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Lost Dreamer - Arceaion

What price will you pay to protect others? Would you give up everything just to protect them? My name is Chara Dreemurr and I was given a chance when someone payed the price for me with their soul, memories and life.

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Chapter 4 - Duet Dance of Knives and Dreams

Chara and Asriel Stood on opposite sides of the training ground watching each other around them several guards stood watching curiously with the princesses on the sidelines. "Well, here we go." Chara said as Asriel smiled and the world changed color. "It's a beautiful day out side. The sun is shining, children are laughing," Chara sighed and closed her eyes a smile appearing on her face. "on days like this, brothers like you... are about to get dunked on!" Chara said as her eyes snapped open glowing red as she raised her hand launching several knives at Asriel.

Asriel dodged the knives and jumped over the Gaster Blasters as they fired missing him. "Ok, that was pretty good." he said as he turned to Chara his eyes glowing a rainbow of colors as he raised his hand and snapped his fingers. Immediately several bolts of lightning shot from the sky and slammed in to the ground. Chara dodged the attack as Asriel pointed his hand at Chara and several meteors fell from the sky crashing into the ground. Chara smiled as her eyes changed from red to cyan and she snapped her fingers vanishing.

Asriel quickly summoning a sword made of rainbow energy and blocked several yellow beams of magic as Chara ran at him her eyes changing orange as she threw several punches her fists enveloped in orange magic before they shifted back to red and a knife appeared in her hand.

Asriel smiled as he dodged and parried the strikes before flipping backward his arm out stretched a fire ball firing at Chara. Chara eyes switched to green and a shield appeared in front of her absorbing the attack. Chara charged forward her knife shifting forms into sword.

Chara smiled. "Your doing well bro." Chara said as she said as the two circled each other.

"How about we pick up the pace?" Asriel asked smiling.

Charas eyes glowed brighter as she and Asriel charged each other meeting in the center of the training ground causing a dust cloud to be kicked up and obscuring the spectators view. Several of the guards cheered as the princesses watched on enthralled by the battle.

Suddenly two forms shot out of the top of the cloud and the audience gasped as they watched Chara and Asriel striking each other using their momentum and the force of the strikes to keep each other in the air. Suddenly several knives appeared around Chara making it look like she had red glowing wings and she dove at her brother who opened his arms as if to embrace her only for several odd cylindrical objects to appear around him "Chaos Buster!" He yelled confidently as the cylinders fired a rainbow laser at Chara.

Chara eyes widened and the knives disappeared as a green glowing frying pan appeared in her hand and she used it to block the blast before she screamed and slammed into Asriel the two crashing to the ground only for the to leap out of the crater and charge one another again their swords striking against each other powerful enough to give off sparks. Suddenly Charas eyes glowed cyan and again she disappeared and reappeared on the other side of the field.

Asriel smirked. "Giving up Chara?" he asked smugly.

"Chara smiled as her eyes glowed. "Time to go all out Azzy, survive this and I'll show you my special attack. She said as he raised her hand. A maze of knives appeared and fired at Asriel who dodged them and ducked under a Gaster Blaster blast, Charas eyes glowed blue and she raised her and and acted as if she was grabbing something.
Asriels soul turned blue as his gravity was altered and Chara slammed him around before teleporting him into another maze of bones with several yellow beams that he had to dodge and weave around, She then teleported him into a circle of Gaster Blasters and they fired on him making him run in a circle to dodge them. She them sent wave after wave of knives at him forcing him to dodge. Asriel dodged them all and smiled only to be teleported again as knives shot from the ground in patterns.

Chara eyes glowed purple and she raised her hand snapping her fingers unleashing several bolts of lightning from the sky. Asriels eyes widened as he dodged to lightning only to have his gravity inverted and Chara to slam him around slowing down more and more till finally stopping.

"Well, you did it," She said breathing heavily. "you made it to the end. Well as promised, my special attack." Chara said calmly. Asriel braced for an attack but nothing came. "That's right, this is it, nothing. One of these attacks you'll get a lucky shot and actually hit me. So, I've decided that this will be it, you won't get your turn. We'll just stand her til you quit."

Asriel stared at his sister for a moment before bursting out laughing. "Oh come on Chara!" He said through laughing. "We both know you can do better." He said as he sighed and nodded. "I chose MERCY." He said with a smile.

The world went back to it's colored state and the crowed roared and applauds shocking the two. Around them stood a ring of guards and servants who were cheering and stamping their hooves. Celestia and Luna slowly approached the two hiding their emotions as they neared. "That was quite impressive." Luna said wearily.

"Why are you two so skilled?" Celestia asked. "From what we understand Monsters were peaceful."

Asriel nodded. "We were peaceful but don't mistake kindness for weakness. There is a saying that we followed once we were sealed away, hope for peace but prepare for war."

"Even though humans had sealed us away they still planed to finish them off later." Chara said. "When I was adopted by the monsters I was trained with Azzy in combat so that if the humans attacked we would be able to defend ourselves."

"That was not defense, that was combat." Luna said.

Chara and Asriel looked at each other and back at the princesses confused. "That wasn't us even actually fighting." Asriel said concerned. "If we went all out then there wouldn't be a forest around."

"You weren't even really fighting!" Celestia asked shocked making the guards look confused.

Chara shook her head. "When I was trained I earned the tittle Arbiter and my brother earned the tittle Reaper."

"What does that mean?" Luna asked.

"Chara and I were raised during a time when a human invasion was feared. Mom and Dad wanted to make sure we were ready to defend ourselves as well as the kingdom in the event that such happened.

Celestia sighed in relief. "We'll I doubt you'll have to worry about fighting anyone. We haven't a full scale war in over since the fall of Discord."

Luna groaned. "Just because there is peace now doesn't mean that there will always be peace sister." She said as she turned to Chara and Asriel. "Would you two be willing to train our guards?"

"No." Chara said with a yawn. "There is a reason that here was only two Arbiters and Azzy was the only Reapers."

"Very well, if you need me I will be filling out the adoption papers." Celestia said with a smile as she turned and exited the training grounds.

Asriel and Chara yawned again and Luna turned to them concerned. "You must be tired after such a workout, do you wish me to take you to your room? She asked. The two nodded sleepily and She chuckled. 'Despite their power and maturity they are still children.' She thought as she picked them up with her magic and set them on her back before walking into the castle.

Several Hours later Luna groaned as she trudged into Celestias study and flopped on a pillow set out for her. "I despise those nobles." She groaned.

Celestia sighed as she looked up from the adoption papers. "Which ones Luna?"

"The Unicorns are all pompous pricks, the Pegasus are aggro as fuck." Luna yelled into the pillow before looking up to Celestia. "And the Earth Ponies don't actually give a fuck about anything that doesn't pertain specifically to them."

"So...farming?" Celestia asked confused. Luna shoved her face into her pillow and groaned. "Well now that you have time, could you sign this?"

Luna grumbled something as she rose and walked over to Celestia and looked over the paper and smiled. "So we are doing it?" She asked excitedly. Celestia nodded And Luna squealed as she hugged Her sister. "Tis truly a glorious day!" She exclaimed.

Celestia nodded. "One thing I thought of that well have to do is home school Asriel." She said

Luna thought for a moment before nodding. "Indeed and Chara will be required to take a test for her credentials." She said before sighing. "For some reason I have a bad feeling about this."

Celestia laughed. "It's alright Luna, honestly what could go wrong?"

Author's Note:

So here is the next chapter and now I want to ask you what you want to see, this story is set 1000 years before the Show so I want to know what you see. I have plans for a battle with Sombra and maybe a few others but I really have no idea what to do for the calmer 'slice of life' part of the story. So if you have any ideas on what you want for those calmer moments then post them in the comments.

Well with that, I hope you like the chapter an I hope to see you in the next one.

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