasn't just wondering around. If she was with Rarity, then it was fine. Besides, right now she needed to brace herself for her latest trip to the library.

For the past week, things had been really strange for Applejack. Unfortunately, she and Rainbow Dash still weren't talking, but Applejack understood. Rainbow Dash was the Element of Loyalty, and it did seem like they were betraying Twilight a bit. Hopefully, this would all blow over, and they'd be able to release Twilight soon.

But every time Applejack thought that, she also began to remember when she confronted Twilight. She was really going to...

Applejack was at the front door of the Library. Ever since that first day when they chained Twilight, the atmosphere had gotten really dark. It had begun to weigh Applejack down, as she hadn't been as happy as she usually was. Twilight hadn't been really talkative either. Some days all she did was sleep, but when she was awake, she gave Applejack really dark looks all the time. When they did have conversations, Applejack did most of the talking, and it almost seem like Twilight didn't want to talk to her. That was fine in Applejack's case. Truth was, it wasn't as fun talking to Twilight these days. Owlicious was better conversation, and that was saying a lot.

Applejack took a deep breath and opened the door, "Good mornin, Owlicious," Applejack said closing the door behind her.

"Who..." Owlicious said.

"It's Applejack," she said, not realizing the trap she fell in yet.


"Ya know, Twilight's friend?"


"The one who runs the Apple Farm, remember?"

Owlicious turned to Applejack, "Who..."

Applejack face-hooved, realizing what she was doing. She forgot for a second that Owlicious couldn't talk, and "who..." was the sound that owls made. He clearly remembered. Truth was, he probably enjoyed this game.

"Very funny, Owlicious," Applejack said walking over to his perch. She held up a foreleg letting Owlicious fly over to her and land on it, "As smart as ya are, yer a little prankster, aren't ya?"

"Who..." Owlicious said looking right at Applejack. She could have sworn there was a twinkle in his eyes.

Applejack shook her head and walked into the kitchen, "Yer not gonna believe it, but mah sister ran off ta Canterlot," she said, taking Owlicious' turn of his head as him asking why, "Ah don't know," Applejack said, "She's always been a little head strong, but runnin away from home? That seems a little much. Ahh well, ya think it's just a faze?" Owlicious tucked his head down a bit ruffling his feathers, as if shrugging shoulders, "Heh, Ah guess ya wouldn't know. Anyway, how about I get ya fed, huh?"

She reached for Owlicious' food, but saw that the box was opened. Funny, cause that was a new box...

"Huh, did Ah open that the other day?" Applejack asked herself taking the box in her mouth. She set it down and went over to get his dish, and saw that there was already food in it. Weird...

Okay, she thought, so you don't need to be fed. Maybe Fluttershy stopped by and fed him before she went off to... wherever she went in the mornings.

"Coulda told me that Fluttershy fed ya," Applejack said to Owlicious, knowing full well that he really couldn't have. She then went back into the main study while Owlicious flew to his food dish and continued to eat.

In the main study though, Applejack noticed a few other things out of place. One of the pictures was missing... It was the picture of all six of them together. Applejack approached the shelf, and saw what looked like ashes.

"Owlicious?" Applejack asked, "Did anypony come in here last night an' mess with the pictures?" no response, so Applejack just left it alone. She then looked around and saw that the whole Library looked a little neater. On the one table there used to be a bunch of random papers, but now they were all put away.

Someone was in here...

She turned to the basement, about to check on Twilight, but then she saw something else that had her really scared. The basement door was open. Applejack slowly approached the basement, bracing herself for anything. But nothing could prepare herself for what she would see down there...

The basement was empty...

The shackles were still there, but Twilight--

"Hello, Applejack."

Applejack turned around instantly when she heard that voice. She then saw Twilight, slowly trotting down the steps. She was now once again wearing dark purple eye shadow, but she now looked like she was wearing mascara as well, and both her mane and tail were shimmering with what looked like stars. The final thing different about her were her eyes themselves. They weren't purple like normal. They were red, and menacing. She looked so beautiful, yet there was something really dark and chaotic about the air she was giving.

"T-Twilight," Applejack said, her heart racing. She had no idea what she was going to do. Was she still good? Or was she...

"Surprised to see me?" Twilight asked as she reached the bottom of the stairs.

"Uh... a little..." Applejack admitted, "Ah thought ya were still..."

"Chained? Locked up?" Twilight asked with heavy emphasis on those words. Celestia, she was scaring Applejack, "Oh, no Applejack, I got out of there last night."

"Last night?" Applejack asked following Twilight with her head as she walked around.

"Uh, yeah. It was uncomfortable down there. I missed my bed, along with regular showers," she shuddered thinking about it, "I took about three of them before I went to bed, and two more this morning."

Applejack laughed awkwardly, trying to lighten the mood, but Twilight turned to her and glared at her.

"Is something funny, Applejack?" Twilight asked in a manner that showed a lot of anger, but really controlled.

"Uh, nope! Nothin at all!" Applejack said shaking her head quickly. This was the most terrifying thing she had ever dealt with.

Twilight narrowed her eyes before turning to the book shelf and picking out a book to read. Applejack needed to get out of here fast. She had a really bad feeling about this.

"So, Twilight..." she asked, "Ah'm guessin you were the one who fed Owlicious?"

Twilight nodded, "You took good care of him," she said distantly. She was in her own little world now.

"Aw, thanks," she couldn't move AT. ALL, "Um, so, ya also did some clea--"


Twilight closed the book hard, shocking Applejack.

"Cut the bullshit, Applejack," Twilight said darkly.

"Um, scuse me?" Applejack asked.

"We all know what you're trying to ask," Twilight said now walking toward Applejack again, "You want to know how I got free, right? "How in the world did you escape, Twilight? I chained you up so well, you shouldn't have been able to escape..." right?" Twilight mocked, now right in Applejack's face.

"Well, when ya put it that way..."

"Those chains weren't a match for me," Twilight said, "After I built enough strength, I was able to break free. Nothing will EVER keep me bound again."

"But Twilight, Ah thought-"

"DON'T. TALK!" Twilight shouted, stopping Applejack, "I don't care what happened a week ago, Applejack," Twilight continued, "All that matters to me is this moment, right here, right now. Today is the day I FINALLY get to put my plans into motion. Something I have wanted for a long time, and I need you to help me with that."

"R-really?" Applejack asked. This wasn't happening. This couldn't be happening. Twilight couldn't be...

"I need you..." Twilight narrowed her eyes, "to disappear."

"WHAT?" Applejack cried out.

"Good bye, Applejack... forever."

That moment, Twilight shoved Applejack down the steps. She fell all the way down into the basement, and heard a slam once she hit the bottom. Applejack weakly looked up and saw the door was closed. Before she could even think about getting up though, she closed her eyes and wept for the friend she lost.

"The Twilight Ah know... is gone..." Applejack said sadly, "Fine... Ah see how it is..."

A week after... it happened, and Pinkie Pie still refused to leave the house. Things were just too upsetting right now, and if she saw anypony, then she'd feel compelled to throw a party for someone. She had to have missed a birthday or two...

But she just didn't have it in her right now.

Dashie would be here soon though, she thought. She promised to be here around 10 to hang out. Thing about Rainbow Dash was when she made a promise to a friend, she kept it no matter what. That was true loyalty. That was Rainbow Dash.

She loved Rainbow Dash so much.

Thinking about Rainbow Dash made Pinkie Pie get happy again. She hopped around her room, thinking about the wonderful time they always had together. She stopped next to her dresser, where she saw a picture of her and Rainbow Dash together, laughing and playing. She couldn't help but giggle thinking about her best friend. She picked up the picture and fell onto her bed hugging it.

"Oh Dashie," Pinkie Pie said to herself, "I'm so glad I have you at least," she said to herself. That was all the reason to smile in her eyes.

There was a knock on the door. That was either Mr. And Mrs. Cake, or it was Rainbow Dash. Bet it was Rainbow Dash. Pinkie Pie put the picture on her bed stand and rushed down to get the door. But when she opened it, her mind went blank. It wasn't the Cakes...

And it definitely wasn't Rainbow Dash...

This was the WORST! She promised Pinkie Pie 10, but it was already ten minutes past and she was LATE! Being late was the worst thing for Rainbow Dash, mostly because, well, she was RAINBOW DASH, fastest pegasus in Equestria, period. To be late, and especially late meeting Pinkie Pie...

She zoomed to Sugar Cube Corner as fast as she could, but stopped when she saw who she passed. It was Fluttershy, sitting on a cloud above Sweet Apple Acres, only she wasn't looking down at the fields. In fact, she looked really upset.

Pinkie Pie is waiting for me, she thought, but Fluttershy looks like she needs a friend. I'm a friend, but...

"Argh!" Rainbow Dash groaned before flying to Fluttershy, "Hey... Fluttershy. What's wrong?" she asked, hating these moments when she wanted to please two ponies, but could only pick one.

"It's nothing, Rainbow Dash!" Fluttershy said harshly, as if she were about to cry, "Absolutely nothing!" aaaannnnnnd she was crying now. Celestia... why now? Why couldn't the Element of Loyalty belong to somepony else? Somepony NOT in a hurry right now?

"Fluttershy..." Rainbow Dash groaned, sitting on the cloud next to Fluttershy, "Come on, talk to me."

"I said it was nothing," Fluttershy sobbed, but Rainbow Dash shook her head.

"Yeah, next time, try saying that without the tears, and I might believe you," Rainbow Dash stated, "Seriously, I've got time... sort of..." when Fluttershy looked up at Rainbow Dash sadly, Rainbow Dash had to be honest, "Okay, I'm actually in a hurry, but you can't expect me to rush off while my childhood friend is in tears, can you?"

"Oh, Rainbow Dash," Fluttershy said, now crying in her wing. Rainbow Dash looked away as that feeling crept in. The one that came with her knowing she needed to be caring, but didn't want to care so much, even if she did.

"So, what's up?" Rainbow Dash asked awkwardly.

"I... made a fool of myself in front of Big Macintosh! He'll never want to talk to me again!"

"What?" Rainbow Dash asked, "No, I..." she was trying to sound convincing, but she really didn't want to be here, "I'm sure Macintosh will talk to you."

"No he won't, he's afraid of me!"

"Afraid of you? Nonsense. Not even a fly could be afraid of you," literally, Rainbow Dash thought. Once she saw Fluttershy let a fly out of her window.

"You don't understand! I was horrible. I don't even remember what I was doing, but I think I... forced myself onto him..."

"That's ridiculous," Rainbow Dash said, "You wouldn't-"

"Rainbow Dash, I'm serious!" Fluttershy said grabbing Rainbow Dash by the shoulders, "I was on top of him, and we were kissing, but he pushed me away! I was... I tried to..." she was trembling now. She was really upset about this. Fluttershy was known for being super, unrealistically sensitive about things, but this seemed really serious.

In fact, she seemed traumatized. But why? If her description is anything to go by, she came onto Big Mac. Not the other way around.

"Excuse me, but I'm confused here. Are you saying you raped him? Well, tried to rape him at least?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"That's not me!" Fluttershy said to herself, "I'm not like that!"

"Not like what?" Rainbow Dash was getting frustrated, but more so worried. She had never seen Fluttershy this upset about anything.

"He was the monster! I'm not like him! I'M NOT!" she screamed.

Who's "him", Rainbow Dash thought. Who was Fluttershy calling a monster?

"Fluttershy, what's-" Rainbow Dash was cut off by a scream. But how did she hear it? Was it in her head?

No, Fluttershy heard it too. She stopped sobbing and was looking around too.

All of a sudden, Rainbow Dash recognized the scream, and her heart fell into her stomach.

"PINKIE PIE!" she shouted, instantly flying off. Apparently Fluttershy flew after her, because when she reached Sugar Cube Corner, Fluttershy was there too.

The door was open, so Rainbow Dash let herself in. Inside was a mess. It looked like a fight went on in here.

"What in the world?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"Rainbow Dash, listen," Fluttershy said softly. Rainbow Dash stopped everything and closed her eyes to listen.

She heard crying. She heard Pinkie Pie crying. She sounded terrified.

Rainbow Dash was about to barge into her room, but Fluttershy grabbed her tail stopping her.

"Fluttershy!" Rainbow Dash shouted, but Fluttershy shushed her. She then slowly began to go up the stairs. Once Rainbow Dash understood what Fluttershy was doing, she followed after her in the same manner.

When they reached her room, they saw the door was closed, but they could hear Pinkie Pie crying inside.

"Please stop! Why are you doing this to me? STOP IT!"

Rainbow Dash was getting more and more upset. Someone was hurting Pinkie Pie, and she was going to make them pay. She looked at Fluttershy, who wiped her eyes again (still crying a bit apparently) and nodded. Rainbow Dash did a one to three count, and they both kicked the door open barging in.

"Let her go right now! You..." Rainbow was speechless from what she saw, as was Fluttershy.

They saw Pinkie Pie, lying on her stomach, her forelegs and back legs tied to the bed, crying and struggling to get free. They also saw her captor, lying on top of her in a dominating manner.

It was Twilight...

"Oh Rainbow Dash, glad you could come," Twilight said evilly as she straddled Pinkie Pie, "I got her all ready for you."

Rainbow Dash was so stunned she was speechless. She didn't know what to think. Her mind was seriously drawing a blank.

"Wh-wh-wh-wh!" was all Rainbow Dash could force out.

"How did you..." Fluttershy began, but Twilight jumped off of Pinkie Pie and walked towards them.

"Simple, I broke out," Twilight said, "Let me tell you, it wasn't easy. I had to build up a lot of magical power before I could break those locks. But lets get back to Rainbow Dash here," Twilight said turning to Rainbow Dash, who couldn't take her eyes off of Pinkie Pie, "Here's what I want you to do. I want you to go over there and..." what she whispered in her ear Rainbow Dash would never forget.

"You want me to WHAT?! No way! What I'm going to do is go over there and untie her! Then, I'm going to knock some sense into you!" Rainbow Dash said trotting over to Pinkie Pie.

"Uh, uh, uh, I don't think you want to do that, Element of Loyalty," Twilight said, at the same time Fluttershy squealed. Rainbow Dash looked over to her and saw that black chains came out of the ground and wrapped themselves around Fluttershy and were holding her to the floor. At the same time, Twilight had a knife magically hovering over Fluttershy.

"NO!" Rainbow Dash shouted.

"Now, you have twenty seconds to start, or I'll kill Fluttershy right now! You don't want Fluttershy to die, do you?"

"You wouldn't dare!" Rainbow Dash challenged.

"Really?" Twilight then set the knife next to Fluttershy's side, and actually drew blood, making Fluttershy whimper in pain and fear.

"Stop! STOP IT!" Rainbow Dash shouted, now crying herself.

"Now you have ten seconds," Twilight said with an evil smile, "Nine, eight, seven..."

As she counted down, Rainbow Dash met eyes with Pinkie Pie. She looked so terrified right now. Rainbow Dash hated this so much, but she hated what she was about to do even more.

She trotted over to Pinkie Pie, got on the bed lying on top of her, and got close to her ear, "I am so sorry about this," Rainbow Dash whispered as they both cried, "but she'll kill Fluttershy if I don't."

She then began the horrible deed, feeling herself die more and more on the inside as she heard Pinkie Pie's whimpers of sadness.

Fluttershy couldn't keep looking. She closed her eyes and turned away, wishing that her forelegs and front hooves were free so she could cover her ears as well.

"Why are you doing this to us?" Fluttershy asked Twilight, "We're your friends..."

"WRONG!" Twilight shouted, "You chained me up in the basement!"

"But you told us to!" Fluttershy cried, stopping when the knife flew in front of her face.

"But you showed no hesitation! Just like Rarity and Applejack! And those two," she said referring to Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie (the latter now sobbing loudly), "They just walked away! You left me in that room by myself to try and save the Princess!" she said in a high and mocking manner. "Don't worry, I already had my fun with you. Sadly I didn't get to see it in person, but just knowing what you were doing to poor Macintosh was enough for me."

"Wait..." Fluttershy said as the realization hit her, "You did that... It was you!" she then stood up as best as she could with the chains weighing her down, "You made me-"

"Sorry sugar plum, but all I did was push you in the right direction. You were the one who raped Macintosh," Twilight explained, shocking Fluttershy.

"But why would I... I'm not..."

"It's because you're twisted, that's why!" Twilight said with a laugh, "You put on the facade of someone sweet, timid, and caring, but inside is a naughty, dirty whore who only craves the demanding hold of a strong stallion. Just like how it was four years ago."

That made Flutterhy's heart stop. How did she know...

"I saw it, you know," Twilight said leaning into her, "That day, four years ago, you left your house at night-"

"No... no... no..." Fluttershy shook her head, she couldn't face it.

"And then he showed up, threw you down onto the ground, and-"

"Stop it... please stop..."

"But the only thing was, you weren't scared. In fact, you enjoyed it. A stallion forcing himself onto you, having his way with you-"

"No... no! NO!"

"You unable to do anything to stop him. Even right now, you wish it were you and Macintosh over there, and not Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash."

Fluttershy took a small peek, and for a split second, she saw herself lying on the bed tied up, and Big Macintosh on top of her, and her heart fluttered...

"NO! THAT'S NOT ME! IT'S NOT!" Fluttershy cried, "IT'S A LIE!"

At that moment, someone jumped in and kicked Twilight down onto the ground. Instantly the chains around Fluttershy disappeared. She looked up and saw Applejack run in.

"Ah'll take her on! Rainbow Dash, get Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie outta here!" Applejack commanded. Rainbow Dash nodded and began undoing the ropes binding Pinkie Pie while Applejack jumped on top of Twilight and the two mares began fighting each other violently.

"Fluttershy, help me!" Rainbow Dash shouted. It took a second to register what happened, but Fluttershy was able to get up and help Rainbow Dash save Pinkie Pie. After she was free, Fluttershy took one last look at the two mares fighting each other.

"This is... This isn't right!" Fluttershy sobbed before running out of Sugar Cube Corner.

(Cue Heartful Cry: Persona 3 FES)

Twilight pushed Applejack off of her and stood up, "So ironic," she said, "Not counting my strange moment with Pinkie Pie, you were the first one who reached out to me."

"Yeah, funny how things work out, ain't it?" Applejack said.

"It started with us, and it's going to end with us! Say good bye, Applejack!"

Applejack and Twilight rushed toward each other and a ferocious fight began. For a few minutes they just wrestled in Pinkie Pie's room, eventually Applejack kicked Twilight out of the room and into the hall. Twilight tried to get up, But Applejack jumped on top of her and grabbed her horn.

It felt like she was trying to pull it off. Twilight got really angry and kicked Applejack off of her. She then pushed her off the side through the banister, making Applejack hit the floor HARD.

Applejack slowly tried to get up. As she did, she saw Twilight walking down the stairs glaring at her. Applejack ran over to Twilight and the two mares continued wrestling each other.

Mr. and Mrs. Cake apparently came in the back way, because the two fighting mares heard a scream that caught their attention. They looked and saw the Cakes and their foals standing there in shock.

"Get outta here!" Applejack shouted, "It ain't safe!"

Twilight pushed Applejack off of her and got up walking to the Cakes.

"Mr. And Mrs. Cake," Twilight said, "So nice to see you again."

"Wh-what's going on in here?" Mr. Cake asked, "Why are you and Applejack-"

Twilight pointed her horn at him, stopping him instantly.

"For the same reason I might just kill the two of you. Don't worry though, I'll take good care of the kids," she said with an evil smile.

"Don't!" Pinkie Pie cried out running in front of the Cakes. She then stood on her hind legs and held her hooves out defending them, "Please Twilight, leave them alone!"

"Aw, how sweet. You want to defend your new family," Twilight shot a magical blast at Pinkie Pie knocking her back into a wall.

"PINKIE!" the Cakes cried out. Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy rushed over to her.

"Too bad your merely an Earth Pony," Twilight said, "Sure, you're naturally stronger than I am physically, but who needs physical strength when you have magic?"

"Get... outta here... PLEASE!" Applejack urged the Cakes, "Get outta Ponyville, an' don't look back fer nothin!" The Cakes were looking at the whole situation, obviously confused as hell, "GO!"

That snapped them out of it, and the Cakes ran off. Applejack forced herself up and began walking up behind Twilight.

"I see you over there, you know," Twilight said, "You're not clever."

"Why are you doing all of this, Twilight?" Rainbow Dash asked, "This isn't you!"

"WRONG AGAIN!" Twilight shouted, "This is the real me! I've never felt more alive in my entire life!"

"Hurtin yer "friends", threatenin the lives of the Cakes, this is the real you? What's the point of any of this? Revenge?" Applejack asked.

"Not. Even," Twilight said, "This is only the first part. You see, I'm nowhere NEAR as strong as I need to be, and yet none of you are a match for me! I've broken all of you without even trying. The Elements of Harmony can't stop me."

"Wanna bet?" Applejack asked, powering up the Element of Honesty. At the same time, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy (Pinkie Pie was still out) charged up the Elements of Loyalty and Kindness. They shot beams of light at Twilight, but the beams stopped as if hit by a barrier.

"First of all, you only have Honesty, Loyalty, and Kindness," Twilight taunted, "And second of all, how can you expect to beat me..." a light came down over Twilight, and the Tiara of Magic appeared on her head, "When the strongest Element is in my possession?"

"No!" Rainbow Dash shouted.

"She still has the Element of Magic!" Fluttershy exclaimed.

"It's time!" Twilight exclaimed, "Get me out of here!"

All of the doors and windows slammed shut at that instant. Rainbow Dash flew to a window and tried to open it, but it wouldn't budge.

"What the hell?" Rainbow Dash shouted.

"The door won't open either!" Applejack cried out.

"Good bye, Elements of Harmony!" Twilight said before disappearing out of the house.

All of a sudden, Applejack smelled smoke. She looked around and saw a fire starting in the kitchen.

Twilight set Sugar Cube Corner on fire!

"Fluttershy, help me with the door!" Applejack commanded. The two of them then took turns tackling the door trying to get it open. At the same time, Rainbow Dash tried kicking windows open, but neither one of these endeavors were of any avail.

The fire picked up, and the three friends gathered around in a tight circle around Pinkie Pie.

"This can't be happening!" Fluttershy cried, "I don't want to die!"

"I can't believe it!" Rainbow Dash said looking down, "Why Twilight? WHY?"

"That ain't Twilight anymore!" Applejack stated, "Twilight... our friend is..."

Applejack looked down accepting their fate, listening to Rainbow Dash attempt to wake up Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy cry and whimper in sadness and fear.

Outside of Ponyville, Twilight watched as Sugar Cube Corner burned to the ground.

"You did a good job with that teleportation spell," Twilight said turning to the pony who rescued her, "I had to use all of my power sealing them inside."

"Was that okay?" Trixie said walking forward, "I mean, I don't like what they did to you, but did they have to die?"

"They did. So does anyone else who stands in my way," Twilight said walking off a bit, "It's time for me to put my plans into motion."

"Your plans?" Trixie asked, "What plans?"

"Plans for Ponyville, and for all of Equestria. For that though, I need soldiers. Once I've gotten better at Necromancy, I can raise my soldiers from the dead, but until then I need ponies with like minds," she then looked down the road and saw two young fillies walking down the road.

Trixie watched as Twilight walked over to the two fillies and spoke to them. It looked like they knew her, because the unicorn actually went over and hugged her. What was Twilight doing?

A few minutes later, she trotted back over to Trixie, with the two fillies following her.

"Trixie, this is Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo," Twilight introduced, "We're going on a little trip, and I was hoping that you'd be willing to join us."

"Twilight-" Twilight got real close to Trixie so she could speak in her ear.

"I need you, Trixie," Twilight almost cooed in her ear, "A powerful queen needs someone equally strong at their right hoof. Be my vassal, Trixie. And together, we can rule all of Equestria."

"But I don't know if-"

"I'll teach you everything I know. You'll be the just as powerful as I am, if not stronger."

That hit Trixie hard. Did this mean that if she agreed to work with Twilight, she could be her disciple? But that meant...

"You're the Great and Powerful Trixie, right?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"Twilight told us that she could show us something cool," Scootaloo said, "and that you might be coming with us."

These two fillies didn't know what was really going on, did they? Should she play a part in possibly ruining their lives?

"What's going to be Trixie?" Twilight asked her, "Are you with us, or against us?" Trixie could have sworn Twilight was slightly glaring at her. Trixie thought really hard about the decision she was about to make, until she closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

She made her choice...

Apple Bloom had the worst feeling just now. As if the worst thing that could have happened just happened. She walked around Canterlot Castle, trying to ease the discomfort in her stomach, but that did nothing. She was just so restless.

She passed by Spike and Rarity as the just left the Princess' study. Neither one of them looked happy.

"Ah'm guessin ya'll haven't had much luck?" Apple Bloom asked.

"None at all," Rarity said with a sigh. She then looked away with a funny expression.

"Rarity, are ya alright?" Apple Bloom asked.

"Well, I just have this feeling," Rarity said, "As if something really bad is about to happen, or it already did."

"You're not the only one," Spike said nervously, "I couldn't even finish my Frosted Quarts this morning, and that's my favorite cereal."

"So, ya'll feel it too, huh?" Apple Bloom asked them, getting nods from both of them.

"And here I thought I could surprise all of you," a voice said from down the hall. They all turned and saw Twilight approaching them.

"Twilight!" Rarity exclaimed, immediately standing in front of Apple Bloom and Spike.

"That's not going to do you much good, Rarity," Twilight said, "Seeing as how I didn't come here alone."

"Really? Who did you-" she was instantly shot in the back by a blast of magic, and fell to the ground.

"RARITY!" Apple Bloom and Spike cried out at the same time.

"Don't move!" a second voice called out, one that Apple Bloom recognized. She slowly turned around and saw Trixie standing there with her horn pointed forward.

"Trixie? Why are you here?" Apple Bloom asked.

"Isn't it obvious, foal," Twilight said, "She's working for me."

"Wh-what in the world is going on?" Rarity asked struggling to get up.

"Today is the day of my coronation ceremony," Twilight said, "And congratulations, you three get a front row seat." Twilight's laugh afterwards was sinister and so unlike her. Apple Bloom huddled up next to Rarity and Spike, scared for all three of them...

But mostly worried about her sister...

If Twilight was here...

Then where was...

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