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I write for the fun of it all. I read for the same reason. Nothing more epic then Friendship is Magic, the Kingdom of Love and Tolerance!


So the villains of Equestria are causing chaos about Equestria! Who knows what they will do? Join them and find out!

Chapters (3)
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Loving this :duck:
Also why isnt Sunset there?

3055954 3055989 Sunset is in a different dimension and I'm not sure how to write Steve Magnet. Despite this I'm sure I can make them appear, but not as permanent additions fun focused chapters :pinkiehappy:

3057780 Overblow everything about his fabulousness and fashion. Raise Rarity to the 10th power and add in Fancy Pants.

Chrysalis: " we need to kill Twilight's pet dragon, that will sent them a message " :pinkiecrazy:
Sombra: " No that would be gross, also i have a better plan " :moustache:
Discord: " Does it involves stairs? ":ajbemused:
Sombra : " BUCK YOU DISCORD" :flutterrage:

It's simple, we turn the princesses into Slinkies.

Cute! What if Discord inversed the colors on all of Rarity's dresses, then tore them to shreds? It would be funny! Anyways, great writing, and please update soon! :pinkiehappy:

Behold, our secret weapon... THE SCAPEGOAT!

Twilight is so pissed off right now.

Comment posted by KingofBronies deleted Jul 23rd, 2014

4741093 And no one would blame her xD

4741106 Yep. I do had to admit. It is funny.

Sunbutt damn it Tirek. You are not getting an invitation.:trixieshiftleft:

Don't you just hate when a carefully planned and well-meaning prank goes awry because some completely unintended idiot gets involved and wrecks everything?

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