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Losing a family member is never easy but Applejack makes it look like it. However, her friends and family can see through the facade and it takes something special for the cow pony to open up.

Cover Art by Xormak

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A very touching story, made a few manly tears well up. 5 stars and a fav.

daaaaaaaaaaaaaaw, that was so awesome.....here, hold some of my stars, its actually getting pretty heavy

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! how wonderful! :eeyup:

I don't know why I hate myself so much that I keep reading this and bawling my eyes out.

Just a quick note. This is an edited version of my first story on FIM. I hope you folks like the changes. :ajsmug:

Man, this was deep. Cool story, bro!

rather reminds me of when my grandmother passed on. so many memories..

My narrative sense is telling me that a) this takes place before Twilight comes to Ponyville, by the interaction between AJ and Pinkie (which suggests that Pinkie and AJ are no closer than Pinkie and any random resident of Ponyville) and the lack of mention of the other main characters of the show; b) Granny Smith just died, which obviously must happen after Twilight comes to Ponyville unless this story secretly involves resurrection, which I doubt; and c) that assertion b is the more reliable one. Assuming I am mostly correct, you might want to consider whether you could better express when this takes place.

Based on the comment's context and where you posted it, I have to assume you haven't read the whole story yet, so I'll avoid spoilers here. What I can tell you was that I wrote this fic between Season 1 and 2. Therefore, I deliberately kept the time frame of this narrative out for reasons I can elaborate on once you're done.

I don't know why, but I'm attracted to these "Aj is sad" fics.

5555112 Maybe because she's the most grounded character (no pun intended) in the series.

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