• Published 15th Aug 2012
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Inner Demons - Azure Sandora

On her 21st birthday, Twilight reads a prophesy that starts a downward spiral into her own darkness.

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Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Losing a Dear Friend

After her failed attempt at convincing Fluttershy and Spike to come with her, Applejack took a chance and talked to Lezard. She had heard that Apple Bloom wanted to talk to her about something, but she'd have to wait. This was too important for Applejack, who's heart was racing so much that she almost wanted to cry for some reason.

She got a shock though, when Lezard actually agreed to not only help her get to Canterlot in a second, but also get into the castle undetected. At the moment she was in Lezard's room waiting for him. He said he had something to take care of before they left, and to wait for him in his room.

"Okay then, I'm ready," Lezard said walking into the room.

"Did ya take care of everything ya need to?" Applejack asked, getting a nod from Lezard.

"We can leave anytime, which I'm assuming you want to leave this second, right?"

"Damn right Ah do," Applejack said seriously.

"Then allow me to prepare the spell," Lezard said walking into the middle of the room, onto what Applejack now saw was a spell circle of some sort.

"We're teleportin?" Applejack asked.

"Not just teleporting," Lezard stated, "But moving through the space known as Nextus."

"What in tarnation is a Nextus?" Applejack asked.

"It's a realm that exists outside of time," Lezard explained, "Normally nopony can access this plain, but I've developed a way for ponies to actually walk through it. Outside it looks like we're just teleporting, but in reality we're in an environment that freezes all time for us."

"You serious?" Applejack was amazed to know that such a place even existed.

"Step onto the circle please," Lezard said, "The first part actually is teleporting, but after that we'll be in Canterlot and have to go the rest of the way on foot."

"Ah'm ready," Applejack said walking up to Lezard. He closed his eyes, and in a bright flash everything changed instantly. Applejack looked around and saw she and Lezard were standing in the middle of Canterlot, only everything was grayed out, and nothing was moving. It was so quiet there that Applejack's ears hurt a bit being there.

"We can't remain in this realm for long," Lezard explained, "We need to get into the castle and find Twilight before we're forced out of here."

"R-right," Applejack said, taken aback that there were ponies this powerful in Equestria. Made her feel mighty small in comparison. But it also showed her how strong Twilight must have been right now.

For even Lezard to be afraid of her, she was truly a demon now.

"I am amazed that you got here so quickly, Applejack," Twilight said as she and Applejack circled each other, "And you got by all the guards."

"Ah had help from a friend of mah sistur's," Applejack explained, "Don't know where he is now, but Ah reckon he's close by."

"So you didn't come alone?"

"Don't git me wrong, Ah didn't bring no one else fer this fight. This is jus you, an' me."

"I'm honored Applejack," Twilight taunted, "But don't you think this was foolish, coming here by yourself like this?"

"Ya said it back in Ponyville. It started with us, an' it's gonna end with us."

"You're not going to kill me Applejack. I already know how this ends, and it doesn't end my death."

"Ah'll do whatever it takes ta save Equestria Twilight," Applejack closed her eyes, "Even... even if Ah gotta..." she was trembling again. Why now? She couldn't afford to freeze up now, so she shook it off and got in a fighting stance, "Even if Ah gotta kill ya Twilight!"

"So that's how it is then," Twilight said closing her eyes, "I've waited for this moment for AGES!" Twilight was surrounded in a black flame, "If you've got what it takes Applejack, then come at me, I dare you!"

Applejack looked to her side and saw a sword on display. She hated using weapons, but against Twilight, she was going to need any edge she could get. She picked up the sword with her mouth, and charged at Twilight, ready for the toughest fight in her life.

"Applejack!" Apple Bloom called out walking through the estate, "Applejack! Ah gotta show you mah Cutie Mark!" she had literally shown everyone else, all pretty much giving her the same reaction all around: pure elation. Pinkie Pie was literally jumping all around the estate bragging to everypony (like Apple Bloom wasn't), and Rainbow Dash said that it was as she put it, "about damn time". Spike picked her up and spun her around laughing happily (weird as just day before yesterday the roles would have been reversed), and Silver Spoon jumped on top of Apple Bloom hugging her and laughing happily, saying she was tempted to write to Diamond Tiara and let her know that she lost her punching bag, (but knowing Diamond Tiara, she would find something else to put her down for. She was still rich after all). Fluttershy was sort of out of it, but she did congratulate Apple Bloom. Apple Bloom was going to tell Rarity but Sweetie Belle was in there, and Apple Bloom wasn't ready to talk to her yet. Shining Armor and Cadence found out through Pinkie Pie, and even they were happy for her.

The only pony she hadn't told yet, was the one she wanted to tell the most.

She went into her room, about to take her dress off for a bit, but stopped when she saw a letter on her bed. The writing was really fancy, but she could read it well enough.

Apple Bloom,

If you are looking for either Applejack or I at the moment, stop looking and read this carefully. I need you to gather the remaining Elements of Harmony and get to Canterlot Castle as soon as you can. Applejack asked me to take her to Canterlot Castle, I think so she could fight Twilight. If you leave now you should be able to get here in time.

Once the commotion dies down over here, I'm going to look in the local libraries in Canterlot to find out more about something we may need to save Twilight. I urge you not to worry about me. Focus on saving your sister. I'll join you once I find the books I need.


Apple Bloom only read the letter once before tossing it in the trash and picking up her sword.

(Play Hearful Cry: Persona 3 FES)

"She yells at me fer being rash, then she goes an' does the same stupid shit Ah used to?" Apple Bloom asked, sort of shocked by what she was saying and how she was thinking. Used to? It was only a few days ago that...

Apple Bloom shook her head snapping herself out of it, and then ran out of her room with her sword at her side.

"Everypony and dragon, we gotta move NOW!"

Applejack began slashing wildly at Twilight, who used her magic to materialize a black sword and to clash weapons with Applejack (she was using magic to control hers though). For a while this was all they did, until Twilight turned around and buck kicked Applejack into a bookshelf. The shelf didn't fall on her, but a lot of books did.

Applejack got up and was about to charge again, but she saw Twilight charging up another spell. This time Applejack moved to the side as something invisible began slashing at her, at least it looked invisible. All Applejack saw were black slash marks. She ran away for a little while, but then turned around and began trying to block with her sword. It was hard, but she was just able to block the assaults.

The slashes stopped, but Twilight shot black darts out of her horn at Applejack, who jumped to the side to dodge.

Scootaloo was flying around to get away from Trixie's lighting attacks. Eventually Scootaloo flew down to Trixie shooting fire from her flamethrower. Trixie ran out of the way from the blast, but when she turned around Scootaloo landed in front of her and began punching and kicking her wildly yet still in control. Trixie wasn't used to hoof to hoof, but thanks to being under the affects of Storm Avatar shew was able to withstand her assaults.

Trixie grabbed Scootaloo and wrestled her onto the ground, and was trying to choke her, but Scootaloo was pushing her off of her with her front hooves, making it hard for Trixie to get a hold of her. Eventually Trixie had to let go, otherwise Scootaloo would have blasted her face off with that flamethrower of hers.

Scootaloo got up and charged at Trixie again, this time determined to break that horn of hers off if she had to.

"Is everypony ready?" Rainbow Dash called out after she, Fluttershy, and Spike hooked themselves to the large chariot Shining Armor gave them.

"We're ready back here," Apple Bloom said next to Pinkie Pie, who was giving a (somewhat comedic) salute to Rainbow Dash.

"Let's get going!" Pinkie Pie said overly seriously.

"Apple Bloom!" Silver Spoon called out running over to the chariot.

"Silver Spoon, Ah'm sorry, but this time it's too dangerous. Ah need ya ta stay here wit Shinin Armor, Cadence, an'... Sweetie Belle," she said looking over to a window, where she saw Sweetie Belle looking at her sadly from inside.

"It's okay Apple Bloom," Silver Spoon said, "Just please be careful, and come back alive."

"Ah will," Apple Bloom said, "Ah promise."

"Okay, Spike, Fluttershy, you two ready?" Rainbow Dash asked, getting nods from both of them, "Then let's take this to the sky!"

They flew off instantly (extra power thanks to Spike), making their way to Canterlot. Their landing was NOT going to be pretty at the speed they were flying in, but they would at least get there quickly.

Applejack and Twilight were now fighting hoof to hoof, of course Applejack more skilled in this aspect. Twilight managed to get a lucky spin kick in, getting Applejack's side, and then fired a black beam out of her horn at Applejack, who quickly picked up her sword and blocked the attack as best as she could.

When Scootaloo's latest blast of fire died down, Trixie got up and charged up another spell. Scootaloo flew over to Trixie about to attack her while she was casting, but she was pushed back by a barrier of electricity. Trixie then pointed her horn straight up at the ceiling, creating a tornado of electricity around her. She then pointed her horn at Scootaloo, making the tornado fly over to her. Scootaloo took to the skies to fly away, but the tornado was getting closer to her slowly, until...

Twilight was thrown into a bookshelf, this time making an entire bookshelf fall over. The bookshelf exploded and Twilight stood up slowly. It looked like she was getting tired. Applejack might be able to win this fight. She then charged over to Twilight and began slashing with her sword again, this time Twilight was on the defenses. Twilight fired a small dart at Applejack, but she moved her head out of the way and then threw a punch.

Scootaloo flew back from Trixie's attack, and rolled on the floor a bit. She forced herself up, but she was getting tired. Trixie may have been a unicorn, but she was really powerful. In a last ditch effort, Scootaloo flew into Trixie and picked her up blasting her with fire. Unfortunately for Scootaloo, Storm Avatar made Trixie's body more resistant so she was able to withstand the attack better. Trixie then fired a blast of electricity at Scootaloo forcing her to let her go. Both of them fell onto the floor exhausted; Trixie's spell had deactivated, and Scootaloo's visor had cracked revealing her left eye. They both looked at each other and forced themselves to get up, ready to continue the fight.

(End Heartful Cry)

Twilight was too tired to get up. She must have been using a lot more magic than normal, holding the sun still, and having to fight Applejack, who was now slowly trotting over to Twilight.

"This is it," Applejack said seriously, "Ah hate doing this to ya, but Ah gotta save Equestria."

"Apple...jack..." Twilight said weakly. Applejack stood on her hind legs and put the sword in between her front hooves. She had a tight grip on it, she was ready, but she was trembling again. It didn't matter! Twilight was evil! Twilight was going to kill everypony! Twilight was going to kill her! She had to do this! This was the only way to save herself and Equestria!

"Good bye, Twilight Sparkle!" Applejack shouted, slashing downward. This would kill her for sure. No pony could withstand this.

But her sword stopped short of Twilight's neck. Applejack was frozen, unable to move or do anything. What kind of magic was this? Why could she move?

This wasn't magic. Applejack knew it. This was her.

"Ah... Ah CAN'T!" Applejack screamed throwing the sword away, "Ah... can't... kill... you!" she stepped away from Twilight, trembling uncontrollably (much like Fluttershy would), "Ah can't do it! Ah can't!" she cried, now unable to hold in the tears. Why though? Why couldn't she do it? Twilight warned them she was going to betray them! She gave them the Elements of Harmony! She asked them to lock her up! Applejack was just doing what Twilight asked her to do! She was trying to stop her! So why couldn't she end it?

"Applejack..." Twilight said softly getting up. For a split second, Applejack's heart stopped pounding, until...

Twilight shot Applejack away with a dark blast, making her fall to the floor. Applejack looked up and saw Twilight walking over to her with a sinister smile.

"No..." Applejack pleaded.

"I knew you wouldn't kill me," Twilight said darkly, "I saw it in your eyes. You literally can't kill me," she laughed evilly, "How pathetic."

"Twilight..." Applejack sobbed, "D-d-don't do this..."

"Don't worry, I won't kill you," Twilight said kneeling down in front of Applejack, her horn glowing red, "For you Applejack, I have something much worse planned."

"No..." Applejack pleaded backing away from Twilight, now against a wall unable to escape, "NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!"

Rainbow Dash's team was approaching the castle, where they saw Applejack through the window. She was on the floor holding her head, and she was shaking.

"Everyone, get ready!" Rainbow Dash called out as they charged through the window. Once they were through, Apple Bloom and Pinkie Pie jumped out of the chariot and ran over to Applejack, who looked terrified.

"Applejack! APPLEJACK!" Apple Bloom called out shaking her sister, who was shaking her head in fear.

"Snap out of it!" Pinkie Pie pleaded.

Applejack looked up at them, but then backed away from them in fear.

"Applejack, what the hell is wrong with you?" Rainbow Dash asked as she, Spike, and Fluttershy walked over to her.

"G-g-get AWAY!" Applejack screamed at them, "Don't touch me!"

"Did Twilight do this?" Apple Bloom asked.

"Most likely," Spike said, "But to be able to reduce Applejack to this..." Spike said, and he was right. Knowing how Applejack was normally, and seeing her now, it was beyond heartbreaking.

"You guys need to find Twilight," Fluttershy said walking over to Applejack, "I'll see what I can do."

"Fluttershy, you sure?" Rainbow Dash asked. Fluttershy nodded in response.

"I'll catch up in a little while," she said softly. She then knelt down next to Applejack, and held her in a comforting manner. Applejack resisted and tried to push out of her embrace, but Fluttershy was stronger than she looked (almost as strong as an Earth Pony) so Applejack in her current state couldn't get free.

"We should leave her in Fluttershy's care," Rainbow Dash said, "Come on."

Everyone ran out of the library. Apple Bloom took one last look at Applejack before leaving, understanding a bit of why Applejack did what she did. To do this to her sister, Twilight was...

This had to end.

"Shh..." Fluttershy whispered into Applejack's ear, "Everything is alright now. We're here now."

"I'm... sorry..." Applejack sobbed, her accent gone, making her sound even weaker, "I... I..."

"You don't have to explain anything Applejack," Fluttershy said, "Just calm down. You're going to be just fine, okay?"

Applejack nodded, still crying. Fluttershy thought to herself while holding Applejack, Twilight could have stayed and tortured her, but instead she left her here. Sure she was suffering, but this spell wasn't permanent.

She spared Applejack...

* * * *

Right when they turned the corner, a blast of magic shot at their feet stopping them. They all looked up and saw Princess Luna walking up to them, still in that weird trance.

"Must... protect... castle!" she said slowly.

"She just left Princess Luna as a mindless zombie," Rainbow Dash said shaking her head.

"She must've wanted Luna ta suffer in the same manner as Princess Celestia, but still have an alicorn on her side," Apple Bloom reasoned.

Luna charged at them, but they parted ways causing her to hit the wall behind them. They ran off a bit and got in defense stances.

"My god... Princess Luna has been reduced to this?" Lezard's deep and soft voice was heard from the side. They all saw Lezard walking over to them with a book at his side.

"Lezard!" Apple Bloom called out, happier than she thought she would.

"Don't tell me," Rainbow Dash said, "That weird star thing that made Cadence lose her magic?"

"That's the only way she could have gotten the Princess of the Night under her control," Lezard reasoned.

Spike swung his spear around, and then thrust it forward summoning his white unicorn spirit, which ran over to Luna and locked horns with her.

"I can't hold her off by myself!" Spike said sounding strained (Apple Bloom realized that he and that spirit must have been one).

"Pinkie Pie!" Rainbow Dash called out.

"Right!" she then turned to Apple Bloom and Lezard, "You two need to find Twilight. We'll keep Luna off of you."

"Right," Lezard said, "Come on Apple Bloom!"

"Comin!" Apple Bloom called after Lezard running after him. She hated leaving the others like this, but it was the only way.

Apple Bloom and Lezard ran all the way to the throne room, where they saw Canterlot soldiers dragging Scootaloo over to Twilight, Trixie right next to her.

"For acts against me," Twilight began, "You have been stripped away of your title of general of the undead army," Twilight fired something at Scootaloo, which shattered her helmet (it had been so long since Apple Bloom saw her without the helmet it looked weird to her), "So, anything you want to say in your defense?"

"Nothing except that you will fall," Scootaloo said, "If not by my hooves, then by the hooves of somepony else."

"Hmph, we'll see then, won't we? In the meantime," Twilight's left eye revealed the red star, "SUFFER FOR ME!"

All Apple Bloom and Lezard saw was Scootaloo cringe in pain, and then scream out in agony. The guards let her go and she tried to fly away, but her wings would fly right and she fell to the ground, now rolling on the ground in pain.

"Mah God..." Apple Bloom said shaking her head.

"She's ruthless..." Lezard reasoned.

"Don't hide, you two," Twilight called out, "Please, join us."

Apple Bloom and Lezard looked at each other in shock, and then began to make their way over to Twilight.

"It's an honor to finally meet you in person," Lezard said looking up at Twilight.

"You mean as your Queen?" Twilight asked, but Lezard shook his head.

"More so as the famous Twilight Sparkle, known as the pony who failed the exam, but passed the test," Lezard stated, "You were famous among the students of Canterlot's School for Gifted Unicorns, you know?"

"Really? Huh, maybe I should keep that place open, use it to turn out more loyal servants."

"How dare you..." Apple Bloom said softly looking down.

"Excuse me?" Twilight asked looking at Apple Bloom in confusion.

"You stand up there after takin away Cadence's magic, makin poor Princess Luna yer mind slave, you hurt Rarity an' mah sistur, and now poor Scootaloo!" Apple Bloom shouted looking up at Twilight, "This ain't right! Ah don't know whut's happenin ta you, but ya need ta stop right now or else Ah'll have ta get ugly!"

"Do you hear this little filly?" Twilight asked Trixie, "She thinks she can stop me!"

"Thanks ta you, Ah ain't a filly anymore!" Apple Bloom pulled out her sword, "An' Ah don't think I can stop ya, Ah know! Lezard, speed me up!"

"ACCELERATE!" Lezard shouted, instantly casting the spell Apple Bloom needed. She then charged at Twilight, ready to end this once and for all. Ready to make everything back to the way it was by any means necessary. Twilight couldn't dodge this. Even if it didn't kill (which she hoped it wouldn't) she could at least knock her to the side.

But something else happened no one was expecting. At the last minute, Trixie pushed Twilight out of the way, and even though to Apple Bloom she was moving slower, it was too late. Apple Bloom couldn't stop, and instead of maiming Twilight like she hoped.

She impaled Trixie.

Time returned to normal, and Apple Bloom looked in horror as Trixie fell down limb. Twilight was trembling, and her scream was so loud that the entire castle heard her, if not all of Canterlot.


Luna stopped when she heard the scream, and her eyes regained life in them. Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Spike all lowered their weapons as Luna fell down.

"Is she..." Spike asked slowly.

"I don't..." Rainbow Dash replied. Pinkie Pie hopped over to Luna and shook her.

"Wakey wakey, Princess Luna," Pinkie Pie said playfully. Luna actually stirred awake, and looked up at Pinkie Pie.

"Pinkamena?" Luna asked, now looking up at Spike and Rainbow Dash, "What have I been doing?"

As Fluttershy and Applejack lied down in the library, the statue of Princess Celestia began to glow. Fluttershy and Applejack looked up at the statue in awe as they saw cracks in the statue, revealing a bright light.

"Oh my..." Fluttershy said, unable to believe what she was seeing. The statue was... Princess Celestia was...

Twilight ran over to Trixie and held her, "IDIOT!" Twilight shouted, "Why did you do that?! WHY?!"

Trixie opened her eyes slowly and gave Twilight a weak smile, "I promised you... that I would... protect you..."

"But with your life?! Why would you do that?! I'm not worth it!"

"No... you are... to me..." Trixie said, shocking Twilight, "You're the light... in my darkness... Even now... you're the most... beautiful pony... in the world..."

"Trixie..." Twilight sobbed, "Don't you DARE leave me! You aren't allowed to leave me!"

"Thank you... so much Twilight..." Trixie said, "You saved... my life... made me... special... I love... you... so much..."

"Trixie! Stay with me! You promised that you wouldn't leave me! YOU PROMISED ME!"

"I'll always... be... with you... Good bye... Twilight... Sparkle..."

Her hooves fell limb as her entire body lost all life.

"Trixie?" Twilight asked shaking her, "You're... not gone... Trixie?" she was beginning to get more and more upset, "Trixie! TRIXIE LULAMOON, YOU WAKE UP THIS INSTANT!" for a split second, everything became light again, seeing her student, her friend, die in her forelegs.

But then the darkness returned, and it was darker than ever. For some reason, despite her grief, the darkness was invigorating, and she didn't cry for her fallen friend.

She laughed.

Spike, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Luna ran into the throne room, shocked by the sight they saw. First, Trixie on the floor in a pool of blood dead. Second, Apple Bloom backing up and shaking her head in tears of horror. Finally three, Twilight surrounded by darkness, and she was... changing...

She was... evolving...

"You know what?" Twilight said sounding a little insane, "I should thank you, Apple Bloom. You saved me from the light that Trixie granted me."

"B-but Ah didn't..." Apple Bloom cried as Lezard tried to comfort her.

"She prevented me from seeing the true darkness of the world. Now though, oooh, now I can see. This world is truly... utterly... DISGUSTING!"

As she shouted, her body was engulfed in darkness, and it looked like she was growing a little. She was now as big as Cadence, her horn grew longer, her mane and tail got longer and gained a little volume, and she grew long wings on her back.

She had become an alicorn.

"My god..." Lezard said in fear.

"She's... become an alicorn..." Spike said, "But how...?"

"Shut... up..." Rainbow Dash said softly, Pinkie Pie hiding behind her.

"Now I see what my true destiny is!" Twilight said in a powerful voice that sounded like two voices in one, "I'm not this world's ruler, I'm this world's destroyer!"

"Like hell you are!" Luna shouted walking forward, "I allowed you to get the better of me before, but I shant do it again! Twilight Sparkle, I am going to rid this world of your darkness once and for all!"

"I'd love to see you try, Princess Luna," Twilight said with an insane smile on her face, and something that made Lezard stop when he looked at her eyes. Were those...

Luna and Twilight charged at each other locking horns. For a while they just slashed with their horns, but then they took the the air and flew around the room firing dark beams at each other. Soon they resorted to flying past each other slashing each other with their wings, each impact making a small black and red explosion. It was a sight to see, watching the two alicorns fight. In the end, they stopped and fired beams out of their horns, Luna firing a dark blue and white beam, and Twilight firing a black and red beam. The two beams met in a power struggle, one that Luna was slowly losing.

"I... won't... LOSE!" Luna screamed in determination.

"Peon, you already lost!" Twilight taunted. Her beam pushed Luna's beam back, and then the force of the two beams knocked Luna back onto the floor.

"PRINCESS!" Everypony shouted running to her aid.

"Killing you will be much too easy!" Twilight said landing, "So here's what I'll do. I'll give you all three days."

"Three days?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"To what?" Lezard finished for her.

"To live," Twilight said shocking everypony, "Enjoy your sun, enjoy your pathetic lives, you can even plan against me. After three days, I'll open the gates to Tartarus, and you may bring as many ponies as you want there to stop me. When you lose though, I'll emerge from Tartarus and destroy all of Equestria."

"You sure... sound high on yourself," Luna said getting up, "You're taunting us with life, just to take it away in the end?"

"Oh no Luna, you mistake me for a true monster," Twilight said with an evil smile, "I'm being generous by giving you this time. Once you've run out of time though, I'll make sure all of your deaths are quick and relatively painless," she taunted before laughing a bit evilly, "Until then, farewell."

She vanished in a black void. As soon as she was gone, the sun began to set. They must have been there for a while for it to naturally fall into night. Or maybe that was Twilight's doing.

Luna fell down a bit, but Spike caught her, "I'm fine Spike," Luna said, "Just a little tired."

"We call ourselves trying to stop this, and all we did was make it worse," Rainbow Dash said, "Damn it."

"Dashie, don't be too hard on yourself," Pinkie Pie said sweetly nuzzling her fillyfriend, "We didn't expect things to go like this."

Apple Bloom was standing over Trixie's body, still shocked by what happened. She killed somepony. She actually killed somepony. Worst of all, she killed Trixie, who besides hurting Rarity, her only crime was trying to be a true friend.

Lezard walked over to her, "Apple Bloom, talk to me," he said, "Are you okay?"

"Lezard..." Apple Bloom said, "Ah killed her..."

Lezard sighed, "No, she pushed Twilight out of the way and fell into your sword. You didn't mean to do this."

"But Ah did," Apple Bloom said, her voice picking up a bit, "Ah did kill her! Ah killed someone!" she was beginning to lose it, so Lezard stood in front of her and held her.

"Apple Bloom, it's alright," Lezard said softly as Apple Bloom cried, "Let it out. I'm right here for you like always."

"EVERYPONY!" They heard Fluttershy scream behind them. Everyone turned around and saw Fluttershy standing at the the door panting heavily. She must have been running.

"Fluttershy, what's wrong?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"Nothing!" Fluttershy said, "It's a miracle!"

As soon as she said that, everyone looked behind her at the large figure staggering into the throne room, supporting herself against a wall. She looked tired, and still really weak, and her usual flowing mane was falling straight to the floor.

But it was definitely Princess Celestia.

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