• Published 23rd Sep 2017
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Repercussions - shallow15

After Sunset Shimmer is attacked and put into a coma, her friends try to figure out who did it and why. (Not an Anon-A-Miss story)

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BAMF Gazelles

Applejack didn't give her the chance. She swung around, planted her hands flat on the ground, and thrust her feet backwards, unleashing the mother of all apple bucks. Her feet connected solidly in Firecracker's stomach, sending her flying into the air. Firecracker cried out in pain as she collided with one of the goal posts, which bent under the impact.

Firecracker growled and fired magic from her palms, propelling herself to her feet. Her eyes were completely washed out by the magic, her face twisted into a mask of anger. Across the way, Applejack, Rainbow, and Pinkie got to their feet. Rarity and Twilight ran up to join their friends.

“I think we made her mad,” Twilight gulped.

Rarity looked at Applejack, then at Firecracker. She quickly summoned a crystal over her head.


Applejack turned her head as Rarity called. She looked at the position of the crystal, then at Rarity, and smiled as she remembered a movie the girls had seen a few months earlier. She took a running start and leaped on top the crystal. Rarity pushed with all her might, sending Applejack flying into the air.

Applejack tucked her legs, forming herself into a ball, flipping forward, before extending her body back out. Her feet collided with Firecracker again, knocking her to the ground. Applejack rolled off of her. Firecracker pushed herself upward, but was struck down again as Rainbow zipped forward, connecting with a right cross to the jaw. Firecracker snarled and got up again, but was felled just as quickly as Rainbow returned for another pass.

Firecracker started to get up again, but blinked as she continued to rise off the ground. She glanced behind her and she grit her teeth as she saw Twilight hoisting her into the air. Twilight bit her lip as she held Firecracker off the ground.

“Cute trick,” Firecracker snarled. She clenched her fists. Pink magic flowed over her hands. Firecracker thrust her hands outward and began pouring magic into the field. Twilight grimaced as she felt the field begin to decay. She braced her feet and poured more of her own magic into the field.

“I don't know how long I can hold her!” she cried. Rarity nodded and turned to Pinkie.

“Do you have more chocolate?”

Pinkie held up the remaining bar and a half. “Ready and raring, RareRare!”

Rarity raised an eyebrow at Pinkie's latest nickname for her. She let it go, and generated another crystal. “Get on!”

They climbed aboard and Rarity raised it into the air. She looked down at Twilight.

“When I tell you, drop her!”

Twilight nodded and poured more energy into the field. Firecracker responded by adding more magic of her own. The field sparked and fluctuated, changing from purple to pink and back again. Firecracker leered over at Twilight.

“I can keep this up all day, Sparkle! How about you?”

Twilight ignored the taunt, but she felt the exertion of keeping the field intact beginning to drain her. She glanced up at Rarity and Pinkie who were hovering above Firecracker. Pinkie had unwrapped the other full chocolate bar and held them at the ready.

“Are you sure you want me to use all of it?” she asked Rarity.

“Half a bar was enough to stun her. If we're lucky, a bar and a half will knock her out,” Rarity answered. “Ready?”

Pinkie nodded and charged up the candy in her hands. Rarity looked down at Twilight.

“Twilight, now!”

Twilight cut the field and Firecracker fell to the ground. Pinkie hurled the chocolate down at their enemy. Firecracker rolled onto her side, saw the falling confectionery, and hurled a bolt at it. The lightning connected with the candy, sending it flying back towards the two girls. Both saw it coming a split second too late.

“Oh, shit,” Rarity cursed.

The candy exploded, sending the crystal off balance, dumping both girls off. As soon as they hit the ground, Rarity's concentration broke and the crystal vanished. Rarity shook her head, unable to hear anything over the ringing in her ears. She looked around and saw Pinkie lying on her side nearby, her back to Rarity.

“Pinkie?” Rarity's own voice sounded strange to her. Muted, like she was underwater. She crawled over to her friend. She grabbed Pinkie's shoulder and pulled. She swallowed at the sight that met her.

Pinkie was out cold. Blood was seeping from a large cut on her forehead, matting the pink curls. The blood ran down one side of her face. Her skin was pale, and her breathing shallow. Her other arm was twisted at an odd angle, clearly broken. Rarity fought the tears welling up and reached out, putting two fingers to Pinkie's throat. She let out a sigh of relief when she felt a pulse.

Relief was short lived when she felt fingers tangling in her hair and yanking her backwards. Rarity screamed in pain and kicked, getting her feet under her as Firecracker hauled her up.

“I've had just about enough of all of you!” Firecracker changed her grip, throwing an arm around Rarity's throat. She squeezed tightly. Rarity grabbed the arm, trying to pry it away from her throat. Firecracker brought her other hand up toward Rarity's face, her fingers sparking with magic.

“Let's see how much you think of yourself when that face of your looks like overcooked pork,” Firecracker giggled. A hollow, insane sound that made the fashionista's blood run cold. She struggled against the arm around her throat, but it was like moving an iron bar. Pink flashes danced at the edge of her vision as the sparking fingers came closer and closer.

“Rarity! Roll!”

Rarity's eyes flew fully open as Applejack's voice sounded from behind them. Applejack smashed headlong into Firecracker's back with her shoulder, causing the taller woman to fling her arms back, releasing Rarity, who hit the ground and rolled out of the way as Firecracker came down.

Firecracker recovered quickly, shooting out a hand and making contact with Applejack's ankle. She fired off her magic, causing Applejack to twitch and writhe in agony, before falling to the ground. Firecracker didn't let go, channeling more magic into her. Applejack went into a full seizure, her jaw tightening, cutting off her screams of pain.

That was the most horrifying thing about the attack. Applejack's complete silence as she her eyes rolled up in her head and her body convulsed. A multicolored blur rushed from the side, connecting solidly with Firecracker, sending her rolling away. Rainbow knelt next to her friend, and held her upright.

“AJ?” she called, lightly slapping the farm girl's cheeks. Panic rose in Rainbow's voice. “Come on, AJ, wake up! Applejack, don't you dare die in my arms! People will never stop talking about it!”

Twilight and Rarity rushed over to them. Rainbow looked up, tears forming in the corners of her eyes. “She won't wake up!”

Both girls knelt down. Rarity threw a shield up around them, while Twilight felt for Applejack's pulse. “She's alive!”

“Thank god,” Rainbow hugged Applejack close and touched her forehead to her friend's. “Too stubborn to die, that's you, you goddamn beautiful bitch.”

Their joy was short lived however when the shield was rocked by multiple bolts of magic. In short order, it overpowered the exhausted Rarity, and shattered, exposing them once again to the outdoors. The three conscious girls looked up in dread at the towering woman who loomed over them.

Firecracker said nothing, but raised her hands over her head, a giant ball of magic forming between them. The group of friends huddled protectively around Applejack, bracing for the impact. Firecracker's insane grin returned and she extended her arms as high as they could go.

The fading sunlight suddenly vanished, an unnatural darkness covering the field. Firecracker turned her head, as did the girls. All of them stared at what they saw.

A large black mass was swirling and moving closer to the field. It was large enough to cast a huge shadow over the field. And it only seemed to get larger as it got closer.

“Is that a storm?” Rarity asked.

Rainbow shook her head. “I don't think those are storm clouds.”

They weren't. They were birds. Hundreds of birds flying in tight formation. Smaller birds like robins and sparrows, but larger birds as well. Ravens, crows, owls, falcons, hawks. The girls could even see a few geese and ducks in the mix. All of them, species that had no business flying together were all coming in fast towards the field.

And as the cloud of birds arrived, the girls could see why. The cloud of birds parted revealing Fluttershy, hovering like a golden angel amid the swirling darkness of feathers and wings. She glared down at Firecracker Burst with an expression none of the girls had ever seen on her face before: cold, merciless anger.

Fluttershy extended a hand, pointing directly at Firecracker.

“Get her.”

Author's Note:

Anyone who thinks EG Fluttershy also being able to talk to animals is lame have no creativity. :flutterrage: