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Lost Dreamer - Arceaion

What price will you pay to protect others? Would you give up everything just to protect them? My name is Chara Dreemurr and I was given a chance when someone payed the price for me with their soul, memories and life.

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Chapter 2 - The Arbiters Cry

As the trio flew toward the distend mountains Luna turned to Chara. "Princess Dreemurr, you know you never did tell us what you meant by Red Soul." She said.

"Ah, yes that is important. Humans have different trait that their soul is aligned to. There are seven Natural Traits and three known Unnatural Traits of the souls."

"What do you mean by Unnatural Traits and how are they not known?" Celestia asked.

"An Unnatural Soul Trait is use by a corrupted soul. I actually can tap into one of the known Unnatural souls, the most powerful of them actually, Hate." Chara said. "I try to not but it will happen if I am suffering to much."

"What are the traits and what do they do?" Luna asked.

"As I said there are seven Natural Traits. The first is my soul the Red Soul of Determination." Chara said. "Determination allows the bearer the abilities of Time Manipulation, the ability to create liquid Determination and mold it into anything, and allows them to use all of the Natural Souls abilities. "

"You can control time?" Celestia asked.

"Yes, this is how I always stopped the Person who we are going to be facing. They also have a Red Soul and can manipulate time so be careful." Chara said to the princess who nodded. "The next soul is the Cyan Soul of Patience, this allows the user spacial manipulation and the ability to to Teleport.
Next is the Orange Soul of Bravery. Bravery allows the user to temporarily boost their psychical abilities, makes them natural fighters and grants them a set of gauntlets that can manifest with the users magic.
Then you have the Blue Soul of Integrity, Integrity allows the user to alters the gravity of the area around them.
After that is the Purple Soul of Perseverance, Perseverance allows it's bearer to mimic any magic they have seen even if it was seen only once. It can also make one memorize information and increase their intelligence.
Then there is the Green soul of Kindness, Kindness allows the user to use green magic or healing magic to heal themselves or others from any injury as long as it isn't fatal. It can also manifest a shield that can block any attack.
And finally there is the Yellow soul of Justice. Justice allows the user to summon a gun made of their magic and fire multiple beams of magic."

"Those are vary powerful abilities and you say that you can use all these powers?" Celestia asked shocked.

Chara nodded. "Yes, I also have an ability I learned from a friend called Karmic Retribution. Karmic Retribution allows me to see the LV of anyone and punish them accordingly."

"What is LV?" Celestia asked.

“LV is short for level of violence, a way to measure someone's capacity to hurt others. LV 1-5 means your not really a bad person but you have killed be it in self defense, or to exact justice. LV 6-10 makes you a bit more dangerous and is the middle, neutral, ground between a good person and a murder. This is where most solders are due to that they do.

LV 11-19 means you are a Murderer who enjoys killing innocent for fun. Well it's that or you drowned a dozen puppies in a river for fun. Either way your a horrible person. However if one were to achieve an LV of 20 it means you're a psychopath and have committed genocide of an entire species."

"That is interesting." Luna said in thought. "So you skill Karmic Retribution allows you to see the LV of any opponent?"

Chara nodded. "It also allows me to to deal more damage to my opponent depending on their LV. For instance some one with a LV 3 would not be as affected as someone with an LV 10."

"Interesting, this is quiet interesting Princess Dreemurr." Celestia said.

"Please just call me Chara." Chara asked. "Anyway I still haven't told you about the Unnatural Souls."

"Ah, yes What are these Unnatural souls?" Luna asked.

"For starters not much is know about them and only three have been discovered at the moment. The first is the one I control, The Black Soul of Hatred. From what is known only a Soul of Determination. I've only used it once and it was in a small dose so I don't know what it's capable of.

Next is the Pink Soul of Fear. This is the only Magic that can truly harm a bearer of the Red soul of . When using the Fear trait one gains total regeneration, the ability to create liquid Fear and shape it in anyway they want. The most disturbing ability of the Fear trait is the fact that it can consume other souls and destroy them."

"That is disturbing, with such power one cold destroy entire kingdoms." Luna said.

Chara nodded. "Indeed, fortunately there is only one person who controlled the Soul of Fear and they are long dead."

"Given what you have told us I assume the last is just as dangerous?" Celestia asked.

Chara shook her head. "No, the last one is perhaps the most troubling in sense of power but they are relatively harmless, it is the Magenta Soul of Despair. Like the others when using the Despair trait one gains total regeneration, the ability to create liquid Despair and shape it in anyway they want. Despair has the special ability to sap Hope and Life of any creature near them."

"That is troubling, if one was to have this trait they would simply have to walk near others to cause depression or kill them." Celestia said.

"The trait of Despair is the most harmless of all the Unnatural Traits." Chara said.

"Pardon the interruption but we will be landing in a moment." One of the guards said causing the group to turn surprised to see the mountain beneath them.

Slowly they landed and the princesses disembarked. Chara quickly ran a head of them and entered a cave the princesses following after her. As the entered they saw a radiant white barrier that blocked the way deeper into the cave.

"Stand back Chara, We will try to brake the seal." Celestia said as she and Luna lit their horns.

Chara nodded and walked behind them, after several moments the barrier began to crack and finally with the sound of breaking glass it shattered. Chara and the Alicorns ran deeper into the underground and as they approached the throne room they heard something.

"Why not settle this over a nice cup of tea?" A voice asked. The Alicorns and Chara entered the room just in time to see a human similar to Chara strike the king causing him to fall to his knees. "Why...would... you..." He asked before he was struck again by the child and turned to dust.

Slowly a flower with a sad face popped up from the ground. "So, you killed everyone again huh? Why, why Chara why would you kill us your friends?!" The flower yelled in pain.

The two Alicorns stared in shock at the child while tears began to fall down Charas face. Suddenly Chara stepped forward the grass and flowers crunched under her feet as she approached the two before them. Slowly the human looked up and the flower turned around it's eyes widening in surprise as tears began to fall.

"Hey little bro, been a while." Chara said as she knelt down and pet the flowers head.

"C-Chara..." Flowey said before crying.

Chara closed her eyes and slowly seven orbs appeared around her and entered the flower causing a flash of light enveloped the room. As the light faded a young goat child sat where Flowey once was tears running down his face. "Celestia, Luna take care of my brother for a bit, I got to deal with this monster." She said as she rose and turned to her doppelganger.

"So partner, was it fun to play with my lil'brother?" Chara asked. "Well I guess it's my turn to play with you." She said as her form began to glow.

Slowly Chara grew a little taller and the cloths she wore began to shift and change. As the light faded everyone stared in shock at the girl before them. She looked older but not by much her green and yellow striped sweater to a white T-shirt and a green zip up hoodie jacket her brown pants remained the same tucked in to her boots which had change to red.

"So, I've got a question PLAYER. Do you thing that even the best people change change? That anyone can do evil if they're pushed to far?" Chara asked as they eyed the PLAYER.

"Chara no! Don't do it!" Asriel cried out.

*Chara ignores her brothers plea. Arbiter Chara blocks PLAYERS path.

"No answer huh?" Chara asked the player. "Alright here's a better question. Do you want to have a bad time?"

The player smiled and raised their knife at Chara. Chara sighted sadly as a long knife with a glowing white blade appeared in her hand.

*Chara summoned the TRUE KNIFE

"Alright her we go." she said.

Suddenly the room went gray scale causing Celestia and Luna to freeze in surprise as the battle began.

"It's a beautiful day outside. The sun is shining, flowers are blooming." Chara closed her eyes as a tear fell. "On days like this People like you should be rotting in hell!" As Chara yelled the last line glowing red knives appeared around her and she launched them at the player in a complex maze that the PLAYER had to weave through. As soon as they were out of the maze a dragon skull appeared and fired a red beam at them. The PLAYER dodged the attack and charged at Chara leaping over another blast and slashed at Chara who nimbly dodged their strikes.

"What? You thought you could hit me so easily?" Chara asked with a smile as her eyes began to glow red as wisps of magic came from them. "Let me ask you, how did it feel to gain more and more LV?:|" she asked as another wave of knives came at the PLAYER. " Do you feel your sins crawling down your back?"

This time they ripped out of the ground and and fire in complex patterns that the PLAYER had to evade though they weren't always successful. The Player cried out as they were hit and suddenly their soul appeared and shattered. At the end of the corridor the star flashed and grew walking out from it was the PLAYER who charged Chara.

Chara smiled and raised her knife above her head as it transformed into a glowing white scythe with a brown handle. The scythe flashed Blue, orange, blue , blue, red and Chara swung the weapon launching waves of magic in that pattern. The PLAYER stopped on the blue and kept running through the orange before jumping over the red and slashing at Chara again once again missing.

Chara smiled as she dodged the blow. "So what do you think about all this? In the end your the one to blame." She said as the scythe returned to its knife form as several bone dragons appeared from summoning circles and flew above the player and began firing beams at the PLAYER while Chara surrounded the player with red knives and launched them at the PLAYER who was forced to jump over them.

Once the attack ended the PLAYER charged at Chara again swinging several times with each being dodged by Chara. Charas smile faded as she eyed the PLAYER. "My mother, Queen Toriel, did she truly deserve what you did to her?" She asked as the knife transformed again only this time it was a sword. Chara charged forward and swung the blade with precision striking the player dealing huge damage to them. She swung several times before back-flipping away and summoning a Gaster Blaster to fire on the PLAYER killing them.

Again the star flashed and grew the PLAYER charge Chara only this time Chara charged as well meeting them halfway and swinging her sword striking them. "Heh, surprised by that attack? Then get ready for a surprise my mirror." She said as she summoned several more attacks causing the player to dodge before Chara raised her hand an the PLAYER crashed to the floor. "Now your Blue." She said with a smile as she sent more knives at them.

The PLAYER dodged to the best of their ability but they couldn't dodge everything and were hit several times. Chara girt her teeth as black liquid began to leak from her eyes and rundown her face, her skin had grown paler and she was breathing hard. The PLAYER charged again and swung only to miss again and be stabbed through the chest. "'Cus of you the Underground is now empty, you even Killed Alphys. It wasn't self-defense, no it was something...more." She said as the PLAYERS Soul shattered again and another took its place charging from the star smiling only to be slammed back as the sword became a scythe again.

"Is this to easy for you?" Chara asked before smiling. "Well that can be fixed." Two more dragons were summoned as well as thousands of knives and Gaster Blasters and a gun appeared in her hand. "You know we never were friends right?" She asked as she fired the gun and launched waves of knives while firing the Blasters. Once that was done the Dragons swooped down and fired beams from their mouths and swiped at the PLAYER with their claws coordinating so that one was blue and the other Orange.

"Not even King Asgore, my father, could stop you." Chara said as her scythe morphed into a trident which she used to attack charging it with magic. Blue, blue orange blue blue Red was the pattern that she fired. The PLAYER tried to dodge the attacks but was killed and Chara advanced again nearing closer and closer to the Save Point. The PLAYER charged angrily at Chara only to be grabbed by one of the dragons an thrown into the wall.

"Don't pretend that this is the first time either. You met death by them may times before." Chara said angrily as she deflect the PLAYERS attack rather than dodge. "I hate you so much!" She yelled as she grabbed the PLAYER and suplex them into the floor killing them again.

This time before they were able to exit the Save Point Chara charged, the trident returned to a knife as Chara thrust it into their chest causing the PLAYER to freeze. "You may keep silent but I see through you.
You do this because you just want to have fun. You can't be happy with out someone dead." Chara reached out and touched the Save Point. "You know these thing are a double edged sword? You can create a save point in them but it can only be one at a time." Chara smiled. "Save in one and your data in another will be erased. Normally this wouldn't be a problem but when there are two Souls of Determination then if one is stronger than the other then they can override the data on it." The PLAYERS eyes widened as they realized what was about to happen. "Get dunked on you Genocidal Megalomaniac and when you get to hell tell them Chara sent you."

Chara Dreemurr
The first fallen child

The PLAYER began to struggle and flailed but it as hopeless. Chara smiled as she pressed the SAVE button overriding the PLAYERS SAVE and replacing it with theirs. The PLAYER released a silent scream as their body began to break apart ill nothing was left. Once nothing remained Chara saved again and walked toward the exit where Celestia and Luna stared in awe. As she approached Asriel ran over to her tackling her into hugged and knocking them off her feet tears falling from his eyes.

"Seriously, you are such a crybaby Chara" said as tears fell form her eyes and she embraced her brother.

"Th-they're gone. They killed everyone. We're the last Monsters in the Underground." Asriel cried.

Charas eyes widened before she pulled Asriel into a tighter hug and cried. Celestia and Luna watched sadly hearing everything. "What do we do sister?" Luna asked sadly.

"What can we do Luna." Celestia asked sadly. "Those two have lost everything and if Charas story is true then they have seen and done more than any child ever should. They have suffered through something that we will never understand and they are the only one left of an entire race." Celestia sighed before looking at her sister. "For now we let them be. When they have recovered we can take them back to the palace."

"And then?" Luna asked.

"I don't know Luna, I don't know."

Author's Note:

Well that's depressing. I hope you enjoyed this chapters and I hope to see you in the next one.

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