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I am an independent media producer. I am also a brony. I write fanfics from time to time. Yay


A regular afternoon in Autumn, a white unicorn has an emergency.
It is absolutely horrible, The Worst Possible Thing!

She runs out of shampoo.

She then quickly recovers by using Sweetie Belle's.
Nothing could possibly go wrong right?

Slice of life story revolving around Rarity, and her hair.
Expect updates, but rather slowly. Please comment, and let me know your thoughts and opinions.

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I suspect the stuff I use is worse than anything Sweetie Belle has ever tried.

I take it Rarity doesn't use Mane 'N Tail, then.

1009132 I see what you did there... that would be a good name for a ponified shampoo... maybe it'll be what Sweetie Belle uses?
Ideas, ideas... now to implement! :twilightsmile:


Mane 'N Tail is actually a real shampoo (as well as conditioner), mainly meant for horses but happily used by many people as well. Its detractors point out that the shampoo product can prove damaging to human hair, due to the use of sodium lauryl sulfate and other chemicals in its formulation. Mention of the chemical in your story is what made me think of it, actually.

1010830 Sodium Lauryl Sulfate damages hair?! :pinkiegasp:
uh... hold on, I'm going to change shampoos....
Aside from that, I thought Mane 'N Tail was a ponification of Head 'N Shoulders, due to the similar word usage...
Eh, it still works. *shrug*


I've used both, and they've worked fine for me. :applejackunsure:

I got a dislike! My life is OVER!!

It's the worst. Possible. Thing!:raritydespair:

I updated! Yay! Write first, sleep later! Zzzz...

I just love the idea of a list of Spells That Cannot Backfire. Because, you know, they can and will.

Just realized that this fic probably deserves the 'comedy' tag. Derp. 6_9 *edit*

Oh boi, cue Discord.
Also, darn your chapter puns, they drive me to facehoof

Space Ghost Coast to Coast reference, actually, but thanks for playing. If you'd clicked his link you'd have realized it wasn't a spelling mistake.



A little bit late, aren't you?

>commented 7 months ago


Well, nobody else told you. Can't help that I only just found this fic.

2325254 2331878
Personally, I thought she would have used L'oreal.
Because she's worth it. :v

poor Rarity.
her long mane and tail are now short after using Sweetie Belle's shampoo.
I tried to submit my fan fiction stories Blue Blade's Story: How He got His Cutie mark both versions and failed.
am I doing something wrong. ?

that's a very good second chapter that you've wrote.

that's a very good third chapter that you've wrote.

that's a very good fourth chapter that you've wrote.

Why does the chapter require fillers? It is still well above the publishing limit, isn't it?
You don't need to state who wrote the story, name the chapter or the story within the chapter by any means, it is already there to see.
On a second note, is it a second POV for the second chapter?

Wait, why do you insist on naming the chapter within the chapter, when it is already on top of the page as Standard on the site?
Since this seems to be about Rarity exclusively, why do you keep insisting on the line at the end?

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