• Published 26th Aug 2019
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The Broken Dragon And Alicorn. - Neutral Boy

Two souls who were broken from being killled by their enemies ends up somewhere with one person that could help heal them.

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Prologue: Encounter.

A strong wind of stormy rain is blowing all over Cleveland.

In one of the house is a male teen playing video games while also glancing over the two girls sleeping on two separate couches with his borrowed blankets from his guest room.

He's been thinking about the two girls on why they were here and what has happened to them.

30 hours ago. . .

The boy is mowing the grass around his house after dealing with some housework.

He wipes some sweat off his head and notice a large grey of clouds moving toward his neighborhood.

"Looks like the rain is rolling by closer, great." The boy says in irritation.

So he goes to finish up mowing the grass before taking the little push mower into his garage. He closes down his garage and glance to each houses seeing not many people are outside for some reason. Shaking his head, he turns around and walks over to his mail box. He grabs the mail and closes the mail box as he heads back to his house.

"Junk, boring, keeping this one, nope, stupid, crud, snot. . ."

He flips over of each mail in his hands and spots a bill.

"Not again."

Suddenly, multiple lightnings came down from the sky, nearly missing him.

"WOAH SHIT!" He shouted in shock, fear, and surprised.

He runs fast over to his house of escaping those crazy lightning storms. Quickly, he opens his front door and closes it while trying to calm himself down. He also covered his ears as those crazy lightnings continue to reign down outside. Some minutes later, the lightnings have stopped and he walks over carefully to his window. There was some smoke outside as they were slowly departing, revealing two unconscious figures laying on his lawn.

"Huh?" He says in confusion.

Cautiously, he opens his front door and slowly walks over to the figures. Once he walks over to them close enough, his eyes widen upon seeing them. Two girls about their same height, both with long purple hairs, but one of them with lavender hair & one pink hair, and having different sets of weird clothing. The boy scratches his head and wonders on how these girls were on his lawn.

"Who're these girls? I never seen them around here."

He then looks up to see the grey clouds are moving closer to his house.

"Talk and ask questions later, I gotta get these girls inside, pronto before that rain roll by here."

Not waiting for the rain to pour down, he grabs one girls onto his back and the other one in arms bridle style. Although, the hard part is each girls he's carrying is slowing him down as he doesn't want to drop them.

"Dammit, this might be harder than I thought."

Finally, he made it back to his front door again and opens it up to enter. He then puts each girls on his separate couches and closes his door before sitting in comfy chair, sighing from a tough work today. He hears the rain has poured down and he glances over to the girls.

"Although, this may not be as bad as I thought."

Present time. . .

"Dang it you guys, you were supposed to go this way. Not that way."

The teen boy is playing one of his favorite games and chatting with his squads on his headset.

"Yeah, yeah, keep dreaming you guys. Wow, too much information. Very mature of you."

While the boy's busy chatting, one of the girls is stirring in her sleep and murmurs.

The other girl is shivering in a blanket. When the sound of heavy rain and lightning were heard, she made an "EEP!" sound and still shivers in scarce and whimpers with tears pour down her closed eyes. The boy heard the lightning and a strange sound as he told his guy's he'll be back another time. He powers down his game and checks up on one of the girls who's still shivering.

He puts his left hand on the girl's head as she begins to calm down and smiles from the boy's warmth hand.

"It's okay, just the storm outside." He whispers to her.

He hears another whimper on the other couch. Sighing, he pulls his hand away from her head, not noticing the girl's smile turning into a frown as he goes over the other girl and also puts his same hand on her head. She smiles from his hand and is suddenly moving her head, much to his confusion.

He checks his watch on his right and looks to see that it's close to midnight.

He yawns and pulls his hand away, not hearing the grumbling sound of the girl in her sleep.

"I better go get some sleep. I'll check up on them in the morning."

So he goes to turn off all the light and heads off to his bed. He looks at the two girls again before looking at the storm outside. Shaking his head, he walks in his bathroom to brush his teeth. After finishing up and changing his clothes, he closes the door and heads to his bed, not closing his door. He opens up covers and tucks himself in before pulling the covers over to his shoulders as he shuts his and murmurs before going to sleep.

"I really hate rainy days."

The next morning, the rain has stopped and all the clouds are separating for the morning sun to shine.

A bright light shines at the boy's window bedroom. The light is shining at his eyes as he squints and covers his closed eyes with his left arm. Grumbling from the bright sunlight, he yawns out loud while stretching both of his arms up. He scratches his back puts his hands down, but only touching something hairy.

He pauses to think something's wrong.

"Wait a sec, something is off this morning. . ."

He slowly turns his head left to see a girl on his left side and turns his head to see the other girl on his right side.

Both girls are smiling at his warmth hands touching their heads.

The boy's mind has stopped work for a minute trying to process all of this on how these girls got into his room.

Shaking his head and getting that full blush off his face, he slowly pulls his hands away and carefully gets off his bed without waking the girls up. He then tip toes out of his room and opens his bathroom door. He drinks a lot of sink water and cleaning his face while looking into his mirror asking himself an important question.

"Good lord, can this day get any worse or better?"

Author's Note:

Hey guys, how's it going? Nothing much from me, but making some good progress.

You know, I haven't seen a lot of stories with a Freedom Planet crossover. I might like to try out playing the game one day to experience the game-play and a full story mode.

Anyway, feel free to leave a comment down below and tell me of what do you think.

See ya later!

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Comments ( 6 )

Interesting story. I'm going to follow this and see where it goes.

If you want to watch the game this story is crossovering with, just watch this video(It's the full gameplay with cutscenes):

So Lilac is one of the girls in this story. Also you can get this game on Steam for only $14.99.

Great story! Wonder what happen to those girls before.

Thank you. :twilightsmile:

Thanks and you'll find out soon enough. :twilightsmile:

Thank you. :twilightsmile:

Yes, Lilac is in this story and thanks for the heads on where to get the game. :twilightsmile:

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