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Discord decides it's a really good idea to invite all the villains of Equestria, well at least the ones who almost conquered the world, to a slumber party. Good idea, right? Nope! Also, a certain great and powerful pony is mad she didn't get invited.

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Most evil slumber party.

Discord grinned brightly, staring down at the letters he had arranged oh so chaotically. He marked the letters--, deciding who was so lucky to be invited to the best slumber party known to Equestria! He laughed maniacally, he had a choice for once. Well, he always did, just he had control of everyone's fun. Well, his first thought was Chrissy, Miss 'I'll eat your feelings quite literally.' She was always good fun! Well, except for when she, you know, took Fluttershy. His happy face faded into slight anger, almost considering not even inviting her. But, he pushed through and wrote her name on the back of the letter, and it snapped it to her location.

He thought of Tirek, nope-nope... That would be the most stupid idea he would have the non-pleasure of doing, he most certainly didn't like him anymore. He enjoyed going through with stupid ideas sometimes, but that was a BEYOND dumb idea. So no Tirek. He tried to think of other villains, who hadn't been 'redeemed', well he had but he still caused mayhem occasionally. Luna? Oh well, she was Luna now, hmm. Well technically, he could snap her into Nightmare Moon form all he pleased. He could keep her under control, why the heck not? He slowly wrote 'Luna' on the back of the card, and as soon as she opened it, boom! There goes Nightmare Moon. What a great plan for the best slumber party ever.

He also considered Starlight, but he decided against it. She was fully into the whole idea of y'know, morals. She certainly wouldn't approve of this whole ordeal. She'd go off and tell book horse over there, which he didn't want. Well, who else would be so lucky to attend his little party? His mind wandered slowly to Sombra, wasn't he like imprisoned or dead or something? He didn't care, it was totally a good idea to resurrect him for a night or just plain release him, just so Discord could have the coolest slumber party known to Equestria!

Or Equestria would burn and there would be three ponies trying to rule it all, but that was beside the point! He wrote 'King Sombra' on the back of the letter, and mailed it off, he wasn't worried at all that Sombra and Chrysalis would maybe run off to take over The Crystal Empire casually. He had better things to think of like---

" Tea! " He said in his most enthusiastic voice, rushing to his kitchen, snapping his fingers. But he didn't know what type of tea he even wanted! Hmm... Ohh, yes! Green tea, perhaps? No, we have to have Oolong tea too! " Matcha, white tea, yellow tea, mulberry black tea! This could go on! Well, at least they can pick their favorite evil type of tea! " He pondered what type of food, he looked curiously at his upside-down table. With a grin, he teleported in bats to hang from the ceiling, because that's what evil people like.

For food, he would summon in barbecue chips, since it seems eviler than the other chips to exist, and when you lifted them they'd laugh evilly. Very on-brand. For drinks, hmm. Obviously, we only need dark-colored drinks, because who needs pastel colors when you have black? Pepsi and Coke are on the menu! Though, there's a twist, when you open the cap to the bottles some of it explodes in your face! Very clever, right? He was considering Red Bull, it's preposterous, they don't actually give you wings when he drank some, he was honestly hoping for double wings! Nothing. Just nothing. That's why he'd put a magic spell on them to make you grow wings, so the commercials wouldn't lie anymore.

He felt satisfied with the beverages and food, chuckling quietly to himself. Now time for more EVIL decoration, what to do, what to do? Ah, yes! More bats. Even more! Heck yeah. Now, what else do evil ponies like? Coffins, or were those vampires? Same thing, right? Well, who knows? He doesn't care. He snaps coffins into the room, that was chaotically placed. He made the room darker, and he snapped in upside down staircases that led to nowhere. He snickered as the bats transformed into baseball bats and began to fly around the room. " Ohahaha! " He was amused by his own actions, arching a brow with a sly grin.

Time for the sleeping bags! He, of course, wanted his in the air, right next to the TV. It was very strangely shaped, and he found great pleasure in viewing it. For little old Chrissy, his favorite of the evil bunch would get a cacoon shaped sleeping bag, ironically. He knew Nightmare Moon would throw a fit if she weren't given a proper bed, he huffed and teleported in a proper darkly colored bed that would meet her 'standards.' For Sombra, he teleported in a sleeping bag that would whisper 'Crystalsssss' every time you got near it, yes it was an amazing add on for the king just to bother him.

" This would be the best sleepover, yet! " He said with a proud toothy grin, pouring the 'evil' chips into the bowls, all of them laughing evilly in unison by the contact. He snickered quietly at that, he was waiting for everyone to arrive at that point, taking note of the movie choices. Edward Scissor Hoofs? Maybe. It was pretty good, he added it to the pile of 'maybes.' He lowered closer into his stack of movies were quite limited, surprisingly. He tossed and tossed movies into the 'maybe' section, and then his eye caught a movie about dinosaurs. He tossed that into the 'maybe' section, none of them he really wanted to watch but none he really didn't want to watch, none of them matched his chaotic standards though. AH YES, Beetlejuice! Oh heck yeah, he'd love to watch that. He wouldn't mind Labyrinth either. He didn't care if his evil friends didn't want to watch it.

As he was still sorting through some movies, there was a knock at his door. He teleported over quickly and opened the door eagerly. It was the mail pony. " OH, it's my favorite pony that delivers mail! " The mail pony held onto his hat, floating in the abyss that was the chaos realm, with a fearful look on his face. Discord quickly took the flying mail that flew out of the mail man's bag, and it fluttered into Discord's house. The mail pony stared, hoping for Discord to teleport him home.

" Sir, I need help-- " The mail pony was cut off with a door slam, and Discord eagerly opened his mail, like he was a small child opening a gift on Christmas morning. Flew out of the little mail envelope were three ponies. They laid on top of each other, their eyes comically spinning, seemingly unable to get a grip on themselves. Sombra was the first to gain consciousness of what just occurred.

" GET, OFF! " He yelled loudly, blasting magic at Nightmare Moon and Chrysalis, who were barely aware and dazed already. They shot across the room, hitting each wall, which brought more awareness but less at the same time. They had just traveled in an envelope throughout which felt like the entirety of Equestria, and not to mention their strange journey throughout the chaos realm. As they gripped their heads, and their vision came back into play, they watched Sombra mainly as he dusted himself off quietly and glared at Discord. " I did not consent to these childish games! "

" Oh please, it's better than being trapped or dead, really, don't be so grumpy. See the bright side! You're at the most chaotic slumber party ever, with the one and only, lord of CHAOS. " Sombra's nostrils flared, as he eventually calmed his fits of anger, as he quietly bit his lip to suppress his inner demons. " Chrissy, Moony! Good to see you! " They both glared quietly, especially Nightmare Moon.

" I do not know why this event was brought to my attention. " She said in a formal tone with half-lidded eyes, she wasn't as angry looking as the other two, but she had a cold unforgiving tone about her. Discord just gave a toothy grin once again and approached with a pat on the head. " Do not lay your paw on me-- " With a snap of his fingers, all the tight attire on the ponies vanished, excluding Chrysalis, instead attire was surprisingly added. They were comfy PJs fit for a king, queen, AND princess. " Why do you put this material on me? I feel exposed! " Nightmare added.

" You are telling me this is your idea of a slumber party? I've seen better sleepovers from a foal. " Chrysalis said with a smirk, now noticing her hair had been forced into a bun. " Ugh! This exposes my facial features. Discord, honestly? " Discord smiled as Sombra started tugging on the attire that was forced on him with his sharp fangs. Chrysalis was starting to do the same thing, the clothing wouldn't budge. Nightmare tried to teleport it off, but alas, it returned on her.

" This is preposterous! " Sombra said bitterly, arching a brow quietly. He felt like a commoner, a peasant! How humiliating, right? Once the king of the Crystal Empire, now the fool at a slumber party. " This embarrasses my title. " He said viciously at Discord, Chrysalis and Nightmare Moon nodded in unison to Discord's statement. They all equally agreed this was against consent, and they were all practically kidnapped.

" Fine, fine. Moan and groan all you'd like! But, but. You all could get revenge on a certain purple book horse... " Discord said, his eyebrows wiggling, and a satisfied look coming to his face as everyone seemed to widen their eyes in unison, all of them grinned and stared quietly.

" Ah yes, we will make her our slave and force her to take down Cadence to rule the Crystal Empire! " Sombra remarked, only to be followed with--

" We will strap her down, and I shall feed off her love to weaken her, and THEN she will be more mentally weak, so THEN she'd be more easy to control to take down CADENCE, THEN WE BOTH COULD RULE! " Chrysalis said with a sly smirk, only for Nightmare Moon to stomp her hoof and interrupt them both.

" You call yourself a king and a queen, yet you don't seek higher numbers. We could use Twilight to easily overthrow Celestia herself, and we'd all have the fame and glory we oh so desire. " Chrysalis and Sombra seemed on board with that idea, they all began to laugh, and they already seemed to form an alliance. Discord was taken aback with wide eyes, that's certainly not what he meant, world domination meant harm to his friends and Fluttershy. Back then, he would love this just to have all the chaos he'd please. But now? Well, something meant more to him.

" WOAH, WOAH. I meant like, a pie to the face! A humiliating prank on her, nothing like--... edgy. Sound like a plan? " Sombra and Nightmare glared, they seemed displeased with the low-quality idea of pranking somepony. They had much greater things they could live up to. Chrysalis though? She beamed! She seemed very on board with that, like humiliation on Twilight was just enough to satisfy her.

" Let's do it! " That response pleasantly shocked Discord, which put a maniacal and sinister grin on his face, Chrissy returned the look. Before they knew it, before Sombra and Nightmare could object, there they went, at the castle door of the Princess of Friendship, who was probably asleep. They knocked quietly at the door, leaving a box at her doorstep. When there was no response, they knocked louder. They laughed quietly to each other, shooshing one another loudly, like giggles of schoolyard children. There was grumbling as a purple mare approached the door, opening the doors slowly, her tired eyes looked around to see if anypony was there, she grumbled to herself as there was no one. Though, her eyes fixed on the box, which made her look confused. She levitated it off the ground, anticipation grew in both of the prankster's eyes, and before Twilight knew it, a pie was flung at her face and confetti exploded onto her.

It was obvious by the look on her face, she hadn't expected it. It took her a long couple of minutes to process it before she knew it, anger rose in her tired expression. " DISCCORRDDD! " It could've been Pinkie Pie, but as she does love her pranks, she wouldn't disturb Twilight, well for the most part, while she's trying to sleep. She had pony decency at least! Discord and Chrysalis burst out into laughter, dashing off, pushing each other and continuing to shoosh one another in the whole situation. Twilight summoned a rag to clean her face off.

" OHAHAHAHA! THAT WAS PRICELESS! " Discord said with the largest grin he's had in a long while, Chrysalis joined in on the laughter, they seemed to be bonding over this a bit. " THE WAY IT HIT HER FACE, SHE SEEMED SO SURPRISED, IT-IT... " He wheezed loudly. Chrysalis grinned widely, before nudging Discord and pointing to the Debbie downers glaring at them. They were playing a sad game of chess, already taking sides, huh?

" While you were out doing mindless foal activities, we tended to a game of chess. You know, a mentally constructive sport, nothing as mindless as 'pranks.' " Sombra said, not looking at them, staring down at the chessboard bitterly. Nightmare on the other hoof held her head high, not paying attention to them either. She was much too focused on the 'fun' game, Chrysalis and Discord looked at each other, laughing even more. " What's so AMUSING? " Sombra finally let his eyes pierce the two 'low-classed foals' as he labeled them. They snorted a bit more, Chrysalis finally found her composure to speak.

" You're just envious we're ALREADY having more fun than you two, forgive me, king and princess... but you're so boring even a wall is more investing to stare at. " Sombra's nostrils flared at that statement with slight anger, he found himself rather charming and witty, he didn't want to hear it from HER. Discord just nodded silently with a smirk toward Nightmare and Sombra. " Discord and I successfully pranked the princess of friendship yourself. You two? Well, I suppose one of you won a game of chess. How 'revolutionary.' " Discord snickered at that.

" Oh, you would like to see something 'revolutionary?' As you so expertly put it? " Nightmare said with an arched brow, which gained the curiosity of everyone in the room, most of them expected an extraordinary spell! Somepony to be hurt, attacked, or even demolished when she said that. But no, they all stared in confusion when faced with a game console. " I most certainly can beat you all at this! My hooves are so expertly made for playing digital creations for amusement, especially Mortal of the Kombat! " They all gasped quietly, they had never expected this from NIGHTMARE M O O N, but it still was Luna, right? They stared with hesitance.

" Well, I'll have you know, I am an EXPERT MK player! Ohahahaha, nobody can beat the Lord of Chaos at anything dealing with GAMES. " Discord and Nightmare Moon lifted the controllers, ready to see who was better, Sombra and Chrysalis wanted to play next, as it was a competitive game, and they loved outshining other ponies. Though Nightmare Moon was OBSESSED with doing so, she was already an expert at playing games, but the eagerness to beat Discord overcame her.

She was smashing buttons like tomorrow didn't exist, which brought a surprised look to the Lord of Chaos himself, what the heck was happening?! How could she MOVE SO FAST? This was intense, as he didn't want to be foiled in front of anybody, he was trying to think of something amusing to do to keep himself from losing, but before he knew it-- ...The words FINISH HIM flashed on the screen, which made him irritated. Nightmare gave a grin to Discord, as she performed a fatality on his character. Discord stared, his eye twitching. " RIGGED! " He shouted loudly.

" The PRINCESS OF DARKNESS NEVER FAILS! " She said with a proud tone, Sombra and Chrysalis snickered at Discord's hidden humiliation. Of course, he hid it with a snarky grin and a brushing off of the fur, standing proudly. But beneath those eyes, he was humiliated, and his ego of playing games had just been hit a dozen times over. Sombra and Chrysalis were interested in playing, but once they got ahold of the controllers, they hadn't even understood how to even play.

" I don't even know how you won, I got ACTUAL thumbs. " Discord said bitterly to Nightmare, staring at her hooves violently, Nightmare shrugged with a smug look on her face. Discord turned back, shaking his head even MORE bitterly like he had lost a billion dollars or something of the sort. The difference was, he could poof in back more money, but he could never poof in his victory. He growled quietly, going back to watching Sombra and Chrysalis fight to know how to play the game, well turns out, Sombra ends up winning because of his new found superpower, the uppercut. It was a cheap move, but Chrysalis didn't say anything because she didn't even know that was cheating.

" You see? I am victorious over all of you. " Sombra turned to everyone with a grin and a grumbling Chrysalis was left to rot in her shame, but she didn't pay much mind to it. She didn't know much about meaningless FOAL games anyhow! She had to rule, well until she got overthrown, but other than that she was certainly 'busy.' " Anyhow, I'd like a walk outside of this shack of yours. " Sombra said with an expecting, arched brow. Discord stared, but everyone seemed to agree.

" Oh, whatever. Say no more! " Discord snapped his fingers and teleported into Equestria, where a certain somepony was waiting.

“..And now for my final conundrum!” She shouted, her eccentric personality shone through her voice. Fireworks boomed in the sky as she prepared. With the use of her magic, along with some physical effects, a large, purple and gray dragon loomed over the stage. “Oh no! How truly adverse this has all become, it seems my trick has awoken something.. Arakole, The Great Star Dragon!” The crowd gasped, while the younger ponies simply hid behind their parents or siblings.

“Not to worry, my wonderful crowd! I shall vanquish the beast with my powerful magic spell!” Her began to glow, as what appeared to be orbs of red and white light began to shoot from behind the stage. They blasted into the dragon, setting it ablaze, and even burning one of its eyes. Before it could be revealed that it was merely a paper mache “dragon” covered in paint and being held up by her magic, she dropped it back behind the stage where it could no longer be seen.

The crowd gave their applause and cheered, for the great, and powerful Trixie had gotten rid of the horrible monster! “My apologies, my adoring crowd, for that interruption, but it goes to show that you should never try and replicate the great, and powerful Trixie’s magic, otherwise something worse might happen!” The young ponies nodded in fear, knowing not to try and do Trixie’s “magic.” The stage began to compact itself to be smaller, and therefore fit into her carriage. At the sight of this, the crowd began to leave, also leaving their popcorn and food on the ground.

As Trixie packed up her things and prepared other props for her next show, the sound of giggling and chuckling caught her attention. “...Oh? It appears some have stayed for my next show, well, congratulations you early birds, you’ll get what you--” She looked outside of her carriage, only to see nothing, but the laughing could still be heard. She glanced to the right of her carriage, and not that far of a distance away on a hill, she saw him, Discord!

While Discord often berated her for her “magic” skills, she still considered him an... acquaintance. Whom he was laughing at, she was unsure. She could only see the back of him on the hill, and the people that were being laughed at were on the lower side of the hill in front of him. She raised an eyebrow, and slowly trotted towards the hill to see the, now annoying, laughter. When she arrived, she saw an unexpected sight.

Chrysalis, the queen of the Changelings, was there! She was a little in front of Discord, snickering, seemingly holding back laughter. Below them, Sombra, a strange pony obsessed with a crystal or something along those lines. He was covered in confetti, along with mud and some green substance. Rage shot from his face like cold, sharp daggers. He was very clearly angered, and it seems like Discord and the Changeling queen were responsible.

“You…… WEAK…. PATHETIC EXCUSES FOR EXISTING BEINGS!” The tyrannical, crystal obsessed pony shouted. His voice boomed over the snickering and laughter, causing Discord and Chrysalis to shut up. “I will have your heads for this! BOTH OF YOU!” To this Discord started chuckling, and snickering wildly regaining his former volume of laughter.

“Well, why didn’t you just ask?!” Discord’s very head popped off and fell to the ground, cackling. Chrysalis lost it, and fell as well, laughing as if it were the end of the world. Sombra roared in anger, while his horn glowed with red magic. Discord put his finger to his chin in a thinking position. A physical lightbulb appeared over his head.

With the use of glue, candle wax, mud, and paper, Somba’s entire body was covered, including his mouth. Discord put his head back on, and then kicked Sombra down into the rest of the mud. Cruel as it was, even Trixie found it hard to keep her laughter in. She burst out laughing, making Discord and Chrysalis jump. They started at her, which made her feel a bit odd. Almost unwelcome by their confused gazes. Nightmare Moon was attempting to help Sombra out in the background.

She stopped laughing and stared back in confusion. “Uhm... that was really funny, wasn’t it..?” She spoke. Discord stared for a bit longer. He then teleported onto Chrysalis’ back and screeched, which made Trixie stand back in a surprised manner, that was LOUD.

“RETREAT!” He shouted as he kicked Chrysalis’ sides, and forced her to start rushing away like a cowboy riding his horse, oddly enough a cowboy hat appeared on his head. Trixie’s confusion became disappointment and bewilderment. She slowly walked down the hill to Sombra. “Aha, I apologize, but you must admit that was pretty--” Sombra shot a glare at her.

“QUIET! I do not wish to hear another word from you!” He roared. Certainly, his anger was justified, as he just had been tormented by the pranks of two evil creatures, but it still made Trixie stand back in shock. She knew better than to interact with 'evil' ponies, but she considered herself on good terms with Discord, so these actions surprised her.

He growled and took some of the paper off of his hooves. He trudged away in spite and anger. Her disappointment had been fed, as she now just trotted back to her carriage. “Well, not my fault he can’t take a joke!” She ranted to herself. She growled quietly, her bitterness rising. “I mean honestly, I’ve seen worse pranks done on fillies, how bad could that possibly be?!” She huffed and finished packing her old props and finishing the new ones. After that, all that was left was sleep. Finally. She hopped into her bed that she kept in a compartment in her carriage, and rested her head on the soft pillow. She shut her eyes and prepared for slumber. Well, at least she tried.

The next moments arose. Or rather, the next fit of laughter and yelling arose. The racket had woken her up from her short sleep, and she tiredly walked towards her window. She opened the curtains and saw the mischievous duo and Sombra again. But this time, a new face joined their ranks, Nightmare Moon. She was infamous for nearly causing eternal night, as well as her past with Princess Celestia. Oh GOSH.

She had a scowl on her face as she looked at Discord. “Honestly, where do you find the humor in these idiotic jokes of yours?” She asked them. She rolled her eyes once again, lowering her head. " Really, I've found more humor in Pinkie Pie's antics, which is saying something. "

“Oh, I’m sorry, does her magnificence not allow for such mischief?” Chrysalis said in a snarky and mocking tone. She tilted her head, going closer to Nightmare's personal bubble, which made Nightmare's frown increase, it was like she was willing a thousand swords to stab Chrysalis then and there.

“Now, now younglings, settle down! I don’t want to have to take this to the next..aha..level.” Sombra said with a lick of the teeth and a large grin. Nightmare just rolled her eyes, unamused by the situation, on the other hoof, Chrysalis was still showing off her award-winning mocking expression.

" So, members of the high evil council of evilness and edginess, do we all know why we’re here today?” Discord spoke to the others. " We should think of a name for our little slumber party! "

“You spoke nothing of such a thing! It's a foolish thing. ” Sombra angrily said. He tapped his hoof in actual anticipation, he didn't expect to ever get a name out of it. Perhaps this could be amusing?

“Well, we’re here now, soooooo. I was thinking we could do a bit of a... get togetherish name, if you will! I call it, The Evil Extravaganza of Evilness Slumber party!” Discord said proudly, seemingly proud of what he just had accomplished with the whole NAMING situation.

Silence fell upon them. “...What kind of name is that?” Chrysalis was clearly confused by such a foolish, and almost strange name. “Discord, while I’m usually on board with your antics, this is just rather..how do you put it..? Silly.” Moon nodded in agreement to that statement, which made the Lord of Chaos frown greatly. It was almost annoying how right they were, but he enjoyed the name!
“Well, these past few days excluding last night have been boring! I want to do something fun, and exciting! Let's go on a road trip perhaps, ANOTHER slumber party, or-or... A FESTIVAL.” Discord shouted, confetti exploding around him, and banners somehow teleporting in. “Maybe a bit of chaos and madness threw into the mix!”

Trixie watched on in curiosity. This was getting interesting. “I will not have it. I prefer order over chaos, as well as over you, Discord.” Moon spoke in a prideful voice. She stomped her hoof, DEMANDING respect. Discord just tilted his head curiously.

“I agree.” Sombra finally said something relatively positive. “Well, that’s not my fault! I just can’t help it, it’s in my heart!” He reached into his chest and pulled out a fake heart that you’d see on a Valentine’s Day card. Nightmare Moon rolled her eyes at that. Chrysalis couldn’t help but let out one small snicker, as she was always rather amused by Discord, which was odd. “There’ll be fancy cakes, fancy rooms, fancy beds, fancy everything to compensate for your big egos! A slumber party TWO should be in action. Even if we're still on this one.” Discord cackled. Sombra’s horn began to glow…

“And how can we trust that they aren’t full of spiders like last time?” Sombra huffed.

Discord teleported one of the beds over, and hopped on, only for zero spiders to come out. “..Fine. So long as you don’t try to do your stupid pranks in the middle of the night, I shall try to attend the second slumber party.” Sombra growled, before nodding. He went for the sole purpose of the cakes, as he had his own plans with them.

“Alright then, it’s all set! Chrysalis? I need your input, even though I’ll just make you go anyway. I'm making you go on our planned road trip and festival too.” Discord glanced at her. He had a knowing look that Chrysalis would accept slumber party number two.

“I’ll go.. So long as you give what you’ve promised.” She replied. Chrysalis said, a frown forming on her face at the very thought of Discord pranking them all instead of actually hosting a new slumber party.

“Ohahahahaha! Well, I’ll be sure to provide!”

Trixie’s curiosity got the better of her. She headed outside and trotted towards them. “Good morning, my fellow, er… evildoers….? I could not help but overhear about your slumber party, and I wish to say, may I, the great and powerful Trixie join in on your extravaganza?” Trixie said with an actual nervousness in her voice, usually so confident, but this time there was a hint of hesitation in her tone.

She tried to speak “properly” to hopefully get the votes of Moon and Sombra. Moon looked at the small, blue pony in confusion, while Sombra looked at her with utter disgust. “YOU! The one who laughed at me earlier!” Sombra snarled widely, his expression soured as his eyes focused on the blue magician.

“W-well I..” She stuttered, trying to speak. " You see--... "

“Look, Trixie, this slumber party is for real villains, not random side characters who get mad at the protagonist occasionally!” Discord instantly shut her down. Which brought a distraught expression onto Trixie, even Discord felt a little bad for saying that, he'd consider inviting her, he hadn't wanted her to feel left out, but she was 'redeemed', and the rule was no REDEEMED ponies, other than Nightmare Moon who he could easily transform between the two.

“But I have nothing--”

Nightmare shot daggers with her eyes. She spoke. “I do not care for your words. You have no place among us, so leave. You’d simply ruin the “meeting” with your pathetic tricks.” Trixie was most certainly disappointed... But what else to expect?

These were some of the evilest creatures in Equestria. “Run home, little witch... Or are you going to use your oh so powerful magic to make us let you come?” Chrysalis spoke mockingly. Trixie slowly backed up and trudged back to her carriage in humiliation.

All of their words stung. Even if she was trying not to be a “villain”, she still wished to be included in something. Why can’t you just be a part of something? Something bigger than this…? Even she was starting to doubt her success in her current occupation.

All of her losses had stacked up against her, as now everyone else was against her. Sure, she was a liar, a fraud, but did she really deserve this? This humiliation? Of course, there were worse insults out there, but these were directed at her, causing them to sting more. “..Whatever! The great, and powerful Trixie does not need to go to some silly slumber party anyway!”

She spoke, hoping to calm herself down with her own words. But as expected, even her own words can’t protect her from her emotions, as she nearly started to shed actual tears. She didn’t want to admit, at least not out loud, that she was hurt, humiliated. Why are you crying…..? You don’t need them! Soon, they’ll be begging for you to come! Oh, how the thought of it made her feel joy.

But that’s just pipe dreaming. None of her thoughts ever came to life. She could never get that lucky, no matter how much magic she claimed she had. It’s just all so... Surreal. Why is there no one like you, yet the only ones closest to being like you reject you? Starlight was the rare exception.

But she wouldn’t give up. She had a plan to make them like her. She’d be included. She started taking out her props and began building. They wanted her to be like them? Then they’ll get what they asked for.

She was done being rejected, so now she’d make herself so great, that she will be not only great and powerful, she’d be invited to the slumber party with her fellow villains! She’d no more be considered a lackey to the others. She was NOT secondary, she was the most presentable and most sane villain to say the least. They would not control her. They would not put strings on her.

She would show them all. She would do whatever it takes, she had the ethic, the spirit, the determination to do it, too. She grabbed a firework and followed them to wherever they were going. Once the door was shut, she aimed, and… BANG. There was a loud explosion, which alerted the evil creatures mocking one another and laughing to each other, it caught them off guard, and unknowingly it hit Discord.

" - - ! " Discord didn't realize he had just been hit with a firework and his smokey fur was what gave it away, and he toppled to the ground, he got up and slowly stretched his limbs. He seemed furious, looking at the direction of Trixie, she smirked lightly, which made his expression sour more. But to her surprise... " OHAHAHAHAHAH! " He laughed wildly, like a laugh she had never heard before, not in a dozen or trillion years. Everyone turned to dart their eyes at the direction of the noise, it was true, Discord found himself amused by the situation. " YOU ARE TOTALLY INVITED! " He enjoyed her little scenario? Really?

" R-really? " Her eyes widened and beamed with anticipation and joy, easily comparable to somepony winning a prize of the highest honor. All the villains looked at her suspiciously, but they smirked a little and seemed a little impressed by her bold nature. " Yes, the great and powerful Trixie wins once again! " She said proudly.

And that's how Trixie got invited to the club.

Everyone had just begun to watch a couple of movies an hour ago, it was rather amusing. Throughout the entire time, they all seemed to remark on the movie, and agree on how dumb or smart the movie was. When they watched a horror movie, all of the ponies, even Trixie, agreed that following an evil being out to kill you was a bad idea and that you were ASKING to be murdered.

Though, as the hours passed, and the clock ticked, one by one did they fall asleep. The first one to go was Trixie, as she had such a long day, she wasn't in the slumber party for long, but to feel included was to be enough. She fell asleep, holding her little magic show hat close to her, she seemed to move a lot in her sleep, which didn't bother anypony.

The next to be out was Nightmare Moon, she had remarked that she'd be the last one up but failed miserably. She was a loud snorer and her snores almost were louder than the movie itself's volume. That's why Chrysalis, Sombra, and Discord took it upon themselves to draw on her face and write 'princess Snores-a-lot', which gained a few snickers by the following ponies. She had fallen asleep in the popcorn bowl though, which gained even more quiet laughter as some pieces got stuck in her hair.

Chrysalis, though...? She fell asleep on Discord, which gained a surprising reaction from him. He didn't know how to react, but they were friends, and he'd allow it. Her falling asleep on him was sudden, and he didn't expect it, but she certainly was unexpectedly warm. Warmer than she should've been, which almost forced Discord into his own little slumber, he wasn't' expecting it, but he was indeed asleep before he knew it, one arm wrapped around Chrissy.

Sombra, as the coffee-holic and night owl he is, did not sleep, because who needs sleep? Am I right?

Everyone in the course of one day, despite barely interacting, seemed to have bonded quite a bit over the time. Even Nightmare and Sombra strangely enjoyed themselves. Who knew that even villains could have a good time with one another?

Author's Note:

alright here ya go! worked really hard on it. i hope you like! :twilightsheepish:

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Comments ( 9 )

There are a few signs that you're a beginner, but you're a beginner who has some idea of what you're doing. You put effort in and it shows. A few grammatical details could use some ironing out, but I still loved it. I wish I could explain exactly what the issues are, but it's past 1:30 am at the time I'm posting this, so I'm not nearly coherent enough for that.

omg i get that! haha, i really need a proofreader since i write this late at night and overlook things, i just don't know anyone who'd do that for me. but thank you so much!

thank you! means a lot.

Though there was a few mistakes, this- just like your first story- was another good read.

ty very much! i'll try to get a proofreader.

This was a great read! Love to see what else you come up with :D

oh, tysm!! means a lot to hear. :twilightblush:

I really liked this and wouldn’t mind reading more. Now I want to see Discord and Chrysalis together :fluttercry:

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