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This story is a sequel to A "Fun" Little Game

After the events of Discord's game, Spike is taken to a mental asylum. He was considered to dangerous to be around for the time being. As such, Twilight and her friends are working to get him out. Meanwhile, Celestia and Luna are wondering if he should be freed.

As for the Cutie Mark Crusaders, they're taken there to talk to a psychiatrist about what they had witnessed in Discord's game. While they're there, they see someone they never thought they'd see.

Meanwhile, Spike is taking Pinkamena's words to heart and debating whether or not he should expose the hypocrisy of the Princesses of Equestria.

1/12/19: This particular portion of the story is complete. There will be a fourth part in the future. (Sadness is Universal, A Fun Little Game, and Patients are all connected.)

Chapters (13)
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Comments ( 47 )

.....is it wrong that I wanted to see more of secret pro wrestler Fluttershy? :twilightblush:

No. But like I said, I’m going to be chilling out with the writing. I don’t know when the next chapter will be up, which is why this chapter is short.

I read this and honestly really enjoyed it. I can't wait to see how it will go with each visit to Spike form everyone. I mean lets be real everything they said is the truth. They have treated Spike like shit for years and even before he moved to Ponyville. But like he said only now that he is a threat, dangerous, and have the nerve to stand up for himself and speak out against him do they want to show him any respect. But even that respect is a bit of bull. Because their first action isn't to help him, work with him, or be there. But they sent him off. They think THIS will help, making him feel trapped and locked away because he now isn't being a good and proper little slave. And honestly I wonder what his OTHER friends will think when word gets out that they locked him up like they did. I think Ember will be the most piss, hell out of everyone who might understand what he is feeling and that is going on in his head it would be her. NOT some pony who can't understand what it is like to be a dragon. They wont try to help Spike find balance they will want to make him submissive and to fit into the proper pony mold and HIS place in their dynamic. Where THEY want him to be and not where HE want to be.

Great chapter I love how this is going. I think if anyone would know alot of the dirt that Celestia has done over her rule it would be Spike. He was originally trained to be Celestia's assistant till she gave hi to Twi. And with no one really thinking much of him everyone wouldn't pay him any mind with him being around. So also all the girls as well, he would hear and see all their dirt and secrets. He knows best chance what alot of them are hiding. I think he would also be ready for Luna when she comes. Hell he might even change his sleeping so he will be awake at night and sleep during the day so it is more unlikely Luna will show up in his mind. I would very much like to see Spike get close to Tiara, she has her own issues and has been hurt by the girls in some way. So I can see her bonding with him since he knows all about how they really are. I can't wait to see when Twi show up and how that will go. Twi like to think she is above all the shit but she is just as much in it as everyone. I think Spike knows he will be being watched since he has connections to three different kingdoms and they can't risk them finding out about his situation. I know for sure Ember would bust him out with force and his changling buddy could get him sneaked out before anyone even know he was gone. There are just so many fun and interesting places this story could go and I can't wait for the next chapter. I wonder will Twi's parents come see him, they MIGHT be close to him since he did grow up with Twi and all or even Moondancer since she was close to him when they were in Canterlot as well.

A thought cause of this past season of MLP.....would Fluttershy need to be looked after for MPD.....or might she have better control over it?

Actually I’m pretty sure that Twilight hatched that egg and he was hers.

Also I know you’ve seen Smile HD and know that Pinkamena would’ve won the fight. I really like the story though. It’s really good I just personally don’t like some of the events but that not gonna stop me from reading it!

Also second theory is that Pinkie has weakened Pinkamena which is why she’s always lost because Pinkie has been fighting her which makes it hard for Pinkamena to use her full power or I’m just triggered that she didn’t win Discord’s game and she didn’t beat Fluttershy dictionary.com/e/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/triggered-2.png

Oh yea he was her assistant for sure. But i just mean Celestia had to be the one tontrain him fornthe job, get him ready, which also i have to believed he worked for her as well when they were in canterlot. But now that i think about it we really dont know much if anything of what Spike did back then when they were in Canterlot. That is a huge gap in time we have no idea of what was happening then

This was a interesting chapter for sure. It fits I think that the root of it all would be Celestia. She has built up this uncorruptible image to everyone for years. I mean she has 1000 years of being the sole ruler she would have made sure that her will is in bedded into her ponies. And anything that she feel is a challenge to that is a threat. I don't think Luna is in on this, I think Luna's issues is the same with the elements and that is they have blind trust in Celestia. But the difference there for good or bad is that Luna is her sister. She KNOWS Celestia isn't a god or a perfect being like the Elements think of her. But she is still her sister and that is a strong bond. So it will be interesting to see how that goes. I think one of the hardest ones to get through will be Twi, she WORSHIP Celestia. She take every word of hers as gospel. It will take a major event for that faith to tip. Like if Celestia asked Twi to do something she is morally against. That would be something that would cause her views on her teacher to start to change.

This chapter hurt.

And I love the ending. YUSSSS

Hmm. I like the basic idea behind this story. That Celestia is a secret puppet master who has grown so used to being worshiped as a god she is willing to do whatever she has to to keeps her power and glory.
But the Diamond Tiara thing feels clumsy. It very bad planing on Celestia's part as far as getting Diamond out of the picture. Even with Spoiled going along with it her being put in an Asylum and labeled an orphan could easily be exposed by any pony that knows her. It also brings up the question of where the hell Filthy Rich is in all of this. Since he's been shown to genuinely care about Diamond.
Wouldn't it make more sense for Celestia to ruin Spoiled and Diamond through propaganda? To smear campaign them by saying Spoiled donating money wasn't real charity. That she and Diamond were still the same horrible ponies and were just buying publicity and love.
If she were to see her mother's attempts at being kind and generous ruined by Celestia that would be a good way to explain Diamond turning on Celestia/realizing the kind of pony she is, and perhaps even have Spoiled go back to being mean and spiteful.
It would also be easier to dismiss Diamond's rants as that of a child lashing out due to her mother's failings.

It’s still a work in progress. I’m trying to figure it out

Oh look another Celestia is a horribly evil bitch Puppet Master. Like those aren't old news.

Bathing in the nothingness of her dreamscape, she felt herself begin to relax. It was the first time she had been able to ever since she regained her ability to fly. But it seemed that even then, her relaxation wouldn't last long. Even though she was surrounded with nothing, she felt a pain in her chest. Squeezing her eyes shut, she flailed her arm behind her, trying to get whoever was doing that away from her.

Ok this has happened a lot. You do know that ponies don’t have arms, they have forelegs.

College does suck.

No offense, but.....I feel like you might be triggered.....least for the latter fight. I'll admit that I was mildly triggered when Flutters got MDK'd by Pinkamena via sneak attack cause I was thinking (read: hoping) that she too would've dug into her darker side and perhaps led an army of creatures into battle.

Is it safe to say that this is part of a trilogy?

This was interesting for sure. I can't wait to see what will happen with Luna when she start to see into the girls and it might cause her to start to question some of her sister's actions. I wonder how the visit with Cand will go, I mean unlike the ponies she IS a alicorn as well. I am sure she has alot of loyalty to Celestia as well but best chance not as much as Twi seeing how unlike Twi she is older and has her OWN kingdom to run. But I think we should see how much this is REALLY hard on Celestia, show that she isn't evil and a monster. That she is a old leader who has learned long aog sometime you have to do fucked up shit for the greater good. She isn't a monster but this is somepony who have been around for around 10000 years as fought in a number of wars and defended pony kind and united them. That ALL can't be done with rainbows and love. Even tho she tries her hardest to use that before all else.

That sounds awsome not gonna lie

"Why," he said as Twilight opened the door, "Why don't you believe me...what about me makes me so unlikable to everyone...?"

Poor little Spikey :fluttercry:

This was interesting for sure. I find this to be something that Celestia keep saying there are no dragons outside of Spike around. Does that mean that the dragon District in Filidelphia isn't a thing in this story. There is a whole area in that city for dragons. Not to mention I wonder what does she think will happen if she put that into play. It might not just effect dragons, who lets face it will best chance act out if they get wind of that law. But other species that could be seen as 'dangerous' will have a negitive view of Equestria. Griffons also eat meat, tend to be bigger than ponies, are grumpy, and have sharp claws, how do you think they will react to dragons being kicked out they will for sure believe they are next. If things keep going on he path they are it will all become alot worse before it becomes better

I wonder if the Elements are more of Celestias Figurehead/Puppets then true examples of the elements. It wouldn’t surprise me if Celestia manipulated things to ensure the ponies “chosen” wouldn’t threaten her rein. I’m getting a “benevolent” tyrant theme with her finally going too far.

Great chapter, I wonder what Celestia has done to Diamond. I mean when Diamond shows up after being in there than what will Celestia say? It would be clear that she lied about putting her in there seeing how another Alicorn JUST found her in there. So will she go and have a 'talk' with Diamond to get her to keep her mouth shut and what about her parents don't they not recognize her anymore? I do like the idea that Celestia has been manipulating events this whole time behind the scenes. She hasn't been trying to be cruel or evil but she does what she feel is a must to keep her kingdom running. How much does Discord also know about everything Celestia is doing as well, I wonder did she even plan Shy to keep Discord content so he would stay out of her way? So many interesting questions about how far does Celestia's reach go and what will become of Spike, the Mane 6, and the CMC?

Lunan thought carefully before responding.


The door creaked open and in trotted Princess Cadance, trotted in, wearing a smile. Spike frowned at the sight of her. There was nothing wrong with her. Spike just wished that he felt like that. Knowing that in the end, everything is going to be all right. In the end, there would still be people that loved him. There were only 24 hours in a day, and most of the time, nopony realizes how quickly time really flies. It seemed to stop just for Spike, though. Every second that passed seemed like a century.

Double trotted

Hey you should label this as a sequel to A “Fun” Little Game it’s not labeled.

Scootaloo was interrupted by the sudden beeping of the microwave. Trudging over to take out her now-warm milk, she couldn't help but think of all of the additional repercussions that the dream could have. For example, the princess could think differently about the Rainbow, Applejack, and Rarity because of this. It was one of the few things Scootaloo didn't want to be responsible for.

About the Rainbow, Applejack, and Rarity?

You could get a proofreader. There are a couple of them floating around. I can tell you how to share unfinished chapters and everything

Well, instead of using words like “we” (as in you’re addressing the audience, character dialogue doesn’t count), you could just describe what is happening instead of writing the audience into the story. Hope that helps. :raritywink:

"...and that fight we had, she showed me how she really felt," Spike said with tears in her eyes, "I trusted her, Sweetie Belle. I poured out my secrets, my past, my hopes and...well, she already knows my dreams, but you get the point. I told her everything. And in the end..."

Spike is a girl?

Her retelling of the story had come with painful details that she had purposefully left out to Spike, Pinkie and the Crusaders. After asking why she did not tell them, she found out that if the filly were to repeat them to the others, she would be crying for a long time.*

Random *

" You're not dense, Spike. I think you know what I mean."

Space after the “

Interesting chapter, I can't wait to see where it will go and the next visit. I do wonder what is Luna's plan? I mean putting the girls in there I would only think make Spike AND the Cmc not trust her and their sisters even more so. It would look like retaliation for them telling her what they believe.

The last sentence though :twilightoops:

Good job on the chapter, by the way! :raritywink:

Wait, wait, wait I got you...


"Oh, Celestia help us," Apple Bloom muttered as her sister shook her head, knowing what's about to come.

Wait why would you want Celestia to help you now?

The instant she finished that sentence, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle fainted.

Happy holidays to you too! :pinkiehappy::pinkiesad2:

I think this chapter is one of my favorite chapters. By the way, are you going to replace Spoiled with an OC in the previous chapters as well?

If she’s mentioned by name, then I’ll go back at the end.

This is interesting for sure. Luna honestly doesn't seem like she is really giving the CMC any other option but to do what she wants. Which she also said that the moment they confided in her their path was sealed. So that does very much make this sound like retaliation for them trusting her. Another interesting thing I have noticed is that they always say it was a mistake or whatever when it comes to Spike, But what was the mistake? Was it thinking that, or the fact they said it out loud? I am looking forward to Luna and Celestia's visit with Spike since it could go a number of ways. Mostly with Luna trying to convince Spike he was wrong in the way he view them and maybe even trying to get him to think/act the way he use to be ,you know when he was easier to handle. Celestia I think would try to figure out what is it Spike knows as well as try the same thing as Luna. But she is doing it because he would feel that if she can't than she will have to keep him locked up and she really doesn't want to do that but will if she must. But there is something for sure I am personally at least seeing more and more, Celestia isn't the 'bad' one and Luna is the 'good' one, they both have and are doing some pretty fucked up things for the sake of their country and what they think is right. It is just as of now we have heard more of Celestias actions than we have Luna. But you don't live as long as Luna has without doing some pretty fucked up things as well lol.

questioning your mentality. continue on

When you make characters shout, use italics, not caps lock. Italics look better and they’re just more commonly used.

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