• Published 26th Jul 2012
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Anthology of Interest Two: The Sequel - Sleipnirs Foal

The sequel of MLP: Anthology of Interest. This time with Celestia, Luna and Spike

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No Rest for the Witty

Anthology of Interest Two: The Sequel

No Rest for the Witty

Twilight Sparkle lay quietly in bed. The series of baykok attacks this week had taken a lot out of her. Who knew that part of town had been built over an ancient buffalo burial ground? But now that everything was taken care of, she could finally get some sleep.

After a few hours the purple mare felt herself being drawn from her slumber. She knew she was awake, but refused to open her eyes, trying to will herself back to sleep. That's when she noticed what had woken her up in the first place. It felt like somepony was staring at her, what's more it felt like that pony was standing right above her, waiting. Slowly opening her eyes Twilight saw a large white blur. Closing her eyes again, she reopened them to see the blur had two magenta eyes and a smile. Blinking away the sleep Twilight saw that it was Princess Celestia standing over her, with a gentle grin on her face (though some may have said it looked more like a smirk).

This was totally irregular, so Twilight did what she always did in bewildering situations: Make a mental checklist and devise an appropriate solution.

1. It is the middle of the night: Check

2. I am in my bedroom: Check

3. I am in bed: Check

4. My mentor and princess is here: Check

5. She is standing over me, watching me sleep: Check

The fitting reaction for this situation? Sit up and greet the Princess, then inquire what she is doing here at this late hour:

Twilight let out a crazed yelp, flailing her limbs about wildly. Since she was still under her covers she managed to tangle herself in a blanket. Now struggling to get free she rolled off the bed onto the hard wooden floor.

“Almost check.” Said Twilight as she freed herself from her plush restraints. Getting to her hooves the scholar saw a look of concern turn to one of relief on Celestia's features.

“I'm sorry Twilight, I didn't mean to scare you.” The Princess said, her smile (smirk) now returning, “I was trying to figure out the best way to wake you up.”

Regardless of the means, Twilight was now fully awake and in panic mode. “Princess! What are you doing here? Is something wrong? Is Equestria in danger again? Should I get the girls?”

“Calm down, Twilight.” Celestia rested a reassuring hoof on her pupils shoulder. “Equestira is safe, this is an unofficial visit.”


“Yes Twilight, we have been getting rather frustrated with palace life, so we decided to take a little break this evening.”


“Indeed, Twilight Sparkle.” From a dark corner of the room a midnight blue alicorn walked into the circle of light radiating from the candle Celestia had lit.

“Princess Luna, you're here too?”

“It is so Twilight Sparkle. As my sister said, the castle has become too tedious, so we decided to 'hang out.'”

“Okay. But why here?”

“My sister has been lamenting your absence. It seems she misses your presence.”

Twilight beamed at hearing the Princess missed her, and Celestia's cheeks brighten at having her sister spill how much the purple mare meant to her. Trying to move on to another topic Celestia said, “I was rather jealous that you gave you're friends a demonstration of your 'What If' machine without inviting me.”

“Indeed.” Added Luna. “Thine creation sounds like an excellent source of 'fun.'”

“Oh no!” Shouted Twilight, once again panicked. “No, I reported to you what a horrible failure that machine was when I finished it! It's nothing but a... Wait. How did you know that my friends saw it?”

“Oh, I received several friendship reports about it.” Replied Celestia.


“I also had to close an infinite entropy-loop that day.”


“Overall, it seemed like an enjoyable experience for everypony.”

“No. It wasn't.” Twilight deadpanned.

“I am confused Twilight Sparkle.” Luna cut in. “Why are you so opposed to your own invention?”

“Yes Twilight, it's unlike you to give up on something you've worked so hard on.”

“I told you already Princess, every question I ask shows something horrible!”

“What manner of horrors has this device shown you?” Asked the moon diarch.

“Well, I asked 'what if I was never chosen as Princess Celestia's protégé?'” Twilight explained. “It showed that I became an evil Necronomicorn, stole Nightmare Moon's powers, and challenged Celestia to a battle to the death!”

“I'll admit that is rather traumatic, but perhaps if you had asked a happier question?” Celestia prompted.

“I did!” Twilight's voice was rising now. “I asked it 'what if I had a special somepony?' I wound up destroying all life on Earth!”

“Well, that is quite discouraging...”

“Discouraging? I had nightmares for weeks!”

“It's true. And when she can't sleep she keeps me up all night too.” A new voice entered the conversation. There at the foot of the bed was a baby dragon, wide awake but still curled up in his basket.

“Who art thou, young wyrm?” Asked Luna, surprised at finding a fourth occupant in the room.

“I'm Spike, the assistant.”

“I have never seen you here before.”

“Well, I've never seen you here before either.”

“It's good to see you Spike, how are you?” Celestia asked.


“I'm sorry Spike, we should have been quieter.” Said Celestia. “But now that you're awake, perhaps you'd like to join us in a viewing of Twilight's 'What If' machine?”

That perked Spike up slightly. “Okay! It's downstairs in the lab, I'll go get it.”

“That won't be necessary.” Celestia's horn glowed golden, and the device and its accompanying screen appeared in the room.

“Oh no.” Twilight complained, but was duly ignored.

“Everyone find yourself a seat.” Celestia's voice rang out.

Spike sat upright, nestling in his basket. To Twilight's surprise, Celestia climbed into bed with her, draping a wing over the unicorn and pulling her close so they could both fit on the small mattress. Luna huffed, “And where am I supposed to sit?”

Twilight sighed in defeat, knowing that the 'What If' machine was going to be used. She lit up her horn and levitated spare blankets and pillows from the closet into a nest beside Spike for the lunar sister. Luna accepted this spot and sat down.

“Now we just need to decide what questions to ask.” Celestia said.

“Perhaps we should see what life would be like if the element bearers had never come together?” Luna suggested.

“We already saw that one! It sucked!” Pinkie Pie shouted, popping out from underneath Twilight's bed.

“Pinkie Pie?!” Exclaimed Twilight, shocked to see her friend appear. “What are you doing here?”

“Oh, I sneak into your house almost every night. It's kinda like a hobby.” The pink mare replied, like breaking and entering was no big deal.

This news was too much for Twilight. “What?... how did?... why?... Just... just get out of here!”

With the expression of a scolded puppy, Pinkie slowly pulled her head back under the bed. Twilight hoped that she imagined it, but she could swear she heard the gears and hydraulics of an elevator descending beneath her bed. This was going to be a long night.

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